A little bit of Sass is always good (isn’t it ladies?)



Backstory: Sassy. This little lovely lives up to her name! Sassy is a feral kitty that was “rescued” by Patsy. She was a brand new Mommy with 5 day old kits. You all remember Baby Greyson that was adopted by Beth?   He was one of those kittens and is now living the high life. So now that her babies have been placed into excellent homes, it’s time for Sassy to go home as well.  Home is in Indiana, where she’ll be loved and taken care of, will not have to deal with the comings and goings of us 2 legged critters, and will have a host of friends to spend her days with in the barn and on the farm. There are barn cats, garage cats, indoor cats, and the best part…alpacas! I hear that they get along really well with the kitties!

Wait, did I read that right?  Alpacas?  Huh??  Yes, that’s right – Miss Sassy is a feral kitty, but she deserves a safe and happy life too, right?  Kim is willing to provide that for her – on an alpaca farm!!  Sooooo cool!

Sassy’s transport was a bit different than our others.  You’re not going to see any pictures of our conductors snuggling with Sassy (seriously, have YOU ever tried to snuggle with a feral kitty??  NOT fun!).  There are still some pictures, though.  And, of course, Sassy was still treated like the VIK (very important kitty) that she is!!  As Ginny said, “I think this is one of the neatest best transports we have done. Its so easy to love and help the kittens and pretty cuddly kittys. This girl will never be a cuddler but has done a very good job of being a cat and a kitty mommy. She deserves a good life and the folks who have decided to help her on her way are angels.

Compared to Garfield who also traveled this same weekend, Sassy’s trip is relatively short and sweet.  Just 304 miles from start to finish.  All in one day.  No B&B needed.

Here’s Sassy waiting for her turn to ride the Love Train.  She’s looking a little sad – this was taken the day the last of her kittens went to their furever homes.  Sassy knew she just had to wait patiently for her turn.

Sunday, August 5th, Julie hit the road with Sassy, headed across Michigan to meet up with Janie.  Julie told us that, “She was truly a wonderful cat to travel with. We kept talking to her, but not a peep out of her the whole trip. Just a sweet little girl.”  Clearly Sassy was aware that she was headed to a fabulous new life with some awesome new four legged friends!  It just seemed to take her a little time to figure that out – here she is hiding in her litterbox – probably hoping noone was going to notice her.  (It appears feral kitties and their domesticated cousins are a lot alike in that respect – we’ve seen our fair share of kitties hunkered down in litter boxes, haven’t we?)



Julie and Janie with Sassy – yup – she’s still in that litter box!  At least she won’t have to go far if she has to pee (I’m just sayin’….)


After the handoff, Janie sped (figure of speech, I’m sure she followed the speed limit the whole way!) off to meet up with Kim, Sassy’s new mommy, in Ft. Wayne, Indiana.  Janie gave us this picture of Sassy looking skeptical – but still in her litter box.  That mousie toy is looking a bit big in this picture!!



Here are Kim, Sassy and Janie – going to just take their word for it that Sassy’s still in there.  Somewhere! 🙂


Once Kim had Sassy, she headed home to set Sassy up in her temporary digs, to let her get accustomed to all the new sights, smells and sounds of the alpaca barn.  See, just because Sassy’s feral, Kim knew that she couldn’t just let Sassy out and let her run.  Sassy still need some time to get adjusted and learn about her new home and its other inhabitants.  Here she is in her temporary home.  Eventually Sassy will be able to roam the barn, but for now, she’ll be seeking the safety of that cube!


Sassy is lounging in her crate, checking out that huge mouse that went for her ride with her.




Sassy’s roommate, Buster, peeking over to say Hi!



When Kim went to check on Sassy before going to bed, she found that Sassy already had visitors coming to call.  If you look closely, you can see Sassy chillin’ in her cube while these two little ones check out their new friend.



The next day, Kim updated us, “When I checked on her this morning before I went to work, it looked like she had eaten most of her Fancy Feast but she was back in her kitty cube. When I checked on her after work she was in the kitty cube and had tipped it over and had it kind of scrunched down. After dinner I went back down and put in a new water dish with jug so she would have more water and it wouldn’t matter as much if she spilled some of it. I also gave her another can of Fancy Feast since it didn’t look like she touched much of her dry food today. I did manage to put her kitty cube back upright but she scooted out of it and went back in the corner behind it while I was straightening it up. I was happy that she was back out as it might be kind of warm in the kitty cube the way she had it. She was watching me the entire time I was putting her Fancy Feast in there for her. My husband was down there earlier filling up the other corner of the room with hay so she probably wasn’t too happy with him going in and out several times. He should be finished filling up the room tomorrow after work and then no one will go in there other than to feed Buster once a day in the evening. Of course I will be going down to check on her, feed her, and turn the fan on or off based on the weather so she will see me at least two or three times a day. It will be a slow process for her to get used to everything but we will give her the time she needs.

