It’s not nice to fool Mother Nature…..

…and apparently the old biddy is pretty ticked off at me!  Most people who know me know that I am a sand, surf and sun kind of gal.  Not particularly fond of temps that fall below 70 degrees and not overly excited by falling white precipitation.  Not too long ago, however, I commented on my facebook page that I wanted some snow.  Here in the Northeast, we got hammered by a snow storm the weekend before Halloween, but then temps stayed above average and we went through Thanksgiving and Christmas with barely a flurry.  I guess I was going through some feelings of nostalgia or nesting or just plain crazy, but I was craving some snow.  Real snow, mind you, the kind that gives you an excuse to stay home from work, snuggle up with the kitties on the couch, watch movies and drink hot chocolate.  Yup, that’s what I wanted.  And that’s what I asked for in the very public forum of Facebook.  Mother Nature was obviously not amused by this beach bunny asking for snow because she decided to give it to me all right…tomorrow…when we’re supposed to be delivering Peanuts from his wonderful foster mom in Connecticut to his amazing furever mom in South Carolina.  And not just snow.  Oh no, Mother Nature is sending along some sleet and freezing rain with the snow.  Yikes!

So, now the transport is postponed until next Saturday.  None of us are happy about it, but we know that safety comes first.  Not only for the drivers, but for our precious cargo.  It’s not going to help Peanuts one bit if one of us has an accident trying to get him from one place to another.  He’s safe where he is, so we will all just have to be patient and wait until next Saturday.  (and we’ll have two transports taking place at the same time because Duke will be moving to his new home then too!)   I know that this is all for the best, but I just have to ask….Really, Mother Nature, Really?!?!?

So, stay tuned until next week when the adventures of both Duke and Peanuts will be posted!  In the meantime….Choo Choo, friends….Choo Choo!!


3 thoughts on “It’s not nice to fool Mother Nature…..

  1. I agree with Sharon, better safe then sorry! We are on Cape, so we got most of this “strange white stuff” that we haven’t seen this winter, so far. The kids are LOVIN’ it though!

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