Mr. Peanuts goes to Washington (and Queens, Bristol, Springfield, Richmond, Rocky Mount, Lumberton and Summerville)

Another successful transport is in the books!!  You remember Peanuts, right?  No?  Ok – go back and read these two posts and then come back.  It’s ok.  Go ahead.  We’ll wait.

All caught up?  Good….so lets get this train on the tracks.  Saturday, January 28, 2012 dawned as a bright and sunny day.  No rain or snow in sight.  A PERFECT day for travel!! 

Angela went to Westport, CT to pick Peanuts up from his amazing foster mom (Linda).  Linda had a wee bit ‘o trouble saying goodbye to Peanuts (who wouldn’t?  He was amazing…but I digress) but she and Angela got him all loaded up and ready to hit the highway and they were on the road by around 8:30am. 

Angela and Peanuts hit the road.  When he was a little restless, Angela would sing to him and he’d loved it!  She never told us what she sang to him, but I’m thinking something like “Get your motor runnin’, head out on the highway, lookin’ for adventure, in whatever comes our way” might have been appropriate!   Or maybe even “Start spreadin’ the news, I’m leavin’ today, I want to be a part of it, New York, New York” (since that was his next stop….Queens NY).

Angela and Jackie met up at the rendevous point and completed the hand off of Mr. Peanuts.  Here’s Angela and Jackie together. 


Angela told Jackie about the “squeakle” – Peanuts has the cutest little meow, kind of a combination between a squeak and a cackle – and said her goodbyes to Peanuts, knowing he was in good hands for the next leg of his journey.

Jackie texted Stef (me!!!) to let me know she was on her way to meet me in Bristol, PA.  I was so excited that, even though I knew it would take her at least an hour and a half to get to me and it would only take me about an hour to get to our meeting point, I left almost right away!  I didn’t want to be late and keep Peanuts waiting (didn’t know if Jackie had a lead foot or not! hahaha).  So, I got to our meetings spot and filled up with gas and got myself a snack so I wouldn’t have to do any of that with Peanuts in the car.  Every time I saw a car pull into the parking lot I would get so excited, hoping it was Peanuts (and Jackie too, of course!)  And then……THEY WERE THERE!!!  We said hello and talked a little bit.    Jackie told me about the “squeakle” and how Peanuts would fuss a little in the beginning of the ride and then settle down.  Then we loaded Peanuts into my car and Jackie said her goodbyes to the little man.

 Some of you may know that Jackie was also picking up some special cargo in the Philly area.  Jackie was chosen to adopt Clark Kent (a poor little kitty whose former people dumped him out on the street when he got sick) and was picking Clark up to take him home.  (If you want to hear more about the amazing folks who have been helping Clark out, check out these two facebook pages!/TheCatDoctorPhila!/CityKitties

Jackie headed off to pick up her new baby and I jumped in the back of my car to get acquainted with Peanuts before we hit the road.  After Peanuts was done checking things out, we hit the road.  About 5 minutes later, I had to pull over.  Nope, nothing bad, but Peanuts had used his litterbox (which took talent if you ask me) and I wanted to scoop it and clean it out for him so he wasn’t face to face with a dirty box for the next 3 hours.  Or course, that meant he had more time to explore my car and he wasn’t as sure he wanted to get back in the crate this time…but he did…and we were off on our big adventure!   Peanuts fussed (and I heard LOTS of the squeakle) for about 20 minutes, but then he settled down and went to sleep.  He was the best travel companion ever!!  I made it to Springfield, VA with no problems and met TerryJo and her son Alex who would take over taxi service for our special guest!!  While I waited for TerryJo at our meeting point, I chatted with Peanuts and let him know what was up for the rest of his day.  He looked at me like he really understood me.  And kind of like he was thinking “WHEN am I getting out of this @$%*& crate?”   Just before moving him into TerryJo’s car, I said my final goodbye and let him know he was obviously going to be in good hands since TerryJo’s done this before.

TerryJo, Alex and Peanuts hit the road headed South toward Richmond and Peanuts’ next driver (Lori) and I headed back North, hurrying home so I could get back on Facebook and check out the rest of his journey!  TerryJo said that Peanuts settled in very nicely for her drive and even played a little bit with Alex and a feather toy.   The ride to Richmond was uneventful, and the transfer was made from TerryJo to Lori.  Due to circumstances beyond their control, they weren’t able to take any pictures at the time of their meeting 😦  But, this group is all about improvising, so….

Around 8:00pm, Lori met up with Dionne in Rocky Mount, NC.  The anticipation of Peanuts getting closer and closer to home was evident all over the URRKN facebook page.  People were checking in throughout the whole day and as his estimated meeting time with new meowmy Michelle was getting closer, we were all on pins and needles!!  Dionne and Lori were able to get pictures – Lori saying goodbye to the the furry lovebug and Dionne saying hello

Dionne headed out on the highway.  About the same time, Michelle and her kids headed out (after Michelle heard “is it time yet, is it time yet?” all day) to meet up with Dionne.  The meeting point was set for Lumberton, NC.  There, Michelle would take over and get her precious Peanuts to his fur-ever home!  Dionne said that Peanuts was quiet the whole time (that’s cuz the rest of us tuckered him out earlier and he was tired from all the flirting he had done!) and didn’t even get to hear the “squeakle.”   Around 11:00pm, Dionne had the great honor of handing Peanuts over to his fur-ever family.  Michelle and her kids were soooooo excited!!!!  (as were the rest of us who were still glued to the FB page waiting on news).  We were all waiting for Michelle to get home – and let us know that they were all safe and sound and tucked in for the night.  It was like Christmas Eve and we were all 4 years old again waiting for Santa Claus to come!  And then the news we were all waiting for came around 1:00am  “We are home and Peanuts is so happy to be out of the cage. He is head butting EVERYTHING in my son’s room! Time to try to sleep — more later!!!” 

