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Wyatt the Greybie once said “dreams do come true” and this post is all about two more dreams coming true.  Wait.  What?  You don’t know who Wyatt the Greybie is?  Oh. My. Goodness.  Well, you don’t know what you’re missing.  Now, I must tell you, Wyatt actually crossed the Rainbow Bridge on March 14, 2012, but Wyatt’s “siblings” have all agreed to keep his page going on Facebook.  Go check it out  I’ll wait…….(tapping paws waiting for you to come back…..)

Ok.  You back now??  Good.  So, if you read the “about” part of Wyatt’s page, you had to have noticed two new additions to Wyatt’s family (well, three, actually, but the one little peanut hasn’t gotten home yet, this story is just about two of them).    So, let me introduce you to the “Baby Greybies”
Angus Wyatt, (named after big brother Wyatt) is gray splashed with white.  This sweet little man was born with a hernia and had to gain a few ounces before he could have it fixed and his neuter done. While he was growing bigger, along came another baby that stole  Mama Beth’s heart.  So, without hesitation, Beth put dibs on him when Greyson Robby was just one week old!  Greyson is named after big brother Robby, who also went to the Rainbow Bridge earlier this year (April 23, 2012 due to chronic renal failure).  Soon enough, both sweet boys were big enough to travel and, boy oh boy, did they travel in style.

Just a few days before their ride on the Love Train, foster meowmy Patsy said this “I have tears in my eyes thinking about them leaving on Saturday. Angus Wyatt has been with me for 3 months. Greyson almost nine weeks. I think it is both excitement for them & Beth, and sad to let go…”  I’m sure we can all empathize with Patsy.  She was the first love these babies knew and she prepared them well to go out into the world and spread joy to everyone (especially new Momma Beth!).   Patsy even made sure we saw a few pictures while we were all waiting patiently for this transport to come together.  This one is Greyson with his fur-mama

This one is after a bath and getting a blow dry!!  Such a handsome little man!


And then, the day before, new Mommy Beth said this “awww…the clock is little angel boys will be on the road in 23 hours!   To all of you who are involved in the transport….Godspeed and thank you so very much from the bottom of my heart…you are making my dreams come true! And to Patsy…friends forever bonded by fur! hugs! Thank you URRKN!!!!!”

On Saturday, June 16th, the two boys headed out from their foster home with Patsy in Michigan to furever home with Beth in Wisconsin.  Here are the boys with Julia and Patsy, getting ready for their big adventure!

Julia snapped these two of the boys while she had them (and yes, the car is stopped anytime kitties are out of their carriers!  No worries!  We take the safety of everyone (especially the kitties) very seriously!)

Julia’s next stop would be to meet up with Teri in Battle Creek, MI.

Ok, so it’s not a kitty, but I think that this pretty much sums up why we all do what we do, don’t you?!?  Ok…back to the kitties.   Here are Julia and Teri with the boys!  Angus Wyatt looks like he wanted to make sure he was front and center in this one, doesn’t he?  Love that little face!

Here are some more pictures of the boys while Teri had them

Next stop for Teri and the boys?  Indiana….where they would meet up with one of our many cat loving MEN!!  Here’s Teri and Meraj – look at the smiles!!  (I love transport day – smiles, smiles, everywhere!!)  And look, Angus Wyatt is front and center, yet again!

Meraj then hit the road and headed toward Joe (YES!!  TWO cat loving MEN on this trip! ) in Chicago.  Here are all four handsome men in Chicago…hmmm…wonder why Angus Wyatt isn’t front and center on this one?  Maybe he wanted to let the two-legged men shine in this picture!!

Joe also sent us this of the boys relaxing while he had them…and look who’s right back up front again!!

Now that Joe had the babies in his care, he headed off to Wisconsin, Beth and HOME!  Can’t miss the great big smiles in this picture!!!

