Great things come in small packages


One day, Michelle found this little beauty hanging around her apartment complex.  Michelle did everything she could to find Roxy’s humans – no luck  (and no microchip).  So, being the amazing purrson that she is, Michelle took her in, called her Roxy AND found her a new human (Bill).  Don’t let her small stature fool you (Roxy weighed in at only 4.3 lbs), Roxy will jump up into your lap to let you know when she’s ready for love and she has NO fear of dogs.  It’s estimated that Roxy’s about a year old, so she and Bill should have many, many years together!!  Here’s a picture of Roxy in her foster home.  Look at that beautiful face – her new Dad is a lucky, lucky man!

Of course, the next step was getting Roxy from Point A (Georgia) to Point B (Illinois) – about 724 miles.  Choo choo – All Aboard the Love Train!!!  Roxy’s trip was set up to start on Friday, May 25th and finish up on Saturday, May 26th.  Foster Mom Michelle would drive the whole first day herself!!  Here’s a picture of Roxy with Shelby (the dog) and Loco (the cat), before she started her journey.  Rumor has it that Loco misses Roxy a lot.  Michelle said that Loco, who’s not normally much of a “talker”, has been crying for Roxy (maybe he had a bit of a kitty crush on her?!?)


Michelle and Roxy hit the road bright and early on Saturday morning.  Michelle updated us from one of their pitstops in Bowling Green.  She’s quite a relaxed traveler, don’t you think?

After being on the road all day, they arrived safely at their B&B in Louisville, KY.  Michelle sent us this picture of Roxy settling in for the night.


Bright and early on Sunday morning, Michelle and Roxy hit the road and headed toward Indianapolis and Roxy’s next conductor, Sandy.  Looks like Roxy’s eagerly awaiting Sandy’s arrival, doesn’t it?

I can tell you one thing, she’s wayyyyy more bright and alert on a Saturday morning than I usually am!!  Clearly she knows that she’s one lucky little girl!  Here are Michelle and Sandy with Roxy.  Once again, lovely ladies, with great big smiles – I can’t say it enough – the happiness is contagious!!


Once Sandy got Roxy settled, they zipped off to Indianapolis, IN where they’d meet up with Mary.  At one point, during a pit stop, Sandy told us that Roxy was “expressing contempt for my parking spot in the shade (it was boiling in that car when we were stopped, shade or no). But once we got moving again she was fine.”  I told you, she may be tiny, but she is a brave kitty and clearly speaks her mind when she wants to!

Here’s a picture of Mary and Thomas in Indy with Roxy – isn’t Mary’s shirt too cute??  And, yes, Mary, we can – with your big, happy smile!!  Once Roxy was settled in, this happy group set off for Roselawn to meet up with Bill.  Mary said, “she was a great passenger but she definitely talked at us the whole way. I don’t speak cat that well…”  Maybe not, Mary, but I bet Roxy knew the most important thing – she was in good hands and she was oh-so-close to meeting her new Dad!!

And, sure enough, here’s Bill meeting Roxy for the first time….what’s that I see?  Yup!  Another HUGE smile!!  Bill – meet Roxy; Roxy – meet Daddy!!

After saying their initial “hellos/meows”, Bill and Roxy headed HOME!!  Later that night, Bill sent us this picture

It looks like they’ve known each other forever already!  Soooooo happy for both Bill and Roxy.  We haven’t heard from Bill yet, but Michelle sent us this update, “I know that Roxy is doing well with Bill, she’s eating, drinking, using the potty like a perfect little angel! Bill has fallen in love with this sweet girl in such a short amount of time!”  We’re so happy to hear that!!  And we’re looking forward to getting some updated pictures of Roxy in her new home!

