A Very Special Transport

In early April, URRKN began planning a VERY special transport to assist our VERY special friend Sharon.  You may remember her as foster mom to Aimee, URKKN’s first purrsonally escorted flying kitty.  In October 2010, Autumn, Wyatt and TEN other kitties were pulled from a shelter by a rescue, but then abandoned them at Sharon’s.  Since that time, Sharon has been providing all of the daily care, routine expenses and vetting for the 12 abandoned kitties, plus the six kitties that already called Sharon “Mom”.

Through Sharon’s contact with a fabulous rescue in Missouri (with a very high adoption rate), Autumn and Wyatt now  have foster homes and adoption fairs waiting for them!   As you know (from reading your welcome post on the URRKN facebook page) URRKN has a police of only transporting to forever homes.  So, I know what you’re thinking.  You’re thinking that “this transport will be an exception to our rule of only transporting to forever homes.”  You are correct.  This decision was not arrived at easily.  Alot of behind the scenes discussions took place and since Sharon has done so much for URRKN, we decided we would do this for her.  And, as we’ve been known to do while planning a transport, a third kitty was added to this very special train – Starla jumped on board to go to her furever home with Paris (who also would be participating as a driver AND as Autumn and Wyatt’s B&B on their longer journey!)

So, this fabulous trio was ready to hit the road….…departure day – Saturday, April 28th.

Shortly before the trip started, Sharon shared this picture of Wyatt, looking quite grumpy  ….wonder what THAT was all about??

Bright and early on the 28th, the kitty train hit the road – here’s Sharon with the “carload” of kitties…or, Three Kitties and a Little Lady (as I like to call this crew!)   Check out Sharon’s special shirt that she got specifically for this transport!!

After Sharon said goodbye to the precious babies that she cared for for nearly two years, Kathy took off with them and headed toward Tennessee and Kelly!  This top picture is Starla with Kelly.

And this picture is Kelly holding Starla….

Kelly holding Autumn…..

And Kelly holding (a somewhat stinky) Wyatt.  Apparently Wyatt had a bit of a nervous tummy on this transport….perhaps that’s what that original grumpy face was all about?!?!

 <——This is a close up picture of pretty Autumn.

Once Kelly had the kitties in her car, she headed off to meet Susan.   Here’s Susan with Wyatt (notice the towels in her hand?!?  Yes, each conductor did what they could to help poor Wyatt and his queasy tummy)

First, we all thought Susan was incredibly brave getting her nose that close to the Stinky carrier….but look at Wyatt’s face….he’s definitely having a conversation with someone – or something….

Susan then headed off to meet up with Paris in Kentucky…and from there, they’d head to Illinois.  For Starla – it’s the end of her ride and the beginning of her amazing new life.  For Autumn and Wyatt, the Paris B&B would be a place for them to get out of their carriers, stretch their legs and have some noms at this 5 Star sleepover.  And for Wyatt – the chance to get FULLY cleaned up and back to his normal handsome self!  You think maybe he decided to bunk down in the litter box, just in case……

Here’s Autumn relaxing for the evening….looks like this lovely lady is quite content at the B&B.

I’m saving the Starla “at home” pictures for later…hold on…I promise, they’re coming!

On Sunday morning, Paris hit the road and headed for the meeting point in Missouri with Tanya.  Here’s a picture of Autumn looking for Tanya…she knows she’s getting close to her new life! 

Wyatt and Autumn would then head out with Terri and Tanya to meet up with Susan – who is their new rescuer and has their foster homes all lined up!

So, where are they now?  Well, here are some pictures of Starla settling in at her new home:

I’d say that she’s looking pretty darn comfortable there, wouldn’t you?  Keep the updates coming, Paris!!

Here’s Autumn waiting for her foster Momma (Carey) to pick her up…and the one below it is Autumn getting comfy at home with Carey.  Carey posted this shortly after Autumn came to her home: she is a love bug and is very playful. She is playing with my Toby under the door. She is just dying to meet him I think (can you say “foster fail”???  Hmmmm…..what do you think?? heee heee!)


And last, but not least, here’s Wyatt checking in from his foster home!  Look at that handsome face!!  With this picture came the update: “Wyatt is doing really well! He’s starting to get along with my kitties and he’s super affectionate with me. I’ve been able to let him roam freely around the apartment without any fear that he’ll be naughty!”

Three very happy kitties that traveled from the East Coast to the Midwest for a new chance at life and love!  How would you like to have a part in something like this?  Come and join us https://www.facebook.com/groups/URRKN/ and see what we’re all about.  There’s room for everyone on this Love Train of ours.  We’d love to have you!!


Choo Choo!


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