About a week later, we also got this update on Sassy, “It will be a while before she adjusts. She “re-arranged” her space and knocked down her perch (the velcro that came with perch apparently didn’t hold well but the duct tape is still hanging in there literally). She spends time in her kitty cube and has moved it all over the crate since it’s soft and now has decided she likes it with the opening almost facing the barn wall (I think so she feels safe). I bought her a better fan that I can adjust to blow directly on the kitty cube to give her more air when she is in it. She has been eating and drinking and pooping and LOVES her Fancy Feast Gravy Lover’s Chicken. 🙂 It is completely gone when I check on her in the mornings (I feed it to her in the evening when I have more time). She comes out of the cube when no one is around and sometimes when I add dry food to her bowl since it makes a noise right behind where she has put her kitty cube. I have been looking around and found a kitty condo/perch thing that is short so it will fit in her crate. It has a large tube with multiple opening on top and a perch a little lower plus a scratching post mounted sideways so it rolls on the bottom.  It will give her a place higher up that is semi enclosed as well as a perch lower down too.  I am also looking for cat enclosure plans so that if I can find one and the materials aren’t too expensive, maybe I can get my husband to help me build one so she has more room while she waits to adjust.”

It sounds like Sassy has hit the jackpot in her new home.  Thanks to everyone involved in this – from Patsy to Kim and all the conductors and transport coordinators in between – Sassy now has a place to call her own.  Looking forward to the day we receive an update saying that Patsy has adjusted and is out and about with the other barn kitties – and maybe even Buster, the alpaca!

Would YOU like to know what it feels like to be a part of something so awesome??  There are currently a handful of transports in event status, just waiting to be filled.  Maybe you can fill one of the missing legs?  What are you waiting for?  Come on over to our facebook page and join us https://www.facebook.com/groups/URRKN/  We’d love to have you.  ?

Choo Choo!


Got Lasagna?


Backstory:  When Garfield’s mommy passed away, his auntie Linda took him in, even though she couldn’t keep him due to her allergies. She knew he needed a safe, forever home, so she started networking his gorgeous orangeness through the power of Facebook.

