Great things come in small packages


One day, Michelle found this little beauty hanging around her apartment complex.  Michelle did everything she could to find Roxy’s humans – no luck  (and no microchip).  So, being the amazing purrson that she is, Michelle took her in, called her Roxy AND found her a new human (Bill).  Don’t let her small stature fool you (Roxy weighed in at only 4.3 lbs), Roxy will jump up into your lap to let you know when she’s ready for love and she has NO fear of dogs.  It’s estimated that Roxy’s about a year old, so she and Bill should have many, many years together!!  Here’s a picture of Roxy in her foster home.  Look at that beautiful face – her new Dad is a lucky, lucky man!

Of course, the next step was getting Roxy from Point A (Georgia) to Point B (Illinois) – about 724 miles.  Choo choo – All Aboard the Love Train!!!  Roxy’s trip was set up to start on Friday, May 25th and finish up on Saturday, May 26th.  Foster Mom Michelle would drive the whole first day herself!!  Here’s a picture of Roxy with Shelby (the dog) and Loco (the cat), before she started her journey.  Rumor has it that Loco misses Roxy a lot.  Michelle said that Loco, who’s not normally much of a “talker”, has been crying for Roxy (maybe he had a bit of a kitty crush on her?!?)


Michelle and Roxy hit the road bright and early on Saturday morning.  Michelle updated us from one of their pitstops in Bowling Green.  She’s quite a relaxed traveler, don’t you think?

After being on the road all day, they arrived safely at their B&B in Louisville, KY.  Michelle sent us this picture of Roxy settling in for the night.


Bright and early on Sunday morning, Michelle and Roxy hit the road and headed toward Indianapolis and Roxy’s next conductor, Sandy.  Looks like Roxy’s eagerly awaiting Sandy’s arrival, doesn’t it?

I can tell you one thing, she’s wayyyyy more bright and alert on a Saturday morning than I usually am!!  Clearly she knows that she’s one lucky little girl!  Here are Michelle and Sandy with Roxy.  Once again, lovely ladies, with great big smiles – I can’t say it enough – the happiness is contagious!!


Once Sandy got Roxy settled, they zipped off to Indianapolis, IN where they’d meet up with Mary.  At one point, during a pit stop, Sandy told us that Roxy was “expressing contempt for my parking spot in the shade (it was boiling in that car when we were stopped, shade or no). But once we got moving again she was fine.”  I told you, she may be tiny, but she is a brave kitty and clearly speaks her mind when she wants to!

Here’s a picture of Mary and Thomas in Indy with Roxy – isn’t Mary’s shirt too cute??  And, yes, Mary, we can – with your big, happy smile!!  Once Roxy was settled in, this happy group set off for Roselawn to meet up with Bill.  Mary said, “she was a great passenger but she definitely talked at us the whole way. I don’t speak cat that well…”  Maybe not, Mary, but I bet Roxy knew the most important thing – she was in good hands and she was oh-so-close to meeting her new Dad!!

And, sure enough, here’s Bill meeting Roxy for the first time….what’s that I see?  Yup!  Another HUGE smile!!  Bill – meet Roxy; Roxy – meet Daddy!!

After saying their initial “hellos/meows”, Bill and Roxy headed HOME!!  Later that night, Bill sent us this picture

It looks like they’ve known each other forever already!  Soooooo happy for both Bill and Roxy.  We haven’t heard from Bill yet, but Michelle sent us this update, “I know that Roxy is doing well with Bill, she’s eating, drinking, using the potty like a perfect little angel! Bill has fallen in love with this sweet girl in such a short amount of time!”  We’re so happy to hear that!!  And we’re looking forward to getting some updated pictures of Roxy in her new home!

As you can imagine, as URRKN grows, so does the amount of work that goes on behind the scenes of each transport.  Recently, we’ve added some “Transport Coordinators” to the group of admins.  These folks have a knack for pulling things together and focus all of their attention on making sure that the transports go smoothly from start to finish.  One of those TCs is Terri (you may have seen her posts on the event and main page throughout the day on Friday and Saturday) told me this, “Roxy’s transport was my very first as a Transport Coordinator with URRKN and it was such an amazing experience. Words can’t begin to describe the warm fuzzies that filled my heart every time my cell phone rang with a new message and/or picture from Roxy’s conductors letting us know that she was yet another step closer to home. What a special and inspiring day — happy tissues all around!”

You know how YOU can get the warm fuzzies for yourself??  Sign up to be a volunteer conductor (transporter).  Come on over to Facebook and join our group  When you join, you’ll get a welcome post from one of our admins.  That post will have links to EVERYTHING you need to know – from how to sign up as a conductor, to the proper etiquette for our page (we like to keep our group HAPPY!), to answers to many of the frequently asked questions.  We have 1,449 members – sounds like alot – but it’s never enough.  The more people we have willing to drive, the more kitties we can get safely home and the more smiles you’ll see on these pages!

Choo Choo!!!



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  1. Wonderful blog……and great pics!! Congrats Bill …. happy furever home Roxy!! 🙂 ❤

  2. Such a pretty kitty. So happy she has found a home with Bill. Thank you to all conductors that helped her home!

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