As you can imagine, as URRKN grows, so does the amount of work that goes on behind the scenes of each transport.  Recently, we’ve added some “Transport Coordinators” to the group of admins.  These folks have a knack for pulling things together and focus all of their attention on making sure that the transports go smoothly from start to finish.  One of those TCs is Terri (you may have seen her posts on the event and main page throughout the day on Friday and Saturday) told me this, “Roxy’s transport was my very first as a Transport Coordinator with URRKN and it was such an amazing experience. Words can’t begin to describe the warm fuzzies that filled my heart every time my cell phone rang with a new message and/or picture from Roxy’s conductors letting us know that she was yet another step closer to home. What a special and inspiring day — happy tissues all around!”

You know how YOU can get the warm fuzzies for yourself??  Sign up to be a volunteer conductor (transporter).  Come on over to Facebook and join our group  When you join, you’ll get a welcome post from one of our admins.  That post will have links to EVERYTHING you need to know – from how to sign up as a conductor, to the proper etiquette for our page (we like to keep our group HAPPY!), to answers to many of the frequently asked questions.  We have 1,449 members – sounds like alot – but it’s never enough.  The more people we have willing to drive, the more kitties we can get safely home and the more smiles you’ll see on these pages!

Choo Choo!!!



RIP Sweet Kathy

Just this side of heaven is a place called Rainbow Bridge.

When an animal dies that has been especially close to someone here, that pet goes to Rainbow Bridge. There are meadows and hills for all of our special friends so they can run and play together. There is plenty of food, water and sunshine, and our friends are warm and comfortable.

All the animals who had been ill and old are restored to health and vigor. Those who were hurt or maimed are made whole and strong again, just as we remember them in our dreams of days and times gone by. The animals are happy and content, except for one small thing; they each miss someone very special to them, who had to be left behind.

They all run and play together, but the day comes when one suddenly stops and looks into the distance. Her bright eyes are intent. Her eager body quivers. Suddenly she begins to run from the group, flying over the green grass, her legs carrying her faster and faster.

You have been spotted, and when you and your special friend finally meet, you cling together in joyous reunion, never to be parted again. The happy kisses rain upon your face; your hands again caress the beloved head, and you look once more into the trusting eyes of your pet, so long gone from your life but never absent from your heart.

Then you cross Rainbow Bridge together…. 

~ Author unknown ~

It is with a heavy heart that I write this post.

Kathy, a sweet 10 year old little girl who was being fostered by Denise in New York, was on her way to her new Mommy, Angela, in Ohio.   While enroute, Kathy became gravely ill and was rushed to an emergency veterinarian for care.  Sadly, Kathy passed away and has crossed the Rainbow Bridge.

Everyone at URRKN is devastated.  We are heartbroken for Denise, who did such an amazing job fostering this sweet baby girl and showering her with love.  We are grieving with all of the conductors who had contact with this sweet angel today – anyone who has already done a transport knows it doesn’t take long for your special passenger to carve out a place in your heart.  And, most of all, we are shedding countless tears with Angela, who opened up her heart and her home to this precious baby girl hundreds of miles away.

I wish, with all my being, that I could reach out and pluck the perfect words from the air – the words that would erase the pain and eliminate the heartbreak.  Unfortunately, those words do not exist.  So I will do the only thing I can – I will keep Denise, the conductors and Angela in my thoughts and in my prayers.  I will also send a special prayer to my own Angel Patches and ask her to find Kathy, take her by the paw, and show her around at the Rainbow Bridge.

Run free, sweet Kathy, run free…..until we all meet again.   RIP baby girl.


A Very Special Transport

In early April, URRKN began planning a VERY special transport to assist our VERY special friend Sharon.  You may remember her as foster mom to Aimee, URKKN’s first purrsonally escorted flying kitty.  In October 2010, Autumn, Wyatt and TEN other kitties were pulled from a shelter by a rescue, but then abandoned them at Sharon’s.  Since that time, Sharon has been providing all of the daily care, routine expenses and vetting for the 12 abandoned kitties, plus the six kitties that already called Sharon “Mom”.