Sher, a URRKN member, said this on transport day “It has been such an awesome story to be a part of and to watch these two fur-babies be nurtured by Patsy and grow, Mama Beth adopt these two awesome kittens, and then to see a transport happen b4 my eyes! It will be awesome to see the updates as they grow in their new home with Mama Beth 🙂 This is amazing and I feel so honored … just wish I was back home in MI already to have been a part of the transport …”

Transport Coordinator Terri added this “I think something pretty amazing happened here today. Two little kitties needed a home and from hundreds of miles away someone fell in love and a home was offered. People from all around the country went to work. Complete strangers stepped forward and said, “I’ll give of my time to help.” Folks from around the country (and the globe) took the time to watch and cheer them on. And in the end, everyone cried happy tears as we saw those babies in their new home. No ulterior motives, no money changing hands; just a big ol’ bunch of LOVE … and isn’t that what life is all about? ♥”  Yup, Terri, I think that is EXACTLY what life is all about!!  I can’t tell you how honored *I* am to also be a part of this amazing group!!

The next day, Beth updated us on how the boys were doing, “The babies are doing so well. Yesterday Angus was a wild child…and Greyson was so tired. They are rested up and now Angus is calm and patient…but very playful…and Greyson is gentle and sweet and very playful! They are getting so close…they snuggle and sleep together and eat side by side…they kiss each other..they take turns playing with the same toy….it is so cute! Angus is very watchful of Greyson and makes sure he gets up and down the tree okay…They are just so perfect! I adore them! DASH, you were a good foster brother..good job! Patsy, fabulous! Thank you so much!!!! ♥”  She also posted some pictures over the next few days – both on URRKN and on Wyatt’s page (there were a couple I borrowed from there because they were just too perfect!)

Here’s Greyson meeting the vet tech and vet….

….and Angus Wyatt also meeting them!



A very alert Angus Wyatt

Greyson is trying the tea (if you check out Wyatt’s page, you’ll understand!!)


I’m sure that Mama Beth will continue to post lots and lots of pictures of her babies as they grow.  In fact, she’s already posted some videos of them on the URRKN wall – they are so stinkin’ cute, you MUST go look at those also  While you’re there, if you’re not already signed up to be a transporter, why don’t you check out the docs that give you all the information you need to do that??  No car?  Live out of the US?  No worries – we also need cheerleaders and folks who can network us to their friends.  Who knows?  You might know the perfect person to fill a leg on a transport we’re currently putting together.

One last thought from Beth before I go, “To each and every one of you involved in this…from Mom Patsy who made their healthy happy lives possible…to Kelly and Tina with the URRKN…to each conductor along the way who took a day out of their lives to help bring these sweet boys home…to all who have stood by and supported all of us….God bless you all. this day will be etched in my heart forever and I am so grateful. Wyatt is near and resting…I can almost see him smiling, nodding and walking gracefully away, knowing I’ll be okay….(tears)….thank you.”

Choo Choo, Beth (and Wyatt and Robby), Choo Choo!!


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  1. Tears of happiness (leaking eyes) are flowing once again. Because of this Baby Greybie train, I was hooked! I couldn’t take my eyes away from their journey on the day of transport. It was as if i was along for the ride! I am now signed up to be a conductor, and will get my chance to be a part of Midnight Leroux’s Love Train! Choo Choo! ❤

  2. Angus & Grayson. Your foster mom will always love you. I am glad you both made it into my foster home. To Angus. Your mommy & you & your siblings were headed for a kill shelter. So I brought you here where you would all be safe. Your mommy kitty, may she RIP passed on from a reaction to a rabies vaccine. Grayson, we live trapped your feral mommy and scooped up you and your 4 sisters, because a mean man threatened to dispose of you all. Now you, your siblings, and your mommy are all adopted and safe. Your mommy Sassy left today for her forever home on an alpaca farm in Indiana. She was such a good mom to you guys that she needed to be some where safe. May all of my foster babies enjoy their forever homes and live long and happy life’s. You all will always be in my heart and I love you. Your foster mom, Patsy.

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