Give me just a Lil Bit of Zeus…

Meet Zeus: He’s a 2 yr old Maine Coon and is as sweet as pie. He LOVES everyone and makes biscuits all the time! He can’t get enough attention!! He even drools because he is so happy.   Zeus hopped on the URRKN train to head from Michigan to New York, where he was going to be brothers with Sully (go back and read that post if you haven’t already!) at Trish’s house.  (Zeus’ ride would be about 885 miles)

Meet Lil Bit:  He’s a large FIV+ male stray.  The odds were really stacked against him!  Linda gave Lil Bit some shelter, and a rescue group found him a foster.  Unfortunately that didn’t work out and they returned Lil Bit to Linda’s garage. Linda knew a life outside would be a death sentence for Lil Bit, and she wasn’t going to let this boy fend for himself.   Linda found Michelle, who wanted to give Lil Bit a real home, a forever home.   Because Lil Bit was headed in the same direction as Zeus, these two boys decided that they would share their train ride.  (Lil Bit’s ride would be about 690 miles)

It was a beautiful day – Saturday, March 31st (yup, same day that Faith, Hope and Miss Dior hit the tracks – it was a record day for us with FIVE kitties on the move at the same time).  All conductors were provided with a fact sheet about FIV+ kitties and the precautions they needed to take with their precious passengers (basically just keeping them separated was the main thing) to ensure that everyone was safe.  Rest assured, we are very careful to make sure that all babies entrusted to us are given the same care we would give to our own four footed and furry children.

Jessica picked Zeus up at his foster home and headed to the meeting spot with BekBek.  This was the same place where Linda would be meeting BekBek with Lil Bit.  Jessica posted this picture of Zeus.

 Beks snapped this great shot of Linda, Jessica and her daughter in law Kaylynn at the meeting point.  Here’s a few other pictures that Beks took of her furry passengers

After all the goodbyes were said to these handsome boys by Linda and Jess, Beks headed off to Ohio where she’d meet up with Sara.  Here are a couple of pictures of Zeus with Sara.  Doesn’t this first one just tug at your heart strings?  Look at that sweet face.

And here’s the equally adorable Sara with Zeus at McDonald’s (the unofficial meeting spot of URRKN! haha)

After Sara spent some quality time with the boys, she handed them off to Suzanne, who would take them the rest of the way through Ohio to Pennsylvania (I personally never knew how big Ohio was until we started planning transports!).  Anyway, the boys just kept chugging along and here’s a picture of Suzanne with Zeus.  Lil Bit must’ve been being shy for a while….we are missing some pictures of him throughout this part of the trip.  Or maybe *I* just missed the pictures *sigh*

Suzanne and the boys continued their trek east (I think they’re going east at this point…for a while it was kind of north…and northeast…and then east…oh, heck…headed toward New York!)  The next conductor to meet the boys is Fiber.  Check out these shots that she sent us

It’s looking like Fiber was getting a little bit attached to Lil Bit, there, huh??  Don’t worry, she passed him off to Karin just like she was supposed to!!  But isn’t it so cool to see how excited and happy and full of warm fuzzies are conductors are when they’re entrusted with these precious babies?   We have a few pictures of the boys with Karin also!

 (I’m thinking Zeus has had just about enough here and is looking for his way out….Hang in there little man, you’re getting there!)

Karin and the boys continued the trek across New York (I’ve learned this is another HUGE state!) toward Sue.   Once safely settled into Sue’s car, the little group headed off toward Cathy, who would be the last conductor for Lil Bit (as he’d be home once he got to Michelle’s)….and a good thing too….all of these angels were out sooooo late.  Cathy was able to drop the boys off at Michelle’s around MIDNIGHT!!!  zzzzz….huh?  what?  zzzzz…..Kidding!  Many of us were still wide awake and following the progress.  Plus, we couldn’t leave poor Cathy out there all by herself so late at night!

Michelle got the boys settled in for the night – Zeus was bunking in at his B&B for the night – to continue his journey in the morning – and Lil Bit was HOME!!  Yay!!  Here’s a few pics from that night 

Bright and early the next morning, Lori woke up and headed toward her meeting point with Michelle to pick Zeus up for the final leg of his trip home.  Look at this lovebug saying hello to his last conductor…the only person standing between him and HOME!!!

This is him checking out her car during a pit stop along the way (Noooooo….the kitties do not ride outside their carriers while they’re on the Love Train!  Safety first!)

Later we received this picture of Zeus at HOME!!  Looks like this handsome little man has settled right in!!

Michelle also sent us a few updated pictures of Lil Bit settling into his new home    Didn’t take him long to get comfy, did it??

So, by mid-day on April 1st, both of these boys were at their new fur-ever homes – settling in and enjoying their new lives.  Two more kitty lives saved – all because Jessica and Linda took the time to give these boys a second chance in Michigan…and because Michelle and Trish opened their hearts and homes to them in New York.  And I can’t forget to send props out to the amazing conductors on this trip…without their huge hearts and boundless generosity, these boys would not have made it to their new lives.

Every time I look back on one of these transports, I feel the warm fuzzies all over again.  Do YOU want to feel those same warm fuzzies?  Do you know SOMEONE ELSE who would like to feel the warm fuzzies?  Come on over and join us on Facebook  We have 1,357 members.  Will YOU be 1,358?

Choo Choo!!




3 thoughts on “Give me just a Lil Bit of Zeus…

  1. I remember that weekend so clearly! I followed both boys all the way home and was so jealous that I couldn’t have a bit of the fun. So much happened while bringing about the planning of this transport that if I tried to tell you all of it it would be longer than this blog post. Kudos to the fosters and adopters, the conductors and the 5 star b&b. BIG kudos to those working behind the scenes to bring this about. URRKN ROCKS!!! CHOO CHOOO!!! ❤

  2. Bless you for running the transport!! I help Jessica Koning whenever I can via FB and I know the lady whotemp fostered Zeus. ❤

  3. It was my first (&so far, only) trek as a conductor. Those boys were so sweet. They took turns wandering the van once we parked. I gave Zeus kisses and he kissed back. Lil Bit loved exploring more than cuddling. I guess it was quite an adventure for them. Attached? Of course. Everyone who takes on this awesome opportunity is forever attached to their passengers. We may not meet again on earth, but just wait til that jubilant day when we walk in the light!

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