Lo and behold, an angel named Karen fell in love with him! But with Garfield in Oklahoma and Karen in Pennsylvania… Well, there was only one option to make this love story come true – the Kitty Love Train! Choo-Choo!!! ♥
All the usual hard work commenced behind the scenes.  The transport folks at URRKN pulled this one off and the train was ready to hit the tracks on Saturday, August 4th with Julia at the wheel.  Here’s a shot of Garfield’s first ride.
The day before Julia hitting the road with Garfield, she told URRKN, “I am SOO excited about this “Love Train.” Truthfully, I have been wanting for several years to be a driver in kitty transports. I signed up for the Maine Coon Rescue transports but I guess they never needed anyone in my desolate part of the country. I spoke tonight with Linda, Garfield’s foster mom (before I had spoken with Rocky, her husband). They have everything on the checklist to travel with Garfield, food, water, carrier, litterbox, blanket for over carrier, etc. He is a very laid back boy, they say. I am happy to be part of getting him to his furrever home!”
Julia and Garfield had alot of time to get to know each other.  They traveled from Oklahoma to Missouri together.  Julia made sure that her chariot came with all of the amenities of a first class rail car – check it out.   (Now, of course, Garfield was not out roaming while the car was moving.  This shot is at one of the rest stops.)
Here’s Garfield stretching his legs and getting some love at one of this rest stops.
Once Garfield made it to Missouri, it was time for him to meet Julie, who would take him a little further into Missouri.  Here’s a shot of Julie and Garfield getting acquainted (Garfield seems to see something he likes outside, though!)
Next conductor for Garfield?  Teri!  Looks like Garfield’s getting a little more love, but he’s still intent on what’s OUTSIDE that car!  (One of the reasons we have the procedure in place to NEVER open car doors when kitty is out of the carrier – you never know what curious kitty might do!)
Little man is clearly relaxed and calm and enjoying this trip.  Catching a little cat nap here waiting for his next ride.
Here are Teri and Paula Jo at their hand off spot.  Garfield looking as handsome as ever inside that carrier.
PJ and Garfield then headed off to Illinois to meet up with Sue.  Here’s PJ making the transfer from one first class ride to another.
And here’s Garfield settling in for the next leg of his trip.  He doesn’t know it yet, but he’ll be stopping at a 5-star B&B in just a bout an hour or so.  Wait til he sees it!  He’ll be so excited!!!
Here is one of the first shots of Garfield checking out his accommodations.
Clearly he’s satisfied as he settles down for a bath
Pose for you?  Ok.  Just one or two pictures, though, ok?
I’m done posing.  You rub my belly now, ok?
All this traveling has made me sleepy, but I don’t know if I want to sleep, I might miss something….zzzzzzz……
Sunday, August 5th dawned with Garfield’s second (and last) day on the road.  Here are Sue and Deanna with Garfield.  Here’s what Deanna told us early that morning “1:50am here in Springfield. I’m sure Garfield is enjoying his accommodations at Sue’s B&B. Me? Oh, a little too excited to sleep right now. IRL, I worked for two railroads in my life, but neither was as flat-out COOL as this one! I can’t wait to meet Garfield in the morning. I can’t wait to head east to Terre Haute. I can’t wait to hand him over to Kelly, and see him off on his next leg. One step closer to home. ♥”   
Deanna and Garfield headed off to Indiana to meet up with Kelly and get Garfield that one step closer to home that Deanna talked about earlier!   Apparently Garfield is multi-talented and was able to send us this text message from Deanna’s phone “Hi! Garfield here. Just got out of Deanna’s car, and into Kelly’s. Had so much to tell Deanna, and she seemed to be interested in all my stories. Hope Kelly & her Mom are, too! Deanna said she enjoyed our trip… I did, too. Getting closer and closer to home. Choo Choo!”
I sure hope he gave her the phone back before he and Kelly drove away!!!
As often happens on these transports, it looks like Garfield picked up a new toy along the way!!  And, as usual, his eyes look like he’s looking at “something” outside that carrier.  Such a sweet little face.  Have I mentioned how much I love this little man?  No?  Ok, well, I do.  Never met him, but I love him.  Anyway……
Kelly and Garfield headed on down the road to meet up with Anita in Indianapolis.   At a rest stop with Anita, and looking like he’s ready to roll!!
Just relaxing with Anita and waiting for Sandy to arrive to take him one step further.
Here are Anita and Sandy getting to meet and say hi while they get ready for Garfield to hit the road with Sandy.
Sandy then cruised on down the road to meet Donna who would be the lucky one to hand Garfield over to his new momma Karen!!  Donna caught this picture of Garfield and Karen meeting for the first time.  Donna also let us know that,
” I finally handed Garfield over to Karen after 9:00 pm last night! What a great little traveller his is! We liked the same kind of music and he didn’t mind my singing one bit….These are great pics of him- it was so nice to meet Sandy and Karen & Co. My pics I took are terrible, sorry. Can’t wait to do this again!
Here he is, gotta be wondering “am I really home”
Thinking about coming out of the bigger crate at home to check things out
Hmmm…ok….this looks promising
Crap!  There’s something behind me, isn’t there?
The happy, smiling face of a kitty who knows he’s HOME!
As always, conductors who participate in these transports spend a few days on, what I call, a “warm, fuzzy high”.  The feeling of doing something good, for someone you don’t know, to help a furball get safely to a place where it has a second chance at a happy life is indescribable.  You really have to participate in a transport to know what I’m talking about.  Trust me, I’ve done three.  And all of my friends have commented on my silly smile for days after the transports were complete.  I’ve cried (happy tears), and spend hours driving home alone, after handing the kitties off to their next conductor.  It’s amazing how good you feel after doing this.  But it’s also not just about the conductors.  It’s about the rescuers and the fosters (in this case Linda and Rocky who stepped up when Garfield lost his mom).  It’s about the transport coordinators who spend hours upon hours making sure that everything falls into place behind the scenes so that transport day/weekend runs smoothly.  Don’t just take my word for it.

