This is the story of two special “bonded” boys.  O’Malley (all orange) was a shelter favorite.  So much so that the staff kept him three weeks past his “date” in an effort to find this sweet boy a home.  O’Riley (orange and white) is a sweet little man who loves nothing more than a warm lap to call his own.  He never stopped purring, even while suffering from a URI.  In stepped their guardian angel, Jess, who pulled both babies for their new furever mom, Eugenia!  You might remember Jess from Sully’s story (and you’ll hear about her again soon!).  The next step – getting these beautiful boys from Michigan to South Carolina.  Choo choo – URRKN at your service!  Here’s a picture of their route so you can see just how much went into this….

You may be wondering how long it takes to put a route like this together….when this event was first created, our goal was to put them on the “rails” home on February 18th.  They finally got to travel on March 10th and 11th.  This is the reason why we currently cannot do “urgent” transports (more on that at another time, though, this is all about the O’Boys as they were affectionately known to URRKN’s).

Back to their trip home.  The O’Boys met thirteen different drivers on their trip of approximately 1,059 miles over the course of two days.  You heard me right THIRTEEN different angels stepped up and volunteered their time to get these boys to their furever home.  That gives me the warm fuzzies just thinking about it again!!  🙂

Their trip started from their wonderful foster’s home in Novi, Michigan.  The first conductor of the day, Raven, picked the boys up and headed off toward Toledo to meet up with Annette.    After the switch was made, Annette headed off to meet with Chris (yes, the same Chris you’ve seen before with Sully and James – you remember how much we love Chris, right?!?).  Well, Chris stepped up again for the kitties this time due to an unforeseen emergency with the driver scheduled to meet up with Annette.  Both Annette and Chris went above and beyond to prove that URRKN conductors are the BEST and will do anything for the kitties!  (and it let the driver in the middle focus on what she needed to focus on without having more to worry about!).  Anyway – I digress (again).  Here are Annette and Chris with the boys –  before Chris headed off to switch cars and put the boys in something a little more suited to their long ride ahead.   Annette also snapped a picture of the boys just relaxing while she had them Sooooo cute!!   Don’t you just want to squeeze them?!?  Not too hard, of course, but….you know….snuggles….

Chris headed Southeast to meet up with Barbara in Pennsylvania (yup, state #3 for the day for the boys).    Barbara made sure to snap another adorable picture of the boys when she had them.  From here, they’re off to Maryland to meet up with Lynne!   Now, Lynne has an adorable little sports car, so of course there was a little bit of concern about whether or not the crate would fit into her car.   But, in true URRKN form (where there’s a will, there’s a way), Lynne managed to make it fit…check her out here   With the boys safely ensconced in their next ride, Lynne zoomed off to meet Noni, who would be providing the B&B for the boys for the evening.  Here’s Lynne and Noni’s hubby Phil transferring the boys at the next stop 

Before hitting the road to check the boys in to the B&B, Noni snapped this picture of her hubby with O’Malley Don’t you just LOVE a man who loves kitties?!??  Now, don’t worry, O’Malley was NOT going to be driving himself to the B&B – he was safely back in the crate with his buddy for the ride to the B&B.

Once at the B&B, Noni and Phil got the boys settled in and sent us a bunch of pictures of the boy enjoying their five star accommodations.  Here are just a few of them.

After a fabulous night’s rest at the Noni B&B, it was time for the boys to hit the road again and head South.  They’re about to become true Southern gentlemen, you know?

Tara and Jason were the first to hit the road with the boys on a beautiful Sunday morning (YES – a third man who loves kitties!!!  These boys are truly special, no?)  Tara and Jason sent these pictures – and Tara mentioned how she missed the boys already when she handed them over to Beth in Virginia (a common feeling of all of our conductors on all of our trips!)

The boys were now safely in Beth’s care and the journey continued South toward Christine who will cruise on down the highway to Bonnie in North Carolina.  Throughout all of this, everyone has said the same thing – the boys are so relaxed and so sweet.  I think that shows up in all of the pictures too, don’t you?  Can’t forget the big smiles on the driver’s faces either! 🙂


The boys are getting so close, now, can you feel it???  Bonnie headed across North Carolina to Susan.  Oooh – so exciting, the boys were almost home!!  (and remember, URRKN’s all over the country were glued to their computers, laptops, smartphones, etc… just waiting for updates on the boys.  There’s something about a transport weekend that is just so energizing!).  After Susan took over and headed even further across North Carolina (some of these states are BIG) she met up with Liz, who would be the last driver before the boys would meet their new mommy!!  One more driver…the excitement just kept building and building on the main page.  Are they there yet?  Are they there yet?

Almost, boys (and readers) almost!  Liz took off with the boys and headed to South Carolina (state number SEVEN) to meet Eugenia – who has been patiently waiting for her new babies for about a month!!  And here it is…the moment you’ve all been waiting for – Eugenia with her new little men

  Doesn’t everyone look so happy?!?!  (Just a little disclaimer here, though:  URRKN policies state that kitties should never be outside their carriers outside of the vehicles or with vehicle doors open during transport.  Eugenia is the new mommy so can make her own decisions on handling .)

Eugenia was also kind enough to send a picture of the boys the following weekend – appropriately the O’Boys were celebrating St. Patrick’s Day with her in their new home and they have clearly settled in nicely, don’t you think?

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Choo choo!!


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  1. As usual, the tears roll when I see kitties in their new homes. So many people worked so hard to save these precious boys and get them home. What a ride these guys had! Lucky them and lucky new meowmy!

  2. Thanks for sharing the O’Boys story with everyone! So wonderful to read about all these angels coming together to get two special boys home. Hugs to the O’Boys and their new mom. ❤

  3. Now I’m crying. what a beautifully written story for two very amazing Boys!!! I love You O’Boys!!!!

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