We all have to start somewhere

We’re starting with Cinders.

Cinders has had a rough life…until now.  Cinders was born to a feral mommy and daddy in an area in Ohio where people discard their pets when they get tired of them.  A very kind lady that lives near the neighborhood where this is happening is doing her best to care for all of the forgotten pets.  She has transformed the outside of her home into a “kitty safe haven” and provides them with food and shelter.  You can check out the whole story here: http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/-Abandoned-Cats-Kittens-need-FurEver-Homes-Northeast-OHIO-/239835386084219

Anyway, back to Cinders.  Cinders and her two siblings (Phoebe and Sushi) have been hoping to find their fur-ever homes.  (by the way, as of right now, Sushi, the all white beauty is still looking for her fur-ever home!! Maybe it can be yours?)

On December 17, 2011, Deb Keiner posted on the URRRKN facebook page that she wanted to adopt Cinders, but would need some help getting Cinders home.  You see, Deb lives in Florida and Cinders was still in Ohio.  Immediately the Wall on the page lit up with offers of help!  “Plan A” was launched on December 18th, which would take Cinders from Ohio, through Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia and eventually to Florida.  Plan A was starting to get very complicated, so on Decemeber 19th, “Plan B” was launched!  Plan B would take Cinders from Ohio to Pennsylvania to Virginia/Delaware and then to Florida.  Within two days, Plan B was finalized and Cinders was on the road!!!

On December 21st, Kitty Kress picked Cinders up from Virginia Serra Gabriele in Ohio (through all of this, Virginia and her family decided to adopt Phoebe also!) and drove Cinders to Pennsylvania where she met up with Jeannie Kollar-Harvey.  Jeannie then hit the road with Cinders to meet up with Andrea Baumann in Virginia.   As you can see, Cinders decided to help Jeannie make sure that she knew the right way to go!!

After Jeannie passed Cinders off to Andrea in Virginia, Andrea headed home to Delaware with her precious cargo.  From there, Andrea will be hitting the road and heading for Florida to meet up with Cinders’ new mommy, Deb!!  Here’s Cinders relaxing at Andrea’s house overnight. 

So, now this day before Christmas Eve, Cinders is preparing for the final leg of her journey.  Within the next couple of days, Cinders will be joining her new family in Florida!!  We will post more when Cinders gets home!!!

While all of this excitement has been going on, we’ve also been working on a transport for “Mr Handsome Kittypants”!  He is beginning his journey today from Tennessee to New York!  He should arrive tomorrow evening, just in time for Santa to arrive!!  The story of his journey will be coming soon!  Stay tuned!!

None of this would be possible without the kindness and generosity of a bunch of strangers who have now become friends.  Who could have imagined that the tragedy of Jack the Cat could have such a positive, powerful impact on so many lives??  While we’re celebrating the joy of two kitties getting safely to their fur-ever homes this week, let’s not forget to keep Jack, his mom Karen, his brother Barry and his sister Milly (that he, unfortunately, never got to meet) in our thoughts and prayers. 

Forever in our hearts