You say you want a kitteh, Eh?

URRKN is international?!?  Welllll – not exactly…..yet.  However, we did get to help a Canadian kitty get to his American furever home….after he cleared Customs, that is!

Meet Rumi – Some horrible person dumped Rumi on Jen’s property in Ontario.  This tiny little man weighs a whopping 4.4 lbs; and when Jen found him, he was cold and had major infections in both ears.  Being the angel that she is, Jen took him in and fostered him – having him clipped, chipped, vaccinated – until he was healthy enough to travel.  As luck would have it, Patty in Illinois had room in her home (and heart) for this sweetheart.  Jen  found a way to get Rumi across the border into Port Huron, and reached out to us to get him the rest of the way home.

Rumi’s Excellent American Adventure began on April 9, 2012 with Kim bringing Rumi into the US and meeting up with Julie in Port Huron, MI.  

Here he is, waiting for Kim to come and get him and get him started on his amazing journey.  Don’t you just wanna snuggle with this little baby??  Once Julie had her paws on him, she sent us this picture ….….and then she headed off with him to Ann Arbor, Michigan and Rumi’s next conductor,  Catherine.  We were lucky enough to get a picture of these two lovely ladies at their meeting point, with handsome Rumi.  (Looks like it might have been a wee bit chilly in Michigan that bright, sunny day!)

Before hitting the road to Kalamazoo, Catherine let Rumi out of his carrier to stretch his legs.  You can just see the love in her eyes and she’s only known him for a few minutes.  I know I’ve said it before, but there’s an amazing feeling you get when you’re part of a transport – I think this picture truly shows that!  After Rumi was settled in, Catherine hit the road to meet up with the next conductor, Melissa!  Apparently Michigan is another one of those really LARGE states (clearly I need to travel more, I really had NO idea!)

I think we caught Catherine in the act of “catnapping” here, don’t you?!?  Have no fear, Rumi made it to Kalamazoo!!  Here he is stretching his legs again before moving on to his next conductor.  LOOK at that face!!!  I want him to come and live with me!! 🙂

The transfer was safely made (Catherine did NOT run away with him) and Rumi and Melissa headed toward Janet in St. Joseph, Michigan (really???  STILL in Michigan?!?  Yeesh!)

After this exchange (and just look how relaxed the little guy looks), Janet headed to new Momma, Patty in Illinois (FINALLY out of Michigan!)  Here’s Janet and Rumi together….love how he’s hugging her, as if to say “thank you for helping me”

After Janet finished snuggling with Rumi, she hit the road and made it to Patty!  (although, I think based on the time stamp on the photos, Janet’s pictures were taken when she got to Patty, so maybe Rumi was saying goodbye and thank you!  Either way, these pictures are sooooo stinkin’ sweet!!

Here’s Patty meeting her new baby.  She couldn’t even wait to get him home before letting him out of his carrier and getting some snuggles in….can’t say I blame her!!  And look at his face, doesn’t he look like he’s been with Patty his whole life?!?  Well, buddy, your life is starting over right here!!  Enjoy!!!

Patty was kind enough to send us some more pictures of Rumi settling in to his new home.  I think he’s settling in quite beautifully, don’t you?!?  Even his new friend (that’s Oliver with him in the picture on the right) seems to be ok with his new brother!!

There were two things that were different (for us) on this transport.  The most obvious was that Rumi is an international traveler!  Jen and Kim were amazing making sure that everything that was needed to get Rumi across the border was taken care of – this wouldn’t have happened without them!  The other thing out of the ordinary for our transports is that this took place on a MONDAY!  Yes, that’s right, MONDAY!  These amazing ladies worked together to get this done on a weekday.  Now that’s teamwork!!!

Do YOU want to be part of our team?  Come join us on Facebook  When you join, you’ll get a welcome post from one of our admins that will tell you everything you need to know about how our group works and how you can be a part of our next transport (we currently have TWO confirmed and in the planning stages right now) and there are others that are in the screening phase.  We have 1,364 members as of right this minute.  Wouldn’t you LOVE to be number 1, 365??

Choo Choo!!


11 thoughts on “You say you want a kitteh, Eh?

  1. Such a great transport!! And Rumi’s so beautiful…….just look at that profile pic!! 🙂
    Once again, happy furever home Rumi…..and congrats Patty!! >^..^<

  2. Can I just add this here? Many thanks also go to all the Cheezfrenz who donated munnies to cover Rumi’s Canadian vet bills, and a special shout-out to Kim (international expert) for not only getting Rumi across the border, but also for providing a way to get the money transferred from the US to Canada. Could NOT have made this happen without them either! Schmoos!

  3. Rumi and I appreciate everything everyone did. And he can’t wait to spend the holidays with his foster mom and nibble her ears!

  4. yay!!!! i can’t say how impressed i am with this project! The dedication and love and committment of all involved is just amazing!!

  5. Amazing story full of wonderful people and a most gorgeous kitty. Maybe Mondays aren’t so bad after all….

  6. Great article, thank you very much for the kind words. I had lots of fun, made some good friends, and got to snuggle with a great cat. What more can you ask for? And, I will be transporting 2 little ones again in a few weeks. I think the people who set this whole thing up are amazing! Who would have thought that this could be done on an international basis?

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