Brothers from another mother….

….now have the same Meowmy!!

Mateo and Snowball were rescued by Adopt a Buddy (aren’t those folks great?!?) and placed into foster care, just waiting for their furever homes.  Mateo was bunking with Linda in Westport, CT (yes, she is the same wonderful woman who fostered another URRKN alum – Peanuts) and Snowball was entertaining himself by unrolling and shredding toilet paper rolls at Arlene’s in Austerlitz, NY.  Both boys were just biding their time, waiting for URRKN to pull into the station and get them home to their amazing new home with Susan in Greece, NY.  Mateo on the left, Snowball on the right.

Since these boys were going to the same furever home, URRKN admin Tracy (who was heading up the transport) worked hard to send them together.  The Event was created and there was a flurry of offers from volunteer conductors to get these boys on the road.  It all came together and the train was scheduled to hit the tracks on Saturday February 18th.

Angela (an experienced URRKN conductor) picked Mateo up at Linda’s on Saturday morning.  Since they’ve worked together before Ang and Linda had the process down pat and Ang was on the road in record time.  Here’s Ang at Linda’s with Mateo:


Once they were all packed up and ready to go, Ang hit the road toward Austerlitz to drop Mateo off to the next conductor.  Ang had all kinds of plans to sing duets with Mateo on the car ride, but Mateo had other ideas and promptly curled up and went to sleep.  Oh well, next kitty, Ang!!

Next stop on this kitty train was Austerlitz, where Snowball was going to board the train.  Lizette met Ang at Arlene’s and Mateo and Snowball were transferred to Lizette for the next leg.  As much as Lizette was trying to avoid pictures, we tracked one down.  Here she is making sure her passengers are comfy for their next leg on the left and Ang saying goodbye to Mateo on the right.

After getting her precious cargo situated, Lizette jumped on the tracks and headed out to Little Falls to meet up with Mary.  Here’s Mary taking care of her two charges and making sure they’re safe and snug for the next part of their trip.


The train pulled out of Little Falls and headed toward Karin in Weedsport.  Meanwhile, this choo choo has been chugging along nicely all day.  A few snow squalls were reported, but nothing that these Upstate New Yorkers aren’t used to dealing with in the winter months.   The train arrived in Weedsport on schedule and the hand off was made to Karin – here’s Mary saying goodbye to her new friends:

Karin got the boys safe and sound into her car and headed out on the home stretch.  In about an hour and 15 minutes, these boys would be meeting their new momma!!  Here’s a picture of Karin carrying Snowball in to his new home:

Welcome home little men!!  You made it!!  But….the story doesn’t end here.

Later Saturday night, Susan posted that Snowball was not feeling well at all.  She was planning to take him to the vet that night.  The next morning, she updated us:  Snowball had conjunctivitis in both eyes, a urinary tract infection and a respiratory infection.  Oh no!!!  Poor Snowball 😦

URRKN’s jumped into action – a ChipIn was set up by Dina (who originally pulled Snowball from the shelter) and the generosity of our volunteers came through loud and clear.  Within one week, the ChipIn reached $625 -enough to cover the emergency care and hospital stay for Snowball.  You see, Snowball had to be admitted to the hospital on the 22nd for IV fluids and other care.  He came home on Friday the 24th and, according to Susan, seems to be 100%!!  As a result of this little guy’s fight for his life, Susan decided to rename him Ezekial.  A fitting name, aifinkso!

During all this time, Mateo was at home settling in.  Susan told us that he was quite the character, was sleeping with her every night and was practically attached to her six year old all day.

Susan posted two new pictures of her beautiful boys….what a difference a week makes:

Would YOU like to know what it feels like to help make this kind of difference?  Do you know anyone else who would like to experience the warm fuzzy feeling that comes from taking part in a transport?  Come on over to and join us!!  We are 676 members strong this morning!  Yes – that’s even an increase from yesterday!!  We’re growing at an amazing rate – but we’re not done – and we still need YOU!!!  Choo Choo!!!


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