All Aboard the Love Train

Well, the holidays are over and we’re all working on getting back to our normal lives.  So, you would think that would mean that things have slowed down, gotten calmer and more relaxed, right?  WRONG!!!  Maybe for “other people”, but not for all of us at URRKN! 

Shortly after the clock struck 2012, we were back at work arranging another transport.  This time, we’re going to be taking Peanuts, an adorable 10 year old kitty from Westport, CT to Summerville, SC. 

Peanuts was rescued from Brooklyn ACC and is living with his foster mom, Linda, in Connecticut.  New mommy, Michelle fell in love.  She hunted around on line and found our little group that could and the Peanuts Transport Event was born.  Within about 2 days, the Peanuts train was set and is scheduled to leave the station on January 21st.  In fact, Michelle just posted this update from Peanuts’ foster mommy tonight: Peanuts gets better and better each day. His personality is really coming out now, and he’s a big joker! Lots of energy, at the front of the choir as they all stand behind me when I’m making food, his coat is getting thicker and shinier, he runs to the couch when I go to sit there, then buries his little nosie under my arm, makes bread like a busy little French Baker on my tummie for hours, if I let him, and has this little funnie squeak of a meow that just makes me giggle! : )  (Forgive me, I forgot to mention that Peanuts had a little upper respiratory infection when he was first rescued.  That’s why his transport was scheduled so far out from when the plan was first set into motion.)   But nothing a little antibiotic couldn’t cure!)  More info and pictures will be posted when the train hits the tracks. 

Our group has been growing like crazy too!  As of right now, we have 176 members.  Woo hoo!  (or is it Choo Choo!)?  Admins Tracy and Tina have been working like crazy to develop and update and tweak all of the policies, procedures and documents.  The rest of us admins have been providing the comic relief so that they can stay focused on the tasks at hand!!  Another member, Jeanie, has been combing the law books to try to help Tina achieve her vision of turning us into an official non-profit organization.  The hope is that once that happens we’ll be able to have an even bigger impact – that maybe rescues and shelters will adopt us as their “official transport” organization.  Can you see it now?  “Underground Railroad Rescued Kitty Network – the official transporters of rescues everywhere”    So, now you’re asking yourself – “how can I help?”  Well – for starters, tell all your kitty loving friends about us.  Recruit, recruit, recruit!!  We have 176 members – we need wayyyy more than that.  Tina even created a “recruitment video” – Check it out here: C’mon people – for the love of the kitties, let’s get more people on board this train!!!

There are some other things in the works right now too – this group is going to do big things….don’t you want to be a part of it?!?!  Alllllll abooooooooarrrrddddd…..URRKN…..Choo Choo!!!


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  1. What a lucky boy, beautiful Peanuts is! I am so elated to find your site. You are true angels on earth! Thank you for the hard work you do for these gorgeous fur babies….and their human companions!

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