On the Road Again….from Cinders to Sparkles

Yes, Virginia (Serra Gabriele), there IS a Santa Paws…and this is proof!

After spending a few days at Casa de Baumann in Delaware (including Christmas), Cinders hit the road with her travel guide Andrea on Monday, December 26th.  Destination….Casa de Keiner in Florida.  First, a stop in the heart of Dixie.  While in South Carolina, Andrea’s husband Joe posted this on Mama Deb’s facebook page “Cinders (Sparkles) is having a blast! I could see Sparkles as her name. She is in our hotel room in Manning,SC right now enjoying jumping in/out of the bathtub & meowing at us when we go into her territitory (bathroom). She is a pretty kitty & I love her two different eye colors. She is being delivered in Melbourne, FL tomorrow at approx. 3pm. Good night everyone, long day 4 everyone today. jb&ab” 

She’s getting so close, we’re getting goosebumps just thinking about her arrival!  Around 9am on Tuesday, December 27th, Andrea let us all know that they were traveling through Georgia in heavy wind and rain.  Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds. (Maybe the Baumann’s should work for the USPS?!?)  Thankfully, around 11am, Andrea posted again saying that they were now in Florida and “kitty doing somersaults in carrier, playing with pom pom ball.”  I’m thinking at this point, Cinderkles (Cinders/Sparkles) realizes she is getting so close to home, she’s celebrating with some gymnastics!!

And then……it’s official!!!

Cinderkles is handed off to her new mommy and is officially now (and forever) known as Sparkles!  New mommy Deb posted around 4:30pm that Sparkles had checked out all the litter boxes in the house (even made a deposit in one!) and was playing with a spring toy in the living room!  It obviously didn’t take her long to settle in and make herself at home!  A true Cinder-ella story – this kitty now Sparkles in her new home-  just in time to ring in the New Year!  Happy 2012 little girl!!

Approximate kitty miles traveled – 1,459