Through Sharon’s contact with a fabulous rescue in Missouri (with a very high adoption rate), Autumn and Wyatt now  have foster homes and adoption fairs waiting for them!   As you know (from reading your welcome post on the URRKN facebook page) URRKN has a police of only transporting to forever homes.  So, I know what you’re thinking.  You’re thinking that “this transport will be an exception to our rule of only transporting to forever homes.”  You are correct.  This decision was not arrived at easily.  Alot of behind the scenes discussions took place and since Sharon has done so much for URRKN, we decided we would do this for her.  And, as we’ve been known to do while planning a transport, a third kitty was added to this very special train – Starla jumped on board to go to her furever home with Paris (who also would be participating as a driver AND as Autumn and Wyatt’s B&B on their longer journey!)

So, this fabulous trio was ready to hit the road….…departure day – Saturday, April 28th.

Shortly before the trip started, Sharon shared this picture of Wyatt, looking quite grumpy  ….wonder what THAT was all about??

Bright and early on the 28th, the kitty train hit the road – here’s Sharon with the “carload” of kitties…or, Three Kitties and a Little Lady (as I like to call this crew!)   Check out Sharon’s special shirt that she got specifically for this transport!!

After Sharon said goodbye to the precious babies that she cared for for nearly two years, Kathy took off with them and headed toward Tennessee and Kelly!  This top picture is Starla with Kelly.

And this picture is Kelly holding Starla….

Kelly holding Autumn…..

And Kelly holding (a somewhat stinky) Wyatt.  Apparently Wyatt had a bit of a nervous tummy on this transport….perhaps that’s what that original grumpy face was all about?!?!

 <——This is a close up picture of pretty Autumn.

Once Kelly had the kitties in her car, she headed off to meet Susan.   Here’s Susan with Wyatt (notice the towels in her hand?!?  Yes, each conductor did what they could to help poor Wyatt and his queasy tummy)

First, we all thought Susan was incredibly brave getting her nose that close to the Stinky carrier….but look at Wyatt’s face….he’s definitely having a conversation with someone – or something….

Susan then headed off to meet up with Paris in Kentucky…and from there, they’d head to Illinois.  For Starla – it’s the end of her ride and the beginning of her amazing new life.  For Autumn and Wyatt, the Paris B&B would be a place for them to get out of their carriers, stretch their legs and have some noms at this 5 Star sleepover.  And for Wyatt – the chance to get FULLY cleaned up and back to his normal handsome self!  You think maybe he decided to bunk down in the litter box, just in case……

Here’s Autumn relaxing for the evening….looks like this lovely lady is quite content at the B&B.

I’m saving the Starla “at home” pictures for later…hold on…I promise, they’re coming!

On Sunday morning, Paris hit the road and headed for the meeting point in Missouri with Tanya.  Here’s a picture of Autumn looking for Tanya…she knows she’s getting close to her new life! 

Wyatt and Autumn would then head out with Terri and Tanya to meet up with Susan – who is their new rescuer and has their foster homes all lined up!

So, where are they now?  Well, here are some pictures of Starla settling in at her new home:

I’d say that she’s looking pretty darn comfortable there, wouldn’t you?  Keep the updates coming, Paris!!

Here’s Autumn waiting for her foster Momma (Carey) to pick her up…and the one below it is Autumn getting comfy at home with Carey.  Carey posted this shortly after Autumn came to her home: she is a love bug and is very playful. She is playing with my Toby under the door. She is just dying to meet him I think (can you say “foster fail”???  Hmmmm…..what do you think?? heee heee!)


And last, but not least, here’s Wyatt checking in from his foster home!  Look at that handsome face!!  With this picture came the update: “Wyatt is doing really well! He’s starting to get along with my kitties and he’s super affectionate with me. I’ve been able to let him roam freely around the apartment without any fear that he’ll be naughty!”

Three very happy kitties that traveled from the East Coast to the Midwest for a new chance at life and love!  How would you like to have a part in something like this?  Come and join us and see what we’re all about.  There’s room for everyone on this Love Train of ours.  We’d love to have you!!


Choo Choo!

You say you want a kitteh, Eh?

URRKN is international?!?  Welllll – not exactly…..yet.  However, we did get to help a Canadian kitty get to his American furever home….after he cleared Customs, that is!