Deanna said, “Linda and Rocky, it was so wonderful for you to take Garfield in, especially at such a sad time for you. And you worked so, so hard to find him a loving home, and to find a way to get him there. You two started Garfield’s love train! And  in my humble opinion, you did right by this cat. You took him in, loved him, cared for him, worked your butts off to find him a new home, put the love train in motion… you did right by Garfield. We all appreciate everything you did for him. THANK YOU!!! ♥

Julia said, “I want to give a huge shoutout to the transport coordinators and all of the wonderful people who run the URRKN! I drove a few miles with a cat in a carrier in my car. Not a big deal and not a lot of work. You all work hard to coordinate these transports and make sure that the VIP is taken care of as he/she should be and that the drivers are responsible. I’ve had friends and family ask, why?? Why not just go to the shelter in their town where there are probably 20 cats needing a home and surely one they would love. I think that is true so I don’t have a very good answer, when it comes to the adoption of a cat as opposed to the reuniting of a cat with its owner, except to say, “yes, but if this means that THIS cat will have a good and loving home, then that is a good thing, a good enough thing.

Do you want to feel this amazing feeling for yourself??  Come join us at  https://www.facebook.com/groups/URRKN/

Choo Choo!


I’ll have a MARTINI with no olive, just a CHINO

Backstory:  What’s better than love at first sight? Love at first sight times two! 

Martini is a sweet little ginger girl who was abandoned when her owners moved away and left her to fend for herself. A neighbor concerned for her safety called Shelly Olree’s Shelter, SOS, in Hillman, MI. Shelly took Martini in, had her spayed and lovingly settled her in as a new resident of the shelter. 

