We all need a little Faith, Hope and….

…..Miss Dior!!!

You thought I was going to say “love” or “happiness”, didn’t you?  Well, guess what?  These three little girls ooze love and happiness!  Just ask all the wonderful people who helped get them to their new homes!!!  So, sit back and let me tell you about these three little beauties.

Precious little Faith  was plucked from the Barrow Co Shelter at the last moment by her new Mommy, admitted Crazy Cat Lady Janet.   Faith is a sweet little 5 month old calico, and was being fostered by none other than our good friend Sparrow  (of CatRangers in Buford, GA – you may remember Sparrow and Cat Rangers from Frankie’s story!!).  Sweet little Hope was also being fostered by Sparrow and she decided that she would LOVE to go live with Faith and Janet in Connecticut!!

But wait, there’s more!!!  (kind of feel like you’re watching an infomercial now, don’t you?!?)  Miss Dior was also rescued by Sparrow and was feeling kind of left out.  So, she managed to adopt Trish (also in Connecticut) and she booked herself a seat on the train!  As luck would have it, Trish was going to be in the VA/DC area around the time of the transport, so Miss Dior will make a stop there and hang out at the 5-Star Bed and Breakfast, hosted by our very own Admin, TerryJo!

 Look at those sweet, itty bitty faces….don’t you just want to SQUEEZE them (gently, of course!)

This fabulous little kitty train hit the road bright and early on Saturday, March 31st with Sparrow at the controls.  This trip would cover 1087 (!!)  miles and two days, with a layover at Christine’s fabulous B&B in Virginia.  (Ms. Dior traveled 643 miles to her B&B and then the rest of the way home with her furever Mommy).

The car is all loaded up and ready to go!!  Check out Faith in her “hammock”.  You’ll see that hammock in many of the pictures of this sweet girl as she spent most of her trip (the riding the rails part, anyway) hanging out in there.  Such a relaxed little girl.

The conductors for the first day of this fabulous tri-kitty train were Sparrow, Liz, Susan, Bonnie and Dionne.  There were some fabulous pictures taken on the first day of the trip.

Here’s Miss Dior with Susan – don’t you just love her awesome floofiness??  Susan also snapped this picture of Hope inside of her crate.      Not to be outdone, Faith wanted to make sure her pretty little face made it into a picture with Susan.    She has such an expressive face, doesn’t she?

Bonnie made sure she snapped this awesome picture of Faith IN her hammock   (she’s also fond of being half in and half out…and ON it!)  Bonnie headed off to meet up with Dionne who took these next few pictures.

While Dionne had “the girls” (as they will come to be known by all who had the pleasure of spending time with these angels), she snapped some adorable pictures also.  Here’s Miss Dior getting to know Dionne at a pit stop  and Dionne also snapped this one of Hope at that same pit stop   C

Check Faith out now…she ON the hammock with Dionne.  

And then if you look closely at this next picture…she’s half in it and half out of it.  Silly little girl, Faith!

Although she thought about taking a detour and running home with the girls, Dionne made it safely to the B&B at Christine’s with all three of them.  Dionne’s trip was not without adventure, though.  She told us “with the kitties in the car I went through a massive rain storm on the highway, slowed us down to 45 mph. On the way home drove directly through an electrical storm, the lighting was ABOVE me!”  YIKES!!  Thankfully all was well and Dionne and the kitties made it safely to all destinations!!!

Check out Hope in the middle picture (from Christine’s B&B) – looks like she’s thinking “is it really safe to get out of this thing?”

After relaxing and being pampered at this B&B, the girls hit the road again early the next morning (April 1st).  During Day 2, they would meet TJ (who would also be Miss Dior’s hostess for a while), Tara, Jennifer, Stef (ME!), Teresa, Rebecca and Phyllis…..and Faith and Hope would meet the most important person – Janet – also known as MOMMY!!!