Meet Rumi – Some horrible person dumped Rumi on Jen’s property in Ontario.  This tiny little man weighs a whopping 4.4 lbs; and when Jen found him, he was cold and had major infections in both ears.  Being the angel that she is, Jen took him in and fostered him – having him clipped, chipped, vaccinated – until he was healthy enough to travel.  As luck would have it, Patty in Illinois had room in her home (and heart) for this sweetheart.  Jen  found a way to get Rumi across the border into Port Huron, and reached out to us to get him the rest of the way home.

Rumi’s Excellent American Adventure began on April 9, 2012 with Kim bringing Rumi into the US and meeting up with Julie in Port Huron, MI.  

Here he is, waiting for Kim to come and get him and get him started on his amazing journey.  Don’t you just wanna snuggle with this little baby??  Once Julie had her paws on him, she sent us this picture ….….and then she headed off with him to Ann Arbor, Michigan and Rumi’s next conductor,  Catherine.  We were lucky enough to get a picture of these two lovely ladies at their meeting point, with handsome Rumi.  (Looks like it might have been a wee bit chilly in Michigan that bright, sunny day!)

Before hitting the road to Kalamazoo, Catherine let Rumi out of his carrier to stretch his legs.  You can just see the love in her eyes and she’s only known him for a few minutes.  I know I’ve said it before, but there’s an amazing feeling you get when you’re part of a transport – I think this picture truly shows that!  After Rumi was settled in, Catherine hit the road to meet up with the next conductor, Melissa!  Apparently Michigan is another one of those really LARGE states (clearly I need to travel more, I really had NO idea!)

I think we caught Catherine in the act of “catnapping” here, don’t you?!?  Have no fear, Rumi made it to Kalamazoo!!  Here he is stretching his legs again before moving on to his next conductor.  LOOK at that face!!!  I want him to come and live with me!! 🙂

The transfer was safely made (Catherine did NOT run away with him) and Rumi and Melissa headed toward Janet in St. Joseph, Michigan (really???  STILL in Michigan?!?  Yeesh!)

After this exchange (and just look how relaxed the little guy looks), Janet headed to new Momma, Patty in Illinois (FINALLY out of Michigan!)  Here’s Janet and Rumi together….love how he’s hugging her, as if to say “thank you for helping me”

After Janet finished snuggling with Rumi, she hit the road and made it to Patty!  (although, I think based on the time stamp on the photos, Janet’s pictures were taken when she got to Patty, so maybe Rumi was saying goodbye and thank you!  Either way, these pictures are sooooo stinkin’ sweet!!

Here’s Patty meeting her new baby.  She couldn’t even wait to get him home before letting him out of his carrier and getting some snuggles in….can’t say I blame her!!  And look at his face, doesn’t he look like he’s been with Patty his whole life?!?  Well, buddy, your life is starting over right here!!  Enjoy!!!

Patty was kind enough to send us some more pictures of Rumi settling in to his new home.  I think he’s settling in quite beautifully, don’t you?!?  Even his new friend (that’s Oliver with him in the picture on the right) seems to be ok with his new brother!!

There were two things that were different (for us) on this transport.  The most obvious was that Rumi is an international traveler!  Jen and Kim were amazing making sure that everything that was needed to get Rumi across the border was taken care of – this wouldn’t have happened without them!  The other thing out of the ordinary for our transports is that this took place on a MONDAY!  Yes, that’s right, MONDAY!  These amazing ladies worked together to get this done on a weekday.  Now that’s teamwork!!!

Do YOU want to be part of our team?  Come join us on Facebook  When you join, you’ll get a welcome post from one of our admins that will tell you everything you need to know about how our group works and how you can be a part of our next transport (we currently have TWO confirmed and in the planning stages right now) and there are others that are in the screening phase.  We have 1,364 members as of right this minute.  Wouldn’t you LOVE to be number 1, 365??

Choo Choo!!