Around that time, a handsome buff-colored boy named Chino and a few kitty friends narrowly escaped a frightening fate at a MI high kill shelter. Typically, only about 10% of the kitties going in to Genesee County Animal Control ever make it out.  So Shelly opened her door to the boys and warmly welcomed them in.Thanks to the amazing interwebs, Susan  was checking out SOS’s facebook page and fell in love.   Twice!   Susan’s only concern was that her new loves are currently in Michigan, while she resides in Rhode Island. That’s where URRKN comes in, because as our own Kelly Pusskitty explained to Susan, “Sometimes your newest furbaby just doesn’t live near you!”
Because of the distance, this would be another two day transport, with a stop at an “exclusive” URRKN B&B.  Martini and Chino would hit the road on Saturday, July 28th.  Shelly, who had been an amazing foster momma to both of these sweet babies said this after she completed the first leg of the transport and handed them off to Sherry’s capable hands, “Home. Chino and Martini are on their way home as well. I did cry.   I feel completely responsible for their health, safety, well being and happiness, and now I feel completely out of control of that…bittersweet, but will be doing the happy dance when I know they have made it safe and sound.   I feel bad for Martini, she is scared.   I knew she would be, poor girl has been through a lot.   She looked at me like I was deserting her.   Boo.   I hope to see bunches of updates of their travel, and pray for the safety of those that are on the roads seeing them to a better life.   Thank you URRKN, I am VERY grateful.   Oh geez I have never wanted a weekend over so badly!! Get home you 2:)
Here’s a great picture of Sherry with the babies, getting ready to head out on the highway.
Here’s a shot that Sherry sent of Chino getting some love.  *scritch, scritch, scritch*
Here’s Martini.  Yes, she looks scared.  She hasn’t figured out just yet that she doesn’t have anything to worry about.  But don’t YOU worry, Martini will be just fine.
So, Sherry chugged on down the tracks to meet up with Sherri (yes, you’re seeing double, and yes, I think I spelled both of their names correctly!) in Flint, MI.  Now, I heard that Sherri was bee bopping on down the road, singing Justin Bieber to her two passengers.  I’m thinking Chino is trying to change the radio station with his eyes here, how ’bout you? 🙂  Maybe he was just trying to listen closely so he could learn all the words??  Who knows?
After Sherri handed the kitties off to Kimberly in Ohio, the journey continued across that great big state (seriously, I know I’ve said it before, but who knew Ohio was so darn big?!?).  Kimberly sent us this picture from her leg of the trip.  Martini’s eye still look a little wide, but at least she’s ventured up to the front of the carrier to check things out.  I think she’s starting to sense that big, exciting things are happening for her!
Next stop – Suzanne (yes, still in Ohio).   While the kitties were with Suzanne, waiting for their next ride (Barbara), Chino took some time to get some lovin’ from Suzanne’s son!  He’s looking pretty laid back there, isn’t he??
Here he took the time to strike a perfect picture taking pose while waiting!
Barbara picked up her sweet passengers and headed home.  Home?  Wait, they’re home already??  Nooooo.  Martini and Chino were bunking at Chez Barbara for the evening so that they could get their beauty sleep (not that they need it, look at them!) and be ready for the second half of the trip on Sunday.   When they first got there, Barbara said, “Chino has been under the bed visiting with Martini assuring her it is okay to come out – — and then he comes out and visits with me. He is making himself at home – and I get the feeling he thinks this house sucks as there is only ONE room in it – — It’s like he is saying “HEY where’s the REST of this place????” lol Martini I hope comes out sometime tonight. SHe is very shy – – — he is comforting her which is very moving …”  She also sent us these shots at the B&B.
Chino is up high, checking everything out!
Chino is posing
Martini’s not looking quite so nervous here, is she??
Both kitties are ready to get some shut eye!
After a fun night at the great B&B, Martini, Chino and Barbara hit the road the next morning, continuing on the eastbound trek across Pennsylvania.  Here are Barbara and William (gosh, I love when our MEN get involved!)  Oh – and look – Barbara’s rocking some URRKN swag!!  Want some of your own?  Check out the URRKN store here: http://www.cafepress.com/urrkn
Wondering about the smiley face??  That’s because the license plate was visible in this picture and, as I’ve said about a bazillion times, the safety of our kitties AND conductors is our number one priority.  We decided to be creative when we blocked it out in this picture.  I think Barbara and William’s smiley faces are much cooler, though, don’t you??
Sorry – distracted by shiny things.  Back to the transport!!  William headed off across Pennsylvania and met up with Cindy and her brother Scott.  Yup – TWO kitty lovin’ men on this transport!!  Here’s Scott with Chino.
Chino seems to be looking out the window as if he knows he’s almost home.  “Are we there yet, huh?  Huh?  Are with there yet?”
Pretty Martini just kicking back in her carrier.  Still a bit nervous, but she looks like she’s relaxed at least a little bit here!  Why is it that kitties love to lay right in their litter pans, though?  Silly girl!
Here’s Chino looking for his next conductor.  I think this type of shot – kitty looking out the window – is one of my most favorite.  We seem to get at least one of these on every single transport we do.  It really is as if the kitties know that they are on an epic journey, that they’ve been given another chance at happiness and that there’s an amazing fur-ever home somewhere outside the window.  *sigh*
Soon enough, Chino found who he was looking for – Amber!!  She would be picking up the next leg and headed in to New York.  Getting close, Chino, getting close!!  (I wonder if he was describing what was out the window to Martini, who was still just a little too nervous to get out of her carrier?)  Here’s Amber with the kitties – and another one of those smiley faces 🙂
Amber also dragged hubby Matt along – and here the two of them are together with Martini and Chino.
Matt and Amber handed the kitties off to Kathy in NY and she headed off to Connecticut to meet up with Monica.  Kathy was showing off her swag to anyone behind her on the ride!!
And here’s pretty Martini (top) and handsome Chino (bottom)
Not to mention, pretty Kathy and handsome Steve here 🙂  (and look at those Tshirt!  Way to get hubby in on this Kathy!)
Kathy and Steve handed off to Monica and Karl who have the last leg of this trip…..
…..all the way to Susan’s house, where a celebratory BBQ dinner was planned!!  Now, for the record, we suggest that all of our conductors meet in safe public places for all kitty exchanges.  However, Susan and Monica had been speaking for days before all of this and felt very strongly that they wanted to spend some time together before Monica and Karl headed home. Who are we to stand in the way of blossoming friendships?!?   Looks like everyone is safe and having fun to me!! 🙂
Just wondering if Martini and Chino had their celebratory dinner first?!?  Hmmmm…..here they are when they first arrived home!
Here’s Chino checking out the fireplace at his new digs….he’s a quick little sucker, so he’s a bit blurry.
And here he is looking out the window in his new home.  I think he’s checking to make sure noone else is coming to pick him up.  He’s pretty happy right where he is!
At one point during transport weekend, URRKN member (John) said, “I am reading all of these updates with tears in my eyes. Every day, there is always such bad news in the world, so many sad things. Yet, every Saturday, while at work, I keep this page up to watch the travels. I have been involved with kitty rescue for over 7 years now. I give of my time, my money and my skills. It’s so nice to see that there are so many others who share my love for the kitties and can take part in these rescues. I am signed up, but living in South Florida, haven’t had the chance to participate…yet. Look forward to the day when I can. You all are amazing people!”
After the dust settled from the weekend, and everyone was still enjoying their post transport warm fuzzies, foster momma Shelly said, “Swelling in my eyes from boo hoo’ing all weekend has gone down, the swelling in my heart? Not so much:) Thank you SO much for helping us get Martini and Chino home! From the admin’s, to the conductors, to the awesome cheerleaders that followed their journey! I thank you! God Bless, and keep you safe!
And new momma Susan said, “day was good. martini is def the boss. my house has 3 floors….second being 2 rooms (my house was a carriage house circa 1865) they have had free roam twice today for about 2 hours each. not in any hurry to try the first floor. third floor is open to my room on the second; chino figured out he can jump from the third to my high bureau and then to the lower one, then me!! i am sure they think the carrier is coming so i removed them from the room today. a tad more relaxed although every noise sparks them. however they will do nicely i am sure and eventually be just total mush”  Martini – the boss?!?!?  Love, love love it!!  This is the girl who was so nervous and hiding under the bed at the B&B, and in the back of her carrier in wide eyed anxiety.  And now, she’s the BOSS!  You go Miss Martini!!!
Like what you see here?  Want to be a part of something like this?  There are several more transports currently in “event” status (meaning they’re seeking drivers) and even more in the screening/planning stages (gathering necessary information to get to “event” status).  There’s always something fun and exciting happening at URRKN.  Come check us out!  https://www.facebook.com/groups/URRKN/
Choo Choo!

