Once upon a time, there was a little kitty who was oh-so-very young and all alone in the world.  Thankfully, a nice person found her and took her to a shelter.  From there, Mrs. Thompson of the Fancy Feline Rescue of the South snatched her up and took this precious baby to her rescue.  She was showered with love and attention at the rescue and it was her picture as an “available” kitty that captured Amy’s eye.  Amy fell in love at first sight and set the wheels in motion to get this pretty girl home.

Lola, as this pretty girl became known, had to gain some weight, get spayed and get microchipped for her adventure to her new home.  As luck would have it, one of our prior transporters, Bryna, saw Lola’s album on the URRKN page and stepped right up and offered to fly with Lola from Atlanta to Peoria!!!!  Of course, it couldn’t be quite that easy, could it??  The flight to Peoria was full, so Bryna headed into St. Louis with Lola and URRKN volunteers stepped up to complete her journey.

On Thursday, June 21st, Bryna and Lola strolled on through security at the busy Atlanta airport (Oh – just to be clear – Lola flew in the cabin with Bryna, NOT in cargo.  Our kitties NEVER fly cargo).  Unfortunately, the flight was delayed a little bit, but eventually they were safely in the air, winging it toward St. Louis.  Bryna told BekBek that Lola wasn’t quite sure what to make of the airport noise at first, but eventually she stretched out in her carrier and took a little cat nap.

Here are some pics at the Atlanta airport.  The first one is Dale (from Fancy Feline Rescue) and Lola arriving at the airport to meet Bryna to  take off.

This one is Bryna and Lola at security

…and check out Lola on the conveyor belt….I’m sure she’s wondering where the heck she’s headed!!!

Here’s another one of Bryna with Lola in the St. Louis airport…Lola looks like she’s settled in nicely and is just relaxing and enjoying her trip!

When Bryna and Lola arrived in St. Louis they had the BEST welcoming party meeting them.

Don’t you just want to HUG this little boy?!?  I know I do!!  Of course, Tyler wasn’t there alone waiting for Lola – here’s another shot of the entire welcoming party with Lola and ready to head out and hit the road to finish off Lola’s trip home to Amy.  This is Tanya, her husband and Tyler.

Tanya told us that Tyler was so excited to participate in this transport and that “Tyler had to “help” hold the carrier all the way to the car. He and Lola both slept over half the drive to Lincoln with his hand up to the front of the carrier and her face up against it.”  Next to big strong men who love kitties and help transport (and we’ve had several of them), there is nothing sweeter than an adorable little person who loves kitties and wants to help transport!  I think I see a URRKN member of the future right there!!!

Tanya and her family met up with Chris for the final leg before Lola would meet her new momma!  Now, I don’t have any pictures with Chris and Lola to put up here, but I promise to add them if I find them (hint hint if someone has them, point me to them….)

Amy was glad to oblige us all with some pictures once she got Lola home.  She sure didn’t waste any time getting out and checking things out, did she?

She’s quickly navigating her way through all the fun things there are to explore at home!

Taking a break from exploring to grab a quick drink!  (hmmmm…maybe I should have rotated this one before I saved it?)

Look how teeny tiny she is compared to her water bowl!

Awwwwwwww!!  Lola and Amy!!  Both are sooooo adorable!!!

Like any good momma does, Amy snaps pics of Lola doing anything cute….like napping….

And here’s one of Lola and her new best bud Bella – Bella’s the big fluffy one on the right 🙂

I’m sure that Amy will continue to update us at little Lola settles in at home and does more cute stuff (including napping, eating, napping, playing, napping…..), won’t you Amy??

Do YOU want to participate in a transport?  Do you want to help a sweet kitty (or kitties) get from wherever they are to a new, loving, furever home?  Do you want the warm fuzzy feeling that comes from doing something so wonderful??  Come on over to https://www.facebook.com/groups/URRKN/ and check us out.  When you join, an admin will send you a welcome post that will give you all the information you need on how to be a conductor and how our group works.  We’re a happy, fun loving bunch of cat people!!  We’d love to have you!  There are a couple of transports currently pending – who knows, maybe you might be the missing leg of the transport (or you might know someone else who could fill that spot!!)

Choo Choo!

5 thoughts on “L-O-L-A…..Lola

  1. I love this story, esp. the little boy.
    I have a question. Can anyone tell me what kind of carrier that is & where it was purchased? I would be interested in one if it could hold the weight of an adult cat. Thanks.

    • Trudy, I’m not sure where this particular carrier was purchased, but I have several Samsonite soft-sided carriers and we love them. (The top zips open on ours, which makes it soooo easy to get kitties in and out.) We have used them for all our kitties (even the 20 pounder) with no problems. They usually have them at PetSmart or just google “soft sided pet carrier” and you can find them online.
      P.S. You could also post your question on URRKN’s Facebook page…I’m sure someone involved in the transport would be able to tell you where it came from. 🙂

  2. What a BEAUTIFUL baby!! And so photogenic! 🙂
    Great blog Stef. This is one of my favs….and I will be sharing on my profile.
    Happy furever home Lola!! >^..^< And congrats Amy & family!

    (My first comment got truncated for some reason. Can you delete that one Stef?)

  3. Great Story! What a beautiful little kitty ~ so happy for Amy and grateful for all who made this transport possible!!!

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