Sully isn’t just a hero airline captain…

He’s beautiful, and he knows it!!  

HE is Sully.  And this is his story.

It all started with this amazing woman named Trish.  Trish is a foster parent for Adopt a Buddy in New York (foster parent = amazing!).  She fell in love with Sully, a 6 month old Maine Coon, and saved him from a shelter in….Michigan.  In stepped the amazing Jessica, who took care of getting Sully vetted.  He had to be treated for an Upper Respiratory Infection, which isn’t uncommon for a kitty from a shelter.  Soon enough, the URI was gone and Sully was ready to go!! 

The “event” was created on February 3, 2012 and placed into the capable hands of URRKN admins Dionne and Noelle.  Trust me, these ladies ROCK!   Immediately offers of help started pouring in and possible routes were coming together.  The goal was to get Sully home to Trish on Saturday, February 11th….just 8 days away.  Dionne and Noelle were working feverishly to coordinate all of the wonderful volunteers, but on Thursday, February 9th, the difficult decision to postpone the trip for a week had to be made.  There were several factors in place – a few holes in the transport, some questionable weather being forecast and an attempt to piggy back THREE, yes THREE, other kitties into the same transport (more on those kitties to come later!)
No rest for the weary, though.  Inevitably, when a transport date gets changed, there are going to be some hiccups.  Dionne and Noelle kept plugging away and by Tuesday, February 14th, the route and drivers were set!!  Happy Valentines Day Sully – you’re almost home!!
I know, I know…enough babbling – you want to see the photo journal of Sully’s trip….who am I to stand in the way of you enjoying Sully’s ride? 
Jess (the physical rescuer) hit the road in Allegan, MI with Sully and headed for Elaine in Novi, MI.  Elaine would then head out to Toledo, OH to meet Emily.  Jess tagged along on that leg too – we think she just wasn’t quite ready to hand this sweet boy over.  Here’s a picture of Jess and Elaine with Sully in Toledo (on left) and one with Emily saying hi to her new passenger (on right)
From there, Emily headed out to meet Virginia in Strongsville, OH.  Little did the Sully-meiser know that he was about to meet not just Virginia, but also two of Virginia’s two human kiddies.  He looked pretty happy when he got there!!  I think he’s trying to flirt with Virginia, don’t you?!?
Virginia took a few more pictures of Sully before they headed out to see Chris in Kent, OH.  (If you like these, (she also took the one at the top of this point) check out her FB page here too…. Not only is she a transporter, but she’s an awesome photographer too!!
Here’s Chris meeting Sully for the first time in Kent, OH – who doesn’t love a man who loves cats?? 
It’s pretty unanimous in our group – we ALL love Chris :).   Anyway, I digress.  Chris snapped up Sully and headed toward PA to meet up with Joy in Dubois.  Now, don’t be too sad for Chris having to say goodbye to Mr. Sully.  You see, when he and Joy met, they actually SWITCHED kitties.  Yup….Chris handed Sully off to Joy, but Joy delivered her very own special package to Chris – JAMES!!!  But, I’m not going to tell you about that now – you have to wait – this is about Sully!! 
When Joy took over Sully’s care, she headed toward Bloomsburg to meet Jeannie.  Joy was making good time and got to the meeting spot a little early.  No worries – gave her time to play with Sully a bit – and Joy took a bunch of pictures.  Here are a couple. 
When Jeannie got there, Joy said goodbye and Jeannie said hello – and off Jeannie and her husband went – headed toward Teresa in Scranton, PA.  Picture on the left is Joy with Jeannie and the picture on the right is Jeannie with Teresa.  
Teresa sprang into action and headed out on the last leg.  The one that would take Sully from Scranton, PA to his home with Trish and her family in Middletown, NY.  Late that night, the post we all were waiting for:  Sully was HOME!  Here is is meeting his family (and with Teresa saying goodbye) 
Want to see more pictures of Sully in his new home??  So do we!!  Head on over to our facebook page and let Trish know – we want Sully!  We want Sully!!!  🙂
What a great day this was!  Sully got home and you can see how happy he and his new family are!!  But Sully was part of a record breaking day for URRKN.  THREE other kitties also got home that day!  But you’ll have to stay tuned for their stories – keep an eye out for James, Snowball and Mateo – coming soon!!
By the way – Sully traveled about 796 miles over about 15 hours with 8 different drivers.  This wonderful homecoming would not be possible without all of the volunteers involved in URRKN – from the founder of the group, to the admins who keep things running smoothly, to the amazing drivers who step up and take time out of their day to get these kitties where they need to go.
Want to help?  Know someone else who might want to help?  Come on over to!/groups/URRKN/ and join us.  As of right now, we’re 644 members strong, but we need more.  We need  YOU!!!

5 thoughts on “Sully isn’t just a hero airline captain…

  1. Love this story! I was privileged to be a small part of sweet Sully’s trip, and believe me when I say he was hard to part with. Loved meeting Joy and Teresa, and I look forward to meeting many more fellow transport volunteers. Keep up the good work!

  2. And happy tears again for Sully! These transporters make all the difference in the life of a kitty on the road. Saved from homelessness and sometimes worse, you gotta think that the people that give of their time and themselves have wings in the eyes of the kitties they transport.

  3. I am so proud to be part of this wonderful group that helped to get Sully home. Cannot thank everyone in this transport enough! Great job everyone!!!

  4. This story (almost a fairytale!!!) made my day!!! I followed Sully story from the very beginning when I saw him and recognized exactly the same face as my Leonardo has! They look like twins that’s why I fell in love with Sully right away! I am incredibly happy to know that he is in amazing hands of his new Mama Trish and his furever sweet home…I am so so happy for him and ready to dance celebrating Happiness and Love! Thanks to all people who made this happened!!!

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