Now Boarding – Southern Meow Ways, Flight 1641

Aimee what you wanna do?  I think I could stay with you.  For a while maybe longer if I do  – Ok, I’ll stop singing now, my kitties are getting mad (they don’t think I can sing very well)

Let’s recap – pretty little Aimee was rescued by Sharon.  Take a look at this pretty little girl.

Rebekah and her husband Mark wanted to adopt Aimee.  Sounds simple, right? 

Wellllll – Sharon lives in Georgia and Rebekah and Mark live in Texas.  But, who’s about to let 1000+ miles stand in the way of the love of a furry little girl?  Not these folks!!  For about a year, Rebekah sponsored Aimee and Sharon provided the love.  Then in January 2012, Sharon and Rebekah came to URRKN for help.

As we always do, once the adoption is confirmed, an EVENT is created.  And THAT is when the fun starts.  Our amazing network of volunteers gets to work!  People were popping up all over the place offering help.  Deanna, Judy, Christy, Andy….the list goes on.  Sadly, because the trip was so long and we’re so new, we were finding HUGE gaps on the map of this transport.  We even tried looking at different routes.  Admin Marti (the map guru) plotted out a few different options, trying to pool together our volunteers in the most efficient way.
And then it happened.  An angel named Bryna jumped in with the best news ever.  A flight from Atlanta to San Antonio, with Bryna as Aimee’s escort!  I know what you’re thinking…Aimee on a PLANE?!?!?  Scary images of George and Jack immediately come to mind.  Have no fear.  Aimee wold be able to fly in the cabin, safely in her carrier, under the seat, close to Bryna the whole time.  Wooo Hoooo!!!  All aboard the Dixie Express!!
Now the plan shifts from recruiting drivers from Georgia to Texas to getting Aimee to the airport to meet her angel Bryna for her quick flight home!  The original plan had Andy picking Aimee up from Sharon and keeping her overnight on February 1st.  He would then take Aimee to the airport so she could catch her flight.  Unfortunately, due to unforeseen issues, that plan did not work out as well as we thought it would.  Some wires got crossed and the meeting was missed.  But did we panic???  Noooooooo!!  Because we are URRKN and we know that things will work out.  And, sure enough, another angel stepped up.  Enter Victoria.  Victoria was a friend of one of Sharon’s friends and she stepped up to help get Sharon and Aimee to the airport by 7am.  Yes, you’re reading that right….by 7am!  That means Victoria had to roll herself out of bed really really early to pick Sharon up at 5am to make the 2 hour trip to Atlanta!!  Now if that’s not kitty love and dedication, I don’t know what is!!!
Sharon and Victoria got to the airport on time.  Here’s Sharon saying goodbye to Aimee
Bryna takes over.  Now, just because she has four feet and fur, Aimee is not exempt from screening at the airport.  Here she is with Bryna (check out the TSA guy behind them…who says the TSA doesn’t have a sense of humor?!)
Aimee and Bryna get through security and are safely on the plane.  Here’s Aimee traveling in style
Bryna was such a good escort – she was keeping us all updated on the flight.  Around 9am we got this update:

We are on the plane with only 2 hours to go. Aimee is napping right now and snug as a bug in a rug :). I took a few pics that I will post when I get home. Onward to San Antonio

And about a half hour later:  She travels better than small children – not a peep out of her – if I didn’t have 4 kitties of my own she would fly back to LA with me! Just kidding Rebekah but she is a love!

And then, just after noon: Aimee is now at her forever home! Rebekah’s husband met me at baggage claim  Here’s a picture of Mark meeting Aimee

Later that night, Rebekah posted: Thank you everyone who help get Aimee to her new home in Texas! She’s a little bit jet lagged but still purring along!

Now, we’re still waiting to see some pictures of Aimee in her furever home (hint, hint Rebekah, if you’re reading this!!), but we could all collectively take a deep breath and sit back and revel in the warm fuzzy feeling of knowing that another kitty safely got home (and it even happened by air this time!).  Enjoy your new home Aimee!!!!

Stay tuned – we have more transports pending.  Lots and lots of good stuff going on over at URRKN.  If you’re reading this and haven’t already checked out our “little group that could,” come on over to Facebook and join us!!!/groups/152819051482832/205327076232029/?notif_t=group_activity




5 thoughts on “Now Boarding – Southern Meow Ways, Flight 1641

    • wonderful read thanks so much for a wonderful job URRKN is the best transport group i will use them again hopefully and definitely recommend them they did such a great job with Aimee .:-) ❤

  1. Welcome home Aimee!!! Pusskitty sez ~ “yu reely gotted on a aerpwane?! Whut a brabe kitty yu aer Aimee! An a reel kyootie tu!!”

  2. Yay!! URRKN Rocks!!! So happy for Aimee and very proud of all the wonderful people & URRKN members involved in this wonderfully successful transport of Aimee furbaby to her furever home! Such an uplifting , warm & fuzzy story! So happy for all!

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