Sweet little Edison

Edison’s backstory:  It’s been said that it’s impossible to keep a straight face when you are in the presence of a kitten and that certainly applies to little Edison! Just looking at those baby blues set in that beautiful orange fur will make the corners of your mouth turn up and your heart start to swell!

And, that’s exactly what happened when Dayna saw this little one! Edison was biding his time at Tempest Animal Rescue in Casper, WY when Dayna fell in love with him and knew he was meant to be hers. The only problem? A little distance. You see, Dayna lives in Seattle, WA. For those of you keeping track, that’s a whopping 1094 miles separating Edison from his new Meowmy and his furrever home.

Not to worry, though. Edison is hitching a ride on the Love Train, and YOU can be a part of his story. Seats on this train are limited, so choose your leg, grab your ticket and get ready to be part of something extraordinary! In return, we promise you will receive a full heart and a big smile and the unending gratitude of one little kitty who got to his furrever home because of you

In typical URRKN fashion, everything came together and Edison was set to hit the road the weekend of July 21st.  Before he left on his big adventure, Foster Momma Lindsey sent us this picture   (his “thoughts” were added as part of our recruiting campaign to get him home!)



She also shared this one  from the very, very beginning!!  Squeeeeeeeeee!!  No wonder Dayna fell in love with him.  LOOOOOK at that little face, and those little paws and that little tail!!  ❤

July 21st dawned with Lindsey and Edison hitting the road.  Lindsey decided to combine this with a visit to her dad, so she took the first three legs, driving Edison all the way to Montana.  She told us, “I decided to leave a tad early this AM because I was afraid my pregnant bladder would need to stop every hour. We were coming to Sheridan and Edi was snoozing so I just kept going. Stopped in Billings to potty, eat and stretch our legs. Sorry I haven’t posted sooner, I keep my phone in the back to deter my temptation to check my phone while driving :).”    (great idea on the phone Lindsey!  As much as we all sit here with baited breath waiting for pictures, the safety of these precious babies and our conductors is the of the utmost importance!)

When she could Lindsey sent us these pictures from her part of the transport.  Of course, Edison was only out of his carrier in a closed, non-moving car.  (I can’t stress it enough, safety first!)


In Montana, Lindsey met up with Jamie, who would take Edison a little further down the road and keep him overnight at her exclusive B&B!   Looks like he’s reaching out to say “hi” to Jamie!  Either that or he’s trying to break outta this thing and hasn’t figured out that the lock is on the OTHER side of the door….


When they got to the B&B, this is what Jamie told us “Edison is at my home resting from is big day. My mom went with me to pick him up and boy is he cute and a lovebug. We made several stops on the way home because he was crying and I held him and loved on him till he would calm down for a while and then we would go again. Why we got back a little late, I was worried about him and wanted to give him some loves and hugs to help the trip better for him. There was a change in his bed and breakfast for the better. I live in a studio and had my bathroom all set up with tons of towels but my mom took one look at him and said he could stay in her spare room. So she took him home and set him up and I went home fed my cat and got some things and will stay with him tonight in the spare room.  He will get lots of love and attention, but he is sleeping soundly now and don’t want to bug him. Letting him decompress for a while and get some zzzzzzz. He is safe with me tonight.”

