Growing Pains

Growing pains are a part of life.  ALL parts of life.  (If you grew up in the ’80s, they may have also been a part of your weekly television viewing!!)  Anyway, I digress.

The Underground Railroad Rescued Kitty Network is a new group.  It was started by an amazing cat lover who was devastated by what happened to Jack the Cat in hopes that maybe, just maybe, there was a better way of getting kitties from Point A to  Point B.  Slowly but surely this group took off.  There were three successful transports that were organized and completed within the two weeks around the Christmas holiday.  As if pulling together a bunch of strangers wasn’t amazing enough, these folks took time out of their busy schedules at Christmas to help out other people.  All for the love of fur.

Last week I posted and we had somewhere around 104 members.  Today, there are 146.  That is fantastic!!  It’s also created some drama.  Because this group came together so quickly, we haven’t had time to really sit down and develop a “mission statement” or “group rules/norms”.  Don’t get me wrong.  I’m not criticizing.  I’m just stating a fact.  The group has been growing by leaps and bounds and we just haven’t had the time to really set everything up.  A silly little thing like ensuring three kitties got safely home kind of took up some time.  Oh, and an SUV crashing into our founders house.   Thankfully, noone was hurt at Tina’s house, but it’s a bit stressful there right now, I’m sure.  Tracy has stepped up and taken the reins to work with Tina to try to get some of the stuff in motion so we can avoid drama and hoopla in the future.  I will not recount the drama and hoopla here, because it’s really not relevant to the mission of our group.  The fact that it happened, however, prompted me to sit down and put this to cyberspace.

There are a few things I think we can all agree upon.  We are all cat lovers.  We all want to see all kitties have good, loving homes.  We all want to see them get to those homes safely.  Honestly, as a bunch of strangers drawn together by this crazy thing called facebook, I think that’s ALL we can say we ALL agree on.  

There are a bunch of things we may not agree on – what a good, loving home looks like is one of them.  We all have our own opinions of what it means to be a good pet parent.  Hell, we all have our own opinions on what it means to be a good people parent?  Why would we expect that we’d all agree on everything all the time with fur kids?  Just because someone may not agree with the food I feed my kitties or the litter I use in their boxes, doesn’t mean that they’re right and I’m wrong (or the other way around – because I’m always right, just ask anyone who knows me!! haha). 

My point is that sometimes we get so wrapped up in our own opinions and want to make sure we share them that we forget that there is someone on the other end who also has their own opinions who may be hurt by what we have to say.  And one facebook it’s worse – there is no way of hearing emotion, connotation or inflection.  They are just words on a screen.  But man, those words can do some damage when left to their own devices.  And one more thing I think we can all agree on is that not one of us wants to hurt someone else.  That’s not why we’re here.  We’re here to transport kitties.  To get them safely home.  We’re not here to force our beliefs on each other.  We’re not here to criticize each other for our beliefs.  We’re here to get kitties safely home.   To do that successfully, we are going to have to learn to check our opinions at the door.  Otherwise, feeling are going to get hurt and people are going to leave.  And that just leaves us with less people to provide safe transportation for kitties.

I want to see this group be successful.  With Tracy and Tina working hard to develop something that will go on the page to define exactly who we are and what we plan to do, I KNOW that we can be a great group that does amazing things.  We already have (just read the previous posts!)

Bear with us people – it will come together.  If you don’t like what you see when the final product is out there, feel free to move on and dedicate your time to something that more closely fits your vision.  That’s the beauty of facebook (and the world in general) there is something out there for everyone.  You don’t always buy the first pair of shoes you try on – and sometimes you buy them and return them because you find out they don’t match your outfit when you get them home.  It’s ok.  There will be no hard feelings. 

I’d like to wish EVERYONE a Happy, Healthy and Safe New Year.  May you and your furbabies (and human families too) enjoy all that the New Year has to bring!!

PS – I should also point out that this may not reflect the opinions of everyone in the group – so if I’ve said something that you don’t particularly care for, please don’t take it out on the group ~ stef


3 thoughts on “Growing Pains

  1. Well said.
    It pains me to think there may have actually been folks who wanted to impede kitties getting into forever homes because of what someone’s house looked like or other attitudes.

    This household wanted to adopt a one eyed calico kitten a few years ago and the person at the rescue group refused because we had an un-neutered female purebred Basettehound. She told us that if we got the dog neutered she would “reconsider” the adoption after a visit to ensure this was a good home for the kitten. The dog, was old enough at the time that getting her neutered was probably a moot point. The irksome thing was that someone wanted to dictate what the owners should do before adopting out a kitten that wanted a loving home. The kitten had already been neutered and had its shots, but having an un-neutered animal in the house to her, indicated irresponsibility.
    Everyone in this house still regrets not being able to have that kitten join our loving household.


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