From Cheesesteaks to Rock n Roll (or Philly to Cleveland)


Lynn (in Philadelphia) was not about to allow James to be put to sleep simply because someone no longer wanted to take care of him! She fought for him & found a furever home for him with Keith (in Cleveland).  All that stood between James and his new home was 796 miles.  Piece of cake for this group!!  And the transport actually came together relatively quickly.  And then – a forecast for SNOW.  Really??  In a winter that has seen more days with temperatures in the 50’s and 60’s than most people can ever remember, this white crap was predicted to fall from the sky on the day that this sweet little man was supposed to go home??  Grrrrr….ppppffffffttttt….hiiissssssss.

So, with James’ safety in the forefront of our minds (and the conductors, of course), the transport was postponed by a week.  Who knew that would put James in the amazing company of 3 other kitties getting to their new homes on the same day (you can read about Sully, Mateo and Snowball/Ezekial) in prior posts!).  This little man was going to make history with the others.  URRKN had never had FOUR kitties riding the rails on the same day!!  Anyway, back to James’ story!!!

Lynn, being the amazing foster mommy that she is put some family plans on hold to keep James for the extra week (now that’s what I call dedication!!).  Here’s Lynn getting in some last minute snuggles with James the night before his big adventure 

Early in the morning of February 18th, Danielle set out to pick James up from Lynn in Philly.  Lynn and her hubby had everything set up and ready to go – James was traveling in style!  He had toys and blankets and all kinds of other goodies.  Here’s Lynn and Danielle with James before leaving Philly   

After meeting Danielle, the two of them hit the road, headed for….ME!  Yes, folks, that’s right, little old me was getting another kitty.  Um, I mean, little old me was getting to help another kitty get to his furever home!  I was so excited I hate to fight the urge to run right out the door when Danielle let me know she was headed toward our meeting spot.  I knew it was going to take her about 45 minutes (and I only live 10 minutes from where we were meeting) but I wanted to zoom out the door and be waiting!!  So, I compromised….I waited 20 minutes and left!  I did have to get gas and wanted to get a cup of coffee for the ride and, well, who am I kidding? I was anxious to meet James!!  (and Danielle, too!)  And then – THEY WERE THERE!!! Wooo Hooo!!  We transferred all of James’ goodies into my car and Danielle said goodbye and I said hello (here we are – Danielle’s on the left, I’m on the right!)

James was such a good quiet boy, he just settled right in  took a nap.  I called Joy and let her know I was hitting the road and headed toward her.  We headed north, and in true Pennsylvania weather fashion, it started SNOWING on the northern side of the Lehigh Tunnel.  Go figure!  It was just flurries, so we kept on truckin’.  Unfortunately, James had a wee bit of an “accident” in his carrier, so we made a pitstop just off on the Turnpike so I could take care of that.  Got all kinds of funny looks crawling around the back of my car and with people seeing this looking out the window: 




I wasn’t quite sure if he was looking for an escape route, checking out the snow that was falling or just generally enjoying some time out of his carrier.  Either way, he was such a good boy and when it was time to go back inside the carrier and hit the road, he went right in without any trouble.  He laid down again and went back to sleep!  Clearly I was not the most entertaining of individuals he’d spent time with, but I was happy that he was comfortable on his ride!  As we headed west toward Joy we drove out of the snow, into rain and then SUNSHINE – thankfully the sun came out when I was just a few miles from our meeting point.  When Joy and her mom got to our meeting spot, we transferred all of James’ stuff to her car and I said goodbye to my new furry friend and Joy said hello.  Here he is with his new friend, Joy!


Joy and James (and Joy’s mom) headed west to meet up with Chris.  Now, if you’ve already read Sully’s blog post, you know that Chris was traveling east with Sully while Joy was traveling west with James and they are going to swap the boys in the Dubois area.  If you HAVEN’T read Sully’s post, what are you waiting for???  Well, finish reading this one and then go read about Sully’s travels, please!

Anyway (sorry, got distracted again!), Joy got to her meeting place with Chris a little early, so she let James out to stretch his legs in the car while they were waiting.  This looks familiar, doesn’t it?    Maybe James just has a thing for looking out back windows??  Or, maybe he’s looking west toward his new home with Keith?? 

So, Joy and Chris exchange kitties and kitty paraphernalia and Joy heads back east with Sully and Chris heads back to Ohio with James.  Here’s James in Chris’ car, you can just see that he knew he was getting closer to home, can’t you?  Meh – me either, but you get the idea! 

Chris headed toward Kelly in Akron, OH and, from what I heard, James was still just the perfect gentleman and best passenger ever!  Chris sent us this picture of James with Kelly when they met up.  




Keep in mind, with four kitties on the move that day, almost all URRKN’s were glued to their computers, tablets or smartphones to get updates on everyone’s progress.   Heck, when I was standing in line at Starbucks on the turnpike on my way home, I was checking in on the updates too!  I was giggling to myself and even crying some happy tears – I think people thought I was crazy!!  They were right!  Crazy about kitties, baby!!!

Ok, so back to James’ adventure.  Kelly had James and was headed toward Cleveland to meet up with Christine.  Christine has kitties of her own, but she knew that her “main man” Keith needed to have a kitty to keep him company too.  This is how James came to take his excellent adventure across PA.   Christine was going to meet Kelly and then take James back to Keith’s place and help get him settled.  Here’s Christine meeting James for the first time!  Look at that HUGE smile!! (And Christine is smiling too!)

Since James has been home, Christine has shared some great pictures.  Here a couple: 


Dontcha just love that little face???  Don’t you want to be a part of the amazing group that makes happy endings like this possible?  Can’t drive?  Don’t worry about it!  There is more to being a part of URRKN than driving.  We need people to help get the word out.  You might know the one person that we’re looking for to fill a leg in a little furry baby’s journey to a furever home.  Maybe your home can be a “bed and breakfast” along the route (some of our trips are long and the kitty may need a place to catch a few zzz’s before the next driver is available)?   Maybe you just love kitties and want to belong to a HAPPY page!  Come and join us – tell your friends about us – be a part of the URRKN.  We can’t do this without you!!!/groups/URRKN/

Choo Choo!!



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