Sister Act

When Birdy had to make the difficult decision rehome many of her kitties due to a health problem, she was particularly worried about Molly and Tobi.  You see, Molly and Tobi are sisters who have never spent even a day apart so Birdy wanted to make sure that they found a new furever home together.   Diana, Birdy’s long time Facebook friend hasn’t had a kitty in her life for a while and she was kind of itching to bring some purrs back into her home.  Problem solved, Diana has opened her heart and home to the sweet dilute Calico and Tortie (who does have some ‘tude when she needs to!).  Plans were set in motion to get these beautiful girls from Missouri to Kentucky.  Alllll aboard!!!

Transport day (Sunday June 10th) dawned bright and beautiful and Birdy and her husband, Loren, headed out to meet up with LaMyra.  However, before they hit the road, there was a slight delay.  Check out this picture…how many kitties do you see?

Uh huh.  You’re right.  You see TWO kitties.  But, that’s not Molly in the carrier with Tobi.  Nooooo….that’s Mishka….the sneaky little stowaway!!  And if you look closely at Tobi, it looks like she’s trying to alert someone that there’s a kitty in her carrier and it’s not the stuffed kind!!  Sooooo…back inside they went.  The stowaway was removed and the show could go on.  Here are a few more pictures that Birdy sent to us

Left – Loren packing up the car with all the goodies; Center – Molly; Right – Tobi

At the meeting spot with LaMyra we got these fantastic shots of Loren making the transfer from one car to the other.

After Birdy said her goodbyes, LaMyra headed off to meet up with Barbara.  Here’s a great shot of LaMyra with the girls and goodies.  I love “meeting” all of our conductors, don’t you?!?  (shhh…I have a secret…we’re going to be meeting many of our conductors very soon…keep an eye out on the FB page!!)

As usual, I digress from the task at hand…So….back to transport day.  LaMyra handed the girls off to Barbara who was off to meet up with Becca.  Looooooook – we get to meet another transporter…Heeeeerrreee’s Barbara!  (pssst…check out her shirt!)

And here’s Becca taking over the conductor role


Now, Becca’s no stranger to transports.  She’s been involved with others before and was even a hostess at her own B&B once.  When asked about her feelings about participating, Becca said this: I love how I wake up on a transport day feeling like it’s Christmas day. So exited to be receiving my “presents” in a few hours. Of course, then you have to give them up to the next person, but for that little bit of time it such a condensed love-fest. Also I am reminded of that line from the Joy Luck Club about the white swan feather: “This feather may look worthless, but it comes from afar and carries with it all my good intentions.” Well, some people wonder why we bother transporting cats such long distances. To them, a cat is worthless. But to us, a cat is priceless. And you can feel all the good intentions behind each cat, all the love that is building like an ocean wave with each person along the way, until it culminates in meeting the forever family

I have to say, I think that really sums up how/why alot of us ended up doing this.  The anticipation of receiving some really great “gifts”; the warm fuzzy feeling during the time you spend with them and then the amazing feeling of satisfaction of knowing that you played a small part in saving a kitty.

After Becca received the girls from Barbara she hit the road to meet up with Lisa.  Becca got to their meeting spot early and took a boatload of pictures while waiting for Lisa.  I’m not even going to bore you with my words – I think these pictures speak for themselves…plus if you put your mouse over the picture you should get a mini description!

Ok – I just have to ask… there anything cuter than a baby with a kitty???

YES!!  A SMILING baby with a kitty!!!  Awwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!

(Just a small public service announcement – while the kitties were out of their carriers, the car was NOT moving and the doors and windows were all closed.  We take the safety of our kitties VERY seriously).

So, Lisa made it to the meeting point and the exchange was made.  (and just another announcement – Molly’s crate was only on top of Tobi’s so they could get the picture…they DID NOT ride that way!  Again, safety first!)

Now, due to unforeseen circumstances, Lisa was running a little bit behind schedule, so as she headed off toward her meeting spot with Maureen, Maureen made the decision to keep on driving to close the distance between them.   See, Maureen and Lisa had already had a whole other (outside of URRKN) kitty transport planned so they were able to be really efficient and actually move FIVE kitties that day.   How super-cool is that??  I’m thinking the Paw of Jack was at work again here, how ’bout you???  Once they made the exchange, Lisa headed back with the 3 tuxies and Maureen sped off (within the speed limit of course!) to meet up with new Meowmy Diana!!  Look, here’s Diana getting ready to meet her girls!  Dontcha just love her smile?!?!