Today, Peanuts has been settling in at his new home.  Michelle shared some pictures with us

Drivers Involved: 7

Hours on the Road: 16.5

Approximate Kitty Miles Traveled: 792

Peanuts settling in to his new home: PRICELESS

Thank you for riding the URRKN train, Peanuts.  It was a pleasure to have spent time with you.  I love you, I miss you and I wish you and your fur-ever family all the best!!   MUAH!

Stay tuned for our next scheduled transport – Aimee.  (We’ll be doing things a bit differently this time, but you’ll have to come back and see for yourself)


It’s not nice to fool Mother Nature…..

…and apparently the old biddy is pretty ticked off at me!  Most people who know me know that I am a sand, surf and sun kind of gal.  Not particularly fond of temps that fall below 70 degrees and not overly excited by falling white precipitation.  Not too long ago, however, I commented on my facebook page that I wanted some snow.  Here in the Northeast, we got hammered by a snow storm the weekend before Halloween, but then temps stayed above average and we went through Thanksgiving and Christmas with barely a flurry.  I guess I was going through some feelings of nostalgia or nesting or just plain crazy, but I was craving some snow.  Real snow, mind you, the kind that gives you an excuse to stay home from work, snuggle up with the kitties on the couch, watch movies and drink hot chocolate.  Yup, that’s what I wanted.  And that’s what I asked for in the very public forum of Facebook.  Mother Nature was obviously not amused by this beach bunny asking for snow because she decided to give it to me all right…tomorrow…when we’re supposed to be delivering Peanuts from his wonderful foster mom in Connecticut to his amazing furever mom in South Carolina.  And not just snow.  Oh no, Mother Nature is sending along some sleet and freezing rain with the snow.  Yikes!

So, now the transport is postponed until next Saturday.  None of us are happy about it, but we know that safety comes first.  Not only for the drivers, but for our precious cargo.  It’s not going to help Peanuts one bit if one of us has an accident trying to get him from one place to another.  He’s safe where he is, so we will all just have to be patient and wait until next Saturday.  (and we’ll have two transports taking place at the same time because Duke will be moving to his new home then too!)   I know that this is all for the best, but I just have to ask….Really, Mother Nature, Really?!?!?

So, stay tuned until next week when the adventures of both Duke and Peanuts will be posted!  In the meantime….Choo Choo, friends….Choo Choo!!

All Aboard the Love Train

Well, the holidays are over and we’re all working on getting back to our normal lives.  So, you would think that would mean that things have slowed down, gotten calmer and more relaxed, right?  WRONG!!!  Maybe for “other people”, but not for all of us at URRKN! 

Shortly after the clock struck 2012, we were back at work arranging another transport.  This time, we’re going to be taking Peanuts, an adorable 10 year old kitty from Westport, CT to Summerville, SC. 

Peanuts was rescued from Brooklyn ACC and is living with his foster mom, Linda, in Connecticut.  New mommy, Michelle fell in love.  She hunted around on line and found our little group that could and the Peanuts Transport Event was born.  Within about 2 days, the Peanuts train was set and is scheduled to leave the station on January 21st.  In fact, Michelle just posted this update from Peanuts’ foster mommy tonight: Peanuts gets better and better each day. His personality is really coming out now, and he’s a big joker! Lots of energy, at the front of the choir as they all stand behind me when I’m making food, his coat is getting thicker and shinier, he runs to the couch when I go to sit there, then buries his little nosie under my arm, makes bread like a busy little French Baker on my tummie for hours, if I let him, and has this little funnie squeak of a meow that just makes me giggle! : )  (Forgive me, I forgot to mention that Peanuts had a little upper respiratory infection when he was first rescued.  That’s why his transport was scheduled so far out from when the plan was first set into motion.)   But nothing a little antibiotic couldn’t cure!)  More info and pictures will be posted when the train hits the tracks. 

Our group has been growing like crazy too!  As of right now, we have 176 members.  Woo hoo!  (or is it Choo Choo!)?  Admins Tracy and Tina have been working like crazy to develop and update and tweak all of the policies, procedures and documents.  The rest of us admins have been providing the comic relief so that they can stay focused on the tasks at hand!!  Another member, Jeanie, has been combing the law books to try to help Tina achieve her vision of turning us into an official non-profit organization.  The hope is that once that happens we’ll be able to have an even bigger impact – that maybe rescues and shelters will adopt us as their “official transport” organization.  Can you see it now?  “Underground Railroad Rescued Kitty Network – the official transporters of rescues everywhere”    So, now you’re asking yourself – “how can I help?”  Well – for starters, tell all your kitty loving friends about us.  Recruit, recruit, recruit!!  We have 176 members – we need wayyyy more than that.  Tina even created a “recruitment video” – Check it out here: C’mon people – for the love of the kitties, let’s get more people on board this train!!!

There are some other things in the works right now too – this group is going to do big things….don’t you want to be a part of it?!?!  Alllllll abooooooooarrrrddddd…..URRKN…..Choo Choo!!!