Give me just a Lil Bit of Zeus…

Meet Zeus: He’s a 2 yr old Maine Coon and is as sweet as pie. He LOVES everyone and makes biscuits all the time! He can’t get enough attention!! He even drools because he is so happy.   Zeus hopped on the URRKN train to head from Michigan to New York, where he was going to be brothers with Sully (go back and read that post if you haven’t already!) at Trish’s house.  (Zeus’ ride would be about 885 miles)

Meet Lil Bit:  He’s a large FIV+ male stray.  The odds were really stacked against him!  Linda gave Lil Bit some shelter, and a rescue group found him a foster.  Unfortunately that didn’t work out and they returned Lil Bit to Linda’s garage. Linda knew a life outside would be a death sentence for Lil Bit, and she wasn’t going to let this boy fend for himself.   Linda found Michelle, who wanted to give Lil Bit a real home, a forever home.   Because Lil Bit was headed in the same direction as Zeus, these two boys decided that they would share their train ride.  (Lil Bit’s ride would be about 690 miles)

It was a beautiful day – Saturday, March 31st (yup, same day that Faith, Hope and Miss Dior hit the tracks – it was a record day for us with FIVE kitties on the move at the same time).  All conductors were provided with a fact sheet about FIV+ kitties and the precautions they needed to take with their precious passengers (basically just keeping them separated was the main thing) to ensure that everyone was safe.  Rest assured, we are very careful to make sure that all babies entrusted to us are given the same care we would give to our own four footed and furry children.

Jessica picked Zeus up at his foster home and headed to the meeting spot with BekBek.  This was the same place where Linda would be meeting BekBek with Lil Bit.  Jessica posted this picture of Zeus.

 Beks snapped this great shot of Linda, Jessica and her daughter in law Kaylynn at the meeting point.  Here’s a few other pictures that Beks took of her furry passengers

After all the goodbyes were said to these handsome boys by Linda and Jess, Beks headed off to Ohio where she’d meet up with Sara.  Here are a couple of pictures of Zeus with Sara.  Doesn’t this first one just tug at your heart strings?  Look at that sweet face.

And here’s the equally adorable Sara with Zeus at McDonald’s (the unofficial meeting spot of URRKN! haha)

After Sara spent some quality time with the boys, she handed them off to Suzanne, who would take them the rest of the way through Ohio to Pennsylvania (I personally never knew how big Ohio was until we started planning transports!).  Anyway, the boys just kept chugging along and here’s a picture of Suzanne with Zeus.  Lil Bit must’ve been being shy for a while….we are missing some pictures of him throughout this part of the trip.  Or maybe *I* just missed the pictures *sigh*

Suzanne and the boys continued their trek east (I think they’re going east at this point…for a while it was kind of north…and northeast…and then east…oh, heck…headed toward New York!)  The next conductor to meet the boys is Fiber.  Check out these shots that she sent us

It’s looking like Fiber was getting a little bit attached to Lil Bit, there, huh??  Don’t worry, she passed him off to Karin just like she was supposed to!!  But isn’t it so cool to see how excited and happy and full of warm fuzzies are conductors are when they’re entrusted with these precious babies?   We have a few pictures of the boys with Karin also!

 (I’m thinking Zeus has had just about enough here and is looking for his way out….Hang in there little man, you’re getting there!)

Karin and the boys continued the trek across New York (I’ve learned this is another HUGE state!) toward Sue.   Once safely settled into Sue’s car, the little group headed off toward Cathy, who would be the last conductor for Lil Bit (as he’d be home once he got to Michelle’s)….and a good thing too….all of these angels were out sooooo late.  Cathy was able to drop the boys off at Michelle’s around MIDNIGHT!!!  zzzzz….huh?  what?  zzzzz…..Kidding!  Many of us were still wide awake and following the progress.  Plus, we couldn’t leave poor Cathy out there all by herself so late at night!

Michelle got the boys settled in for the night – Zeus was bunking in at his B&B for the night – to continue his journey in the morning – and Lil Bit was HOME!!  Yay!!  Here’s a few pics from that night 

Bright and early the next morning, Lori woke up and headed toward her meeting point with Michelle to pick Zeus up for the final leg of his trip home.  Look at this lovebug saying hello to his last conductor…the only person standing between him and HOME!!!

This is him checking out her car during a pit stop along the way (Noooooo….the kitties do not ride outside their carriers while they’re on the Love Train!  Safety first!)

Later we received this picture of Zeus at HOME!!  Looks like this handsome little man has settled right in!!

Michelle also sent us a few updated pictures of Lil Bit settling into his new home    Didn’t take him long to get comfy, did it??

So, by mid-day on April 1st, both of these boys were at their new fur-ever homes – settling in and enjoying their new lives.  Two more kitty lives saved – all because Jessica and Linda took the time to give these boys a second chance in Michigan…and because Michelle and Trish opened their hearts and homes to them in New York.  And I can’t forget to send props out to the amazing conductors on this trip…without their huge hearts and boundless generosity, these boys would not have made it to their new lives.

Every time I look back on one of these transports, I feel the warm fuzzies all over again.  Do YOU want to feel those same warm fuzzies?  Do you know SOMEONE ELSE who would like to feel the warm fuzzies?  Come on over and join us on Facebook  We have 1,357 members.  Will YOU be 1,358?

Choo Choo!!



Take a Chance on Me

Chance had a rough start to life.   Someone threw him out of a car window at about 5 weeks of age.  He had surgery on his jaw and face, nerve damage to his right front leg (which eventually had to be amputated), but he is happy, healthy and adjusted.  Thanks to Luann (who rescued Chance) and Kim and CJ (Chance’s new purr-ents), Chance will live like a king from here on out.  Here’s the story of Chance’s trip from Alabama to Ohio (roughly 450 miles)

Chance hit the road on March 24th.  This is what Luann posted right after he left her house: “after many tears and clawing and holding on tight, Chance convinced me it was alright and I could let him go (shame on me for being a cry baby).   He left at 8:04 with his next angel.  Praying for safety and blessings for all the angel transporters today.  Safe travel Chance.  I love you with all my heart lil buddy!!!”  

Here’s a picture of Chance – looks like he’s ready to go – he just has to convince Luann that he’ll be ok!  

Here’s a shot of Luann and Chance saying goodbye  when she handed him off to Jennifer.  Then Chance and Jennifer headed toward Tennessee together.  (You think he was singing “Pardon me, boy, is this the Chattanooga Choo Choo?”)  Actually, probably not, they weren’t headed to Chatty (although this RR has gone through Chatty before!!) Anyway, I digress.  Once Jennifer met up with Susan in Tennessee, they sent us these pictures!

  After the switch was made, Susan headed off to meet Ekaterina in Kentucky.  Now, you and I both  know that Chance was probably just itching to get out and roll around in that Kentucky blue grass, but the conductors were on a mission to get him home, so there was just a quick stop with Ekaterina and off they went to meet up with Maureen (still in Kentucky, maybe Chance will get his….well…chance….)  Here’s some more pictures of Chance in Kentucky.

Dunno about you, but I don’t see any of that Kentucky blue grass here….oh well, buddy….maybe on a another trip!  Here’s another Kentucky picture   this one is Maureen picking up Chance.  Once Maureen had this little guy, they headed off to Ohio and Kristina, who continued through Ohio to meet up with Julie.  Julie would be the last driver before Chance would meet his new family!!!  Julie posted this just before 8:00pm “Chance is home!!!!!!! Dropped him off into the loving arms of his new Mom Kim & Dad CJ several minutes ago.”

All that was left was to see Chance at home.  Thankfully for us (who were all sitting on pins and needles), Kim obliged with a few pictures.  These first few were shortly after Chance got home.  Looks like he’s settling right in, doesn’t it?

Kim also sent us another picture about a week later – yup – Chance is very happy!!  And *Look* – seems like he and his friend are getting along just fine!!!    I just love a happy ending, don’t you?!?!?