And here’s Maureen – another fabulous smile (even if she is a bit road-weary at this point!)

Here’s one of Tobi trying to see what’s going on….

And here’s one of Molly who looks like she’s thinking “where the heck am I?

Let me check this place out a little bit……

Once the girls were safely in the car and ready to roll, Diana headed for home!!  And, you guessed it, Diana’s quite the shutterbug, so we have lots and lots of pictures of the girls checking out their new home.  Again, I’m going to let the pics speak for themselves…they’re soooooo great!

Phew….that was alot of really great pictures, huh??  Want to see more?  Want to share some of your own?  Come join all 1,602 of us at

Ginny, another one of our members said this the other day: its all about putting good out there into the world,,, it just difuses into the atmosphere and helps combat some of the bad stuff. And there is certainly tons and tons of GOOD, here in this group  

That is so true.  You don’t have to look much further than all of these fabulous kitty (with a few doggies thrown in) pictures – and pictures of smiling conductors – to realize that there really is alot of good that happens in this group.  We can’t do it without you!!  If you come now, right now, you’ll be here just in time for ANOTHER fun transport that is happening tomorrow!!  Yup – two more little babies are getting their forever home tomorrow!!  CHOOO CHOOO!!




The Rainbow Bridge has two more angels…..

There are absolutely no words that adequately express the depths of my heartache right now.  I know many of you have been anxiously awaiting a post about Stella (renamed Bella) and Venus’ transport that occurred back in April.  You may recall that Bella was an owner surrender (along with her babies) to a shelter in Miami, FL.  When she tested positive for FelV, Bernie pulled her ASAP.  Her “sister” (not litter mates), Venus, had already been adopted out, but when her new mom had her tested for FelV and the results were positive, Bernie took her back without hesitation.  (Her new family had other furkids that did not have the virus, so Venus couldn’t stay).  Thankfully Susie and Dennis, who were in the process of getting the transport set up for Bella, agreed to take Venus too.  The URRKN train was set into motion and the girls were on their way to Connecticut and their awesome new home.  You may not know it but Dennis and Susie are angels here on Earth – they open their hearts and home to all sorts of “special needs” kitties.

The girls made it to their new home and settled in right away.  Sadly, Venus’ illness got the best of her and she crossed the Rainbow Bridge on May 7th.  Now, nearly a month later on June 5th,  Bella has joined her.  Susie let us know that “Dennis buried her in our “garden of love”, right next to Venus, and all our fur-babies that were in our lives, some, a good long time, others, way too short but were loved equally as the others.”

As you can imagine, all of our hearts at URRKN are breaking for Susie, Dennis and Bernie.  Bernie gave these girls his heart (which we all know is HUGE) and then gave them their best chance at a happy life with Susie and Dennis.  It takes a special kind of person to open their heart to a kitty that may or may not have a long, healthy life.  These three amazing people made sure that these two little girls had the very best of everything for their short times in their Earthly bodies.  I would be remiss if I didn’t also mention all the conductors who had a hand in making sure these babies got safely from Florida to Connecticut ( Beth, Beverly, Celeste, Stephanie, Cherie, Jez and Shannon, Noni, Ricki, Di,  and Kelly Ann).  These amazing volunteers (like all the URRKN volunteers) selflessly donated their time (and gas money) to make sure that Bella and Venus would continue to know the limitless love of a furever family.

Susie had mentioned that she hopes that we can all celebrate the girls’ lives, rather than mourning their loss.  I know that, personally, I am finding some comfort in knowing that Bella and Venus knew love.  They knew what it was like to be a part of a family.  Not just Susie and Dennis’ family, but the entire URRKN family.  They were lavished with tenderness and love from Bernie before they left Florida and they lived their final days showered with love and light as part of Susie and Dennis’ family.  As with all of the babies who cross the Rainbow Bridge, I believe that Bella and Venus are now running free – with no sickness and no pain.  They are chasing butterflies and soaking up the beautiful sun’s rays.  They are playing with each other; and with Kathy, Jack, Wyatt, Juliet and all of our own babies who have gone on before us.  And they are waiting….waiting until that day when we will meet them again.

I wanted to share these two pictures – from transport day -of both girls with Bernie.  You can see by the smile on his face, and the light in his eyes, just how much he loved these little girls.

And here is one of Venus at home with Dennis – I can almost *feel* the love through my laptop screen.

Because I continue to struggle to find the right words to pay tribute to these sweet, beautiful girls, I will simply leave you with this: