Take a Chance on Me

Chance had a rough start to life.   Someone threw him out of a car window at about 5 weeks of age.  He had surgery on his jaw and face, nerve damage to his right front leg (which eventually had to be amputated), but he is happy, healthy and adjusted.  Thanks to Luann (who rescued Chance) and Kim and CJ (Chance’s new purr-ents), Chance will live like a king from here on out.  Here’s the story of Chance’s trip from Alabama to Ohio (roughly 450 miles)

Chance hit the road on March 24th.  This is what Luann posted right after he left her house: “after many tears and clawing and holding on tight, Chance convinced me it was alright and I could let him go (shame on me for being a cry baby).   He left at 8:04 with his next angel.  Praying for safety and blessings for all the angel transporters today.  Safe travel Chance.  I love you with all my heart lil buddy!!!”  

Here’s a picture of Chance – looks like he’s ready to go – he just has to convince Luann that he’ll be ok!  

Here’s a shot of Luann and Chance saying goodbye  when she handed him off to Jennifer.  Then Chance and Jennifer headed toward Tennessee together.  (You think he was singing “Pardon me, boy, is this the Chattanooga Choo Choo?”)  Actually, probably not, they weren’t headed to Chatty (although this RR has gone through Chatty before!!) Anyway, I digress.  Once Jennifer met up with Susan in Tennessee, they sent us these pictures!

  After the switch was made, Susan headed off to meet Ekaterina in Kentucky.  Now, you and I both  know that Chance was probably just itching to get out and roll around in that Kentucky blue grass, but the conductors were on a mission to get him home, so there was just a quick stop with Ekaterina and off they went to meet up with Maureen (still in Kentucky, maybe Chance will get his….well…chance….)  Here’s some more pictures of Chance in Kentucky.

Dunno about you, but I don’t see any of that Kentucky blue grass here….oh well, buddy….maybe on a another trip!  Here’s another Kentucky picture   this one is Maureen picking up Chance.  Once Maureen had this little guy, they headed off to Ohio and Kristina, who continued through Ohio to meet up with Julie.  Julie would be the last driver before Chance would meet his new family!!!  Julie posted this just before 8:00pm “Chance is home!!!!!!! Dropped him off into the loving arms of his new Mom Kim & Dad CJ several minutes ago.”

All that was left was to see Chance at home.  Thankfully for us (who were all sitting on pins and needles), Kim obliged with a few pictures.  These first few were shortly after Chance got home.  Looks like he’s settling right in, doesn’t it?

Kim also sent us another picture about a week later – yup – Chance is very happy!!  And *Look* – seems like he and his friend are getting along just fine!!!    I just love a happy ending, don’t you?!?!?

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Choo Choo!!





5 thoughts on “Take a Chance on Me

  1. Choo Chooo!! Chances like this don’t happen for every kitty, I’m glad that Chance got his!

  2. Chance looks like such a sweetie pie! 🙂
    Happy furever home Chancey ❤
    Great blog Stef! 🙂

  3. Handsome Chance’s future could have turned out very differently if it hadn’t been for all the caring, big-hearted people in this story. Thank you, Luann, Kim and CJ for giving Chance love and a new lease on life, and thanks to Jennifer, Susan, Ekaterina, Maureen, Kristina and Julie for connecting the many miles of dots between his wonderful foster mommy and his new furever home.

    Thanks, Stef, for sharing sweet Chance’s story!

  4. Chance is a sweet, sweet boy! My Husband Tom & I felt very privileged to be able to drop him off at his new, furever home to his Mom Kim & his Dad CJ. :>D

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