Do YOU want to be a part of one of these happy endings??  Can you drive a kitty or offer up a room for a B&B?  Do you have friends or family who can help??   Head over to our Facebook page and join us….PLEASE!  We currently have 1,351 members.  I know I might sound greedy, but that’s just not enough.  We need more!!  We need YOU!!!  Check us out, I think you’ll like us!!


Choo Choo!!




We all need a little Faith, Hope and….

…..Miss Dior!!!

You thought I was going to say “love” or “happiness”, didn’t you?  Well, guess what?  These three little girls ooze love and happiness!  Just ask all the wonderful people who helped get them to their new homes!!!  So, sit back and let me tell you about these three little beauties.

Precious little Faith  was plucked from the Barrow Co Shelter at the last moment by her new Mommy, admitted Crazy Cat Lady Janet.   Faith is a sweet little 5 month old calico, and was being fostered by none other than our good friend Sparrow  (of CatRangers in Buford, GA – you may remember Sparrow and Cat Rangers from Frankie’s story!!).  Sweet little Hope was also being fostered by Sparrow and she decided that she would LOVE to go live with Faith and Janet in Connecticut!!

But wait, there’s more!!!  (kind of feel like you’re watching an infomercial now, don’t you?!?)  Miss Dior was also rescued by Sparrow and was feeling kind of left out.  So, she managed to adopt Trish (also in Connecticut) and she booked herself a seat on the train!  As luck would have it, Trish was going to be in the VA/DC area around the time of the transport, so Miss Dior will make a stop there and hang out at the 5-Star Bed and Breakfast, hosted by our very own Admin, TerryJo!

 Look at those sweet, itty bitty faces….don’t you just want to SQUEEZE them (gently, of course!)

This fabulous little kitty train hit the road bright and early on Saturday, March 31st with Sparrow at the controls.  This trip would cover 1087 (!!)  miles and two days, with a layover at Christine’s fabulous B&B in Virginia.  (Ms. Dior traveled 643 miles to her B&B and then the rest of the way home with her furever Mommy).

The car is all loaded up and ready to go!!  Check out Faith in her “hammock”.  You’ll see that hammock in many of the pictures of this sweet girl as she spent most of her trip (the riding the rails part, anyway) hanging out in there.  Such a relaxed little girl.

The conductors for the first day of this fabulous tri-kitty train were Sparrow, Liz, Susan, Bonnie and Dionne.  There were some fabulous pictures taken on the first day of the trip.

Here’s Miss Dior with Susan – don’t you just love her awesome floofiness??  Susan also snapped this picture of Hope inside of her crate.      Not to be outdone, Faith wanted to make sure her pretty little face made it into a picture with Susan.    She has such an expressive face, doesn’t she?

Bonnie made sure she snapped this awesome picture of Faith IN her hammock   (she’s also fond of being half in and half out…and ON it!)  Bonnie headed off to meet up with Dionne who took these next few pictures.

While Dionne had “the girls” (as they will come to be known by all who had the pleasure of spending time with these angels), she snapped some adorable pictures also.  Here’s Miss Dior getting to know Dionne at a pit stop  and Dionne also snapped this one of Hope at that same pit stop   C

Check Faith out now…she ON the hammock with Dionne.  

And then if you look closely at this next picture…she’s half in it and half out of it.  Silly little girl, Faith!

Although she thought about taking a detour and running home with the girls, Dionne made it safely to the B&B at Christine’s with all three of them.  Dionne’s trip was not without adventure, though.  She told us “with the kitties in the car I went through a massive rain storm on the highway, slowed us down to 45 mph. On the way home drove directly through an electrical storm, the lighting was ABOVE me!”  YIKES!!  Thankfully all was well and Dionne and the kitties made it safely to all destinations!!!

Check out Hope in the middle picture (from Christine’s B&B) – looks like she’s thinking “is it really safe to get out of this thing?”

