The Four Mouseketeers!

When a kitty needs saving, who do you call?  Why, our dear friend, Jessica, of course!  This time she stepped up to help not one, not two, not even three….that’s right FOUR kitties!!!  Initially, this started with just Captain (a beautiful white boy with a tabby face and floofy tail) and Sammy (a Snowshoe/Siamese Poly) who happens to also be missing part of his tail.  While they were chilling with foster meowmy Lynnda, Jessica rescued two more babies.  Hunter, a handsome tiger boy and Sierra, a beautiful Maine Coon mix, decided they wanted to join the party!  They hunkered down with Sharon while waiting for the Love Train to take to the rails.

On Saturday, June 23rd, the babies were all packed up and ready to ride.   Jessica made sure to snap a photo of each before they hit the road.

They all look relaxed and ready to go as if they realize that they are on to a bright new life with new momma Beth, thanks to the kindness and generosity of everyone who has been involved.  Jessica headed off from Michigan to Ohio to meet up with Catherine.

Here are Jessica and Catherine together with the babies.

Here’s Catherine with all four of the babies.  She told us she “was laughing so hard because we were trying to fit everyone in and I’m tall so if I stood up my head was out of the picture I Need to get a “wide angle” camera phone…lol” (rest assured, the crates were not stacked for travel – they were stacked solely for the purpose of getting EVERYONE in the picture! )

Once the transfer was made, Catherine headed off toward Suzanne.  This is what Catherine had to say about her passengers, “Sammy was the talker of the whole trip, he was telling me how happy and excited he was to be going to her new Humom Beth and to be in her FUREVER home with her new brothers and sisters♥   If Captain didn’t have my attention he would head butt the cage so I would have to stick my finger in and wiggle it to rub his little cheeks! (Don’t worry I had a co-pilot with me).   Sierra was lucky enough to get the smaller crate and she was just as happy. (they were traveling the farthest) so they got to stretch out for my leg of the journey. I try to offer a 5 star travel service to all my guests♥.   Hunter was an absolute sweetheart, he rode solo in the big crate in my Gr. Cherokee (26 high 20 wide)he stretched out and rubbed his face all over the crate saying…”this is all mine…Ahhhhh:)

Here’s a picture of Sierra and Hunter riding in style!

Catherine and the kids headed off to meet up with Suzanne and Suzanne sent this pic of Sammy, who was apparently instructing her on something.

Here’s a lovely picture of Suzanne and Annette at their meeting spot!!

Annette also sent us this super adorable picture of Sierra during her leg!

Of course, THIS is the moment we were all waiting for all day!!  Annette and Beth together when Beth got to meet her babies!!  Soooo exciting!!

Beth sent us this later that day “Yay !!!! I am on my way home with precious cargo,Captain,Sammy,Hunter and Sierra !!!  I want to thank everyone that made this great adoption and transport possible !! I thank you from the bottom of my heart !! You are all Angels….Love you all !!! ♥”  Well, Beth, we all think you’re an angel too!  You just saved FOUR babies from, well, who knows what???  The next morning, Beth said, “Hello everyone!! Hunter and Sierra are doing fantastic!! They are super love bugs and adjusting really well!! Captain is being quiet,but is very loving when picked up and held. Sammy is sweet and a quiet kitty,not shy just not a foward type of boy. They are all so precious and beautiful!!! ♥

We’re so excited to hear this fabulous news Beth.  I’m sure they’re going to all be very happy with you in their new home.  Of course, we’d LOVE to see some updated pictures of them all too!!  (hint hint!  No, subtlety was never my strong suit!)

Yet another amazing transport in the books.  Do you want to join us?  Can you spare a few hours to help a kitty get home? Maybe you have a spare bedroom in your house that could double as a B&B stop on some of the longer routes??  Come check us out on Facebook  We have 2,027 members as of today.  Can you be 2,028??

Choo Choo!!


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  1. Thanks everyone at URRKN for making amazing dreams come true!! Thank you to Mommy Beth for being such an angel and adopting these 4 wonderful kids. Every time I manage to come up with another crazy idea you folks at URRKN alway help make it a reality!! You all are the best 🙂

  2. what a great day that was, a week later i was blessed with our son Dylan, 4 weeks early! he held out wanting to make sure we got another transport in before he was born!

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