He did it his way…..

Who wouldn’t fall in love with this face?  OMG – don’t you just want to SQUEEZE him?!?  This is Frankie. 

Frankie was just baby steps away from….*gulp*….well, you know…..And then Sparrow and Vicki at Cat Rangers rescued this handsome little man.  Sadly, little Frankie had one more thing stacked against him – he is FIV+.  But, don’t fret too much.  FIV+ kitties can live long, healthy lives if they receive the right care.  This is where Lynn came in to save the day for this sweetie.  Lynn runs a no kill shelter and sanctuary for “special needs” kitties.  There’s even another FIV+ kitty living there – just waiting to become Frankie’s best Furiend 🙂

Sparrow contacted URRKN and the Frankie Train was set into motion.  Here’s a map of the journey that Frankie would end up taking to get home.  

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention – the angels that rescued Frankie are in Georgia.  And Frankie had to go where?  Righhhht…Missouri.  That’s 736 miles this little kitty had to travel to get to his new home.  *Sigh*  Well, I suppose if all kitties could find furever homes in their own backyards, URRKN wouldn’t be needed, now would we??

The transport was put together and on Saturday, March 10th, it was time to hit the road.  Sparrow took the first leg to meeting up with Kathy in Atlanta.  Tearfully, Sparrow said goodbye to her little man.  She had no idea how attached to him she had grown until it was time to say goodbye.  (Remember, Sparrow, it’s not good bye, it’s see you later – eventually we are all reunited with the little furballs we love).  Kathy then headed out to meet up with our very own Kelly (one of the wonderful admins at URRKN ) in Tennessee.  Here’s a great shot of Kathy, Kelly and Frankie:

Kelly took over the conductor duties and headed off to meet Susan.  Kelly got to the meeting point a wee bit early and was able to capture a couple of really cute pictures


I dont’ know about you, but I didn’t even meet this little guy and I’m in love with him.  So jealous of the ladies who got to spend some quality time with this blue eyed handsome man.  (Wait a minute…he had gorgeous blue eyes and his name is Frankie…Ole Blue Eyes…Oh my gosh, I get it now!)  I digress….

Susan picked up her sweet little passenger and started out to meet up with Paris in Kentucky.  Here are a few pictures of Paris’ and Susan’s legs of the trip.


Now, because Frankie’s trip was so long, and because of his condition, it was decided that Frankie would stay overnight at an URRKN Bed and Breakfast in Missouri.  Paris and Frankie headed toward his B&B hostess, Becca.  And it was clear that Frankie was thrilled with his 5-star accomodations.

  This sure is one relaxed little furball, don’t you think??  The middle picture is actually taken from Becca’s perspective as Frankie is perched on her chest while she is laying down!  Yep – I think Frankie’s doing ok on this trip!!  Apparently, though, he wasn’t too excited about getting back in the crate for the second part of his trip on Sunday, March 11th.  Look at this face:

Doesn’t he look like he’s thinking “Look, lady, I’m kind of comfy here and that crate and car ride are really no fun, so I’m just gonna kick back and wait for the mint on my pillow here at the B&B, ok?”  Ok – maybe he’s not thinking that, but…..

Either way, Frankie still had about 3 1/2 hours to to get home, so off he and Becca went to meet up with Lynn, who would take Frankie the rest of the way to his new home.

  These last two pictures are from when Becca was meeting up with Lynn to take Frankie home.  Because Lynn’s not on Facebook (she has her hands full running the pound, shelter and sanctuary) we don’t have any pictures of Frankie  in his new digs yet.  But hopefully we’ll have some soon!  Meanwhile, we’re sure that Frankie is settling in and geting used to his new friends.

Do YOU want to enjoy the feel good, warm fuzzy feeling that comes from doing something great?  Most of our drivers have said they’re on a “kitty high” for days after participating in a transport (and we don’t think it’s because they dipped into the kitty’s ‘nip along the way!).  You know what you need to do.  Head on over to our facebook page http://www.facebook.com/#!/groups/URRKN/ and join us!!  When you join, you’ll get welcomed by one of our admins who will post a whole boatload of “must have” information for you about our posting policies, how to sign up to be a volunteer driver or B&B and all kinds of other great stuff.  Take your time and read through everything and then sit back and wait for one of our many kitties to come through  YOUR neighborhood!  Even if you can’t drive or host an overnight kitty (it would be just a kitty, not a human!) you would still be a valuable member of our group.  You might know someone who knows someone who knows someone else who can fill a leg on a transport.  We currently have 908 members!  908!!  That’s only 82 members away from 1000!  From a little teeny tiny group with just over 100 members in December to a group of 908 kitty lovers in just three months!!  YEAH BABY!!  URRKN ROCKS!!  COME ROLL WITH US!!

Choo Choo!


3 thoughts on “He did it his way…..

  1. I love this story and all the work you’re doing! (Here in Georgia, Vicki is a good friend of mine.) I’d like to include a backlink to your blog on mine. Asking nothing in return, I just want to feature reputable rescue groups – just let me know if it’s okay to do this. Be encouraged in your efforts – thank you for your dedication!

  2. Frankie was a dream! The conductor I handed him off to later remarked to me about how lonely the ride home was and I have to say, I agreed with her.

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