After relaxing and being pampered at this B&B, the girls hit the road again early the next morning (April 1st).  During Day 2, they would meet TJ (who would also be Miss Dior’s hostess for a while), Tara, Jennifer, Stef (ME!), Teresa, Rebecca and Phyllis…..and Faith and Hope would meet the most important person – Janet – also known as MOMMY!!!

So, while Miss Dior was settling in to her B&B with TJ and her family, Faith and Hope took a ride up the East Coast.  Here they are with Tara

 Tara handed the girls off to Jennifer who headed toward New Jersey to catch up with me (and she was such an amazing person to not physically harm me when she met me because I changed our meeting place TWICE before she even got to me!)  Here’s Jennifer with the girls.

  this first one is when Jennifer is meeting them…and the next two are when we were loading them into my car – we had a heck of a time getting Faith to smile for the camera!!!

and here I am meeting them

So, once I got the girls into my car, I decided to let Hope out of her crate to stretch her legs a bit, and stretch she did…check her out

  After she roamed around my car, I put her back in her crate….and she….she….she HISSED at me  *gasp*  (it was the cutest little hiss I’ve ever heard!!!)  Meanwhile, Faith was just chillin’ and Igot this picture of her…as if she was saying “let’s hit the road, girlfriend”

  sooooo….I was happy to oblige and off we went to meet up with Teresa.   Hope and I had a nice chat during the first part of the ride, but then she took a nap.  Faith just continued to hang out in her hammock.  I got to North Jersey without any trouble and met up with Teresa – here we are making the switch

  Once they were safely in her car, Teresa and the girls continued North – to meet up with Rebecca!!    Once they were all snug in Becca’s car, Teresa said goodbye and they kept right on chugging…..getting so close to meeting Janet….Just one more conductor to meet before that – Phyllis!  While waiting for Phyllis, Becca snapped this one of Faith having some noms

Becca and Phyllis met up and tucked the girls into Phyllis’ car….and they headed off to their final stop – HOME!!!!!

A couple of days after the girls got home, Janet (Mommy) posted this on the URRKN site:  They are settling in so well, and have already been introduced to everyone else. Some minor vocalizing, and then just like they have always been here. That in itself says a lot about the transporters, who clearly took such good care of them that they were not at all phased by the trip. And the delightful and magical gifts and card …how can we ever thank you for such caring and riches?!! I can only say that we LOVE you, and that we’ll be forever grateful that you are here.

Well, Janet, we LOVE you and the girls too….please feel free to send us some pictures now that they’ve settled in with you…we’d all love to see these sweet babies that we got to enjoy for just a short time!!

Now, back to Miss Dior (betcha you thought I forgot about her, didn’t you??)  TJ sent us this great shot of Miss Dior meeting HER new Momma (Trish)  on April 11th.  Miss Dior’s stay at TJ’s B&B got extended due to some unforeseen circumstances, but clearly Momma Trish is just thrilled to finally be able to snuggle with her new baby! Trish sent us this update on April 12th “What a love bug!!! Time now for some much needed sleep for both of us. Big thanks to everyone that helped make this possible.”  (Hey Trish, we’d also LOVE to see some updated pictures of Miss Dior when you get a chance!! )

So, there you have it….the story of how these three beautiful babies made it to their new homes!  Would you like to be a part of a transport?  Have you joined our Facebook page yet?  If not, check it out….  When you join, you’ll get a welcome post that will include all you need to know to get started within our fabulous group.  Don’t drive?  Don’t worry.  We need more than just drivers.  Maybe you can overnight a kitty on a long trip?  Maybe you know other people who might be able to help on one of our transports and can help network for us?  Maybe you just have a positive attitude and can be part of our cheering squad!  And there is sooooo much going on at URRKN right now – we’re *this* close to being an official non-profit organization.  There is so much going on behind the scenes – stuff I can’t even tell you about yet – but trust me, it’s all EXCITING!!  Join now and you can say “I was a member back when……”  We are currently 1,350 members strong – the growth since this all started in October 2011 is amazing.  But we can never have too many members….C’mon over and see what we’re all about!!

Choo Choo!