Five little kitties….sitting in a row….

Wow!  Our little group continues to grow in leaps and bounds!  As of this morning, we are 484 members strong!!  Who knew there were so many crazy cat people out there???

Of course, with continued growth, there are continued learning experiences.  We’ve added admins to the group to help facilitate all the activity and keep things running smoothly.  There are fifteen of us working diligently behind the scenes to make your URRKN experience a wonderful one.  We are from all parts of the county, so you can pretty much count on at least one of us being available to you throughout all times of the day if you have questions.  Keep in mind, however, that we do have outside responsibilities, although we would love to be able to dedicate ALL of our time to this amazing work.  (Anyone know who has that winning PowerBall ticket?!?!)

We currently have FIVE transports pending!  FIVE!!  How amazing is that??  We have two admins dedicated to each transport; working tirelessly to coordinate our fabulous voluteers in an effort to get these kitties home.   Unfortunately, though we have soooo many members now, we still have some big gaps in some parts of the country.  A few of these kitties are still sitting and waiting for their transports to come together because we don’t have enough drivers along their route.  If you’re not already part of our group – come and join us!  If you are already a part of our group, but have some friends out there who haven’t jumped on the train yet, send them our way.  Maybe YOU can be the missing link in some of these transports.!/groups/URRKN/

Something else the admins work hard at every day is keeping the URRKN page a happy place for our members to visit.  In order to do that, we have established very specific posting guidelines for what goes on the wall of the main page.  We know that everyone who has found their way to our page loves kitties (you wouldn’t be here if you didn’t).  We also know that everyone here has a passion for saving kitties (so do we).  However, to many people,  the posts of pleas for help for kitties who are at risk are just too heartbreaking to see every day.  Many of us (me included) just cannot deal with the heartache that comes with knowing that for every one kitty that we might be able to help, there are thousands that we’ll never be able to reach.  I personally choose to stay away from the death row posts because one of two things is guaranteed to happen – I am going to end up with 100’s of cats and be featured on an episode of hoarders, or I am never going to leave my house again because I’m wallowing in the depths of my despair at not being able to help. 

Yesterday a wonderful woman named Catherine Bugg, a transporter just like us, lost her life while transporting a puppy.  While the story of the tragedy does not belong on our page, we did want to acknowledge her loss.  I’m posting a link to the article here, if you choose to read it:  RIP Catherine, although I didn’t know you personally, your dedication to animals proves that you were an amazing person. 

I know many of you may think, “why not?  why doesn’t this belong on the URRKN page?  We just want to honor someone who does what we do.”  While we agree, Catherine’s memory and her work should be honored, we just felt that to allow a post that would elicit sadness (and possibly fear) would lead us down a slippery slope.  If we allowed this post to stay, it would open the door for other requests for sad posts.  Is it unreasonable to assume that there will never be any sadness in life?  Of course.  But is it unreasonable to have at least ONE place in our world where we know we can go to escape that sadness?  Absolutely not.  For that reason, we will continue to take the hard line on the “sad” posts and they will continue to be deleted (with a note to the poster from an admin when it happens).   We continue to encourage you to post pictures of your own kitties (we all LOVE to see kitty pictures) and other upbeat/optimistic items on the page. 

We have been humbled by the outpouring of love and affection from all of our members.  I know that I, personally, have gained many new Facebook friends through this page.  It’s wonderful to be in a place with other like-minded people (and not have people saying “it’s just a cat”).  With so many people in one place, with diverse personalities and interests, we’re bound to continue to have those times where we just are not going to agree on everything.  All I can ask is this:  if you find yourself in a situation where your feelings have been hurt or you just don’t understand why something happened,  please reach out to one of our admins.  We will do our best to work through things with you.  We don’t want to lose anyone over something that could have been avoided.  We love you all – you’ve become our family.

Thank you again for riding the LOVE TRAIN!


3 thoughts on “Five little kitties….sitting in a row….

  1. We are saddened by the death of Catherine Bugg, and the little puppy, Elyse. She was doing what she loved to do and will surely be greeted by many little souls when she gets to the Rainbow Bridge Even though she spent but little time with them, they are still her flock, and they are grateful for what she did for them. Little Elyse will join her crossing the bridge.
    Be careful out there, folks.

  2. I definitely agree with keeping the page a happy place. I post a lot of death row kitties and doggies on my facebook, so it’s nice for me to be able to go to the URRKN group and see kitties who are being transported to their furever homes and lolcats being silly. It’s one of the things I enjoy most about the group, besides being able to help the kitties get home.

  3. Great blog Stef! (as always) 🙂
    (& headbutt for paying tribute to Catherine & lil Elyse here. A true hero, that will never be forgotten ❤ )

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