So, while Miss Dior was settling in to her B&B with TJ and her family, Faith and Hope took a ride up the East Coast.  Here they are with Tara

 Tara handed the girls off to Jennifer who headed toward New Jersey to catch up with me (and she was such an amazing person to not physically harm me when she met me because I changed our meeting place TWICE before she even got to me!)  Here’s Jennifer with the girls.

  this first one is when Jennifer is meeting them…and the next two are when we were loading them into my car – we had a heck of a time getting Faith to smile for the camera!!!

and here I am meeting them

So, once I got the girls into my car, I decided to let Hope out of her crate to stretch her legs a bit, and stretch she did…check her out

  After she roamed around my car, I put her back in her crate….and she….she….she HISSED at me  *gasp*  (it was the cutest little hiss I’ve ever heard!!!)  Meanwhile, Faith was just chillin’ and Igot this picture of her…as if she was saying “let’s hit the road, girlfriend”

  sooooo….I was happy to oblige and off we went to meet up with Teresa.   Hope and I had a nice chat during the first part of the ride, but then she took a nap.  Faith just continued to hang out in her hammock.  I got to North Jersey without any trouble and met up with Teresa – here we are making the switch

  Once they were safely in her car, Teresa and the girls continued North – to meet up with Rebecca!!    Once they were all snug in Becca’s car, Teresa said goodbye and they kept right on chugging…..getting so close to meeting Janet….Just one more conductor to meet before that – Phyllis!  While waiting for Phyllis, Becca snapped this one of Faith having some noms

Becca and Phyllis met up and tucked the girls into Phyllis’ car….and they headed off to their final stop – HOME!!!!!

A couple of days after the girls got home, Janet (Mommy) posted this on the URRKN site:  They are settling in so well, and have already been introduced to everyone else. Some minor vocalizing, and then just like they have always been here. That in itself says a lot about the transporters, who clearly took such good care of them that they were not at all phased by the trip. And the delightful and magical gifts and card …how can we ever thank you for such caring and riches?!! I can only say that we LOVE you, and that we’ll be forever grateful that you are here.

Well, Janet, we LOVE you and the girls too….please feel free to send us some pictures now that they’ve settled in with you…we’d all love to see these sweet babies that we got to enjoy for just a short time!!

Now, back to Miss Dior (betcha you thought I forgot about her, didn’t you??)  TJ sent us this great shot of Miss Dior meeting HER new Momma (Trish)  on April 11th.  Miss Dior’s stay at TJ’s B&B got extended due to some unforeseen circumstances, but clearly Momma Trish is just thrilled to finally be able to snuggle with her new baby! Trish sent us this update on April 12th “What a love bug!!! Time now for some much needed sleep for both of us. Big thanks to everyone that helped make this possible.”  (Hey Trish, we’d also LOVE to see some updated pictures of Miss Dior when you get a chance!! )

So, there you have it….the story of how these three beautiful babies made it to their new homes!  Would you like to be a part of a transport?  Have you joined our Facebook page yet?  If not, check it out….https://www.facebook.com/groups/URRKN/  When you join, you’ll get a welcome post that will include all you need to know to get started within our fabulous group.  Don’t drive?  Don’t worry.  We need more than just drivers.  Maybe you can overnight a kitty on a long trip?  Maybe you know other people who might be able to help on one of our transports and can help network for us?  Maybe you just have a positive attitude and can be part of our cheering squad!  And there is sooooo much going on at URRKN right now – we’re *this* close to being an official non-profit organization.  There is so much going on behind the scenes – stuff I can’t even tell you about yet – but trust me, it’s all EXCITING!!  Join now and you can say “I was a member back when……”  We are currently 1,350 members strong – the growth since this all started in October 2011 is amazing.  But we can never have too many members….C’mon over and see what we’re all about!!

Choo Choo!


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  3. So happy for the kitties and thanks to all the drivers and B and B. Lots of miles!!

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