Here he is making himself at home at the B&B.  He looks pretty darn comfy to me!




While he was at the B&B, Edison decided to take advantage of some of the free classes offered – here he’s working on a knitting project.



Clearly all that knitting wore him out and he’s taking a little nap!



These two are just Edison chillin’ in the car on a break!


On Sunday, July 22nd, Jamie and Edison got up and hit the road again to meet Andrea in Missoula.   Here’s Edison looking all sweet and handsome with Andrea.



Checking out the surroundings, and maybe looking for Bryan and Sylvia, who will be his next conductors.


Of course, must take a break for noms, also!  He’s a growing boy, after all!

The hand-off from Andrea to Bryan and Sylvia in Washington went smoothly and they headed off, just a few more legs until this sweetie is home for good!  Here are Andrea and Sylvia at their meeting spot!
And look at Sylvia getting her snuggle on with Mr. Edison
I think Bryan was a bit jealous, so he got in on the snuggle action too!!
‘Scuse me, do I watch YOU in YOUR litterbox??  (hmmm…if he’s anything like my orange and white boy, that answer is probably YES)
More noms!  (would you expect anything less??)
Next stop?  Meeting up with Darla in Ellensburg.  Darla is the last conductor between Edison and home!  Darla shared all of these awesome pictures.  Edison is so darn photogenic, I don’t think she could help herself!!  Here are Sylvia, Bryan, RoseAnn and Edison…..
….and here are RoseAnn, Darla, Bryan and Edison…
Now, we know Edison can’t drive (if he could, he wouldn’t have needed all of us!), but it looks like he’s checking everything out to make sure Darla and RoseAnn are going the right way to get him HOME!
So stinkin’ adorable!  I think I almost died from the cute!  Looks like he’s going to surf his way home!
I can ride here, right?  (No, sorry little man, you have to ride in your carrier so you’ll be safe!)
So handsome that I just have no words!!
I wonder how much weight he gained on this trip – he sure does eat ALOT!  🙂
There are many more pictures from Darla, but you’ll just have to go to the URRKN facebook page to see them all (https://www.facebook.com/groups/URRKN/)  While you’re there, remember to sign up as a conductor or B&B, if you can!
Finally, the moment we’ve all been waiting for: Meeting Momma Dayna!!!  Ready?  Huh?  Are ya?  Too bad if you’re not – here they are together!!!  AWWWWWWWWW!!!
Here are a few more of Edison’s homecoming – and of him settling in at home
Edison, meet Tesla.  Tesla, meet Edison – doesn’t really loook like they’re too interested, does it?
Duuuuuude – wanna play???  (someone has a bit of a fat tail, hmmm….)
Settling in and checking out his toys
Ready for another big AWWWWWWW moment???  Loooook!!  It’s like they’ve known each other their whole lives!!
When all was said and done, Lindsey said “I cannot thank everyone enough for all the efforts, time, gas, and cheerleading along the way. When Dayna first commented on Edison’s newborn picture saying how he was absolutely adorable and how she wished more than anything that she lived closer to me, I told her I would find a way to get him to her. After a few failed attempts to coax friends traveling that direction to allow Edi to come along, I was more determined than ever to figure something out. Between looking for airline pilots that would help to considering buying myself a ticket to deliver him personally, it was by miracle that I found URRKN. I honestly don’t even remember how I came across this wonderful organization, all I remember is jumping up and down practically in tears screaming to my husband that I found transportation!!! I immediately called Dayna and I think she thought I was joking LOL. Thank you to the amazing ladies who volunteer countless hours coordinating transports, checking necessary documentation, communicating with all the conductors and just making sure everything goes as smoothly as possible. I’m still awe struck that this truly happened and that Edison is now in the arms of his Momma Dayna. Thank you will never be enough, I wish I could take everyone out for celebratory cocktails :)”
People ask, why?  Why do you do this?  Why don’t people just adopt closer to home?  Why would you spend all this time for “just a cat”.  These pictures are why.  The smiling faces of our conductors.  The joy on the face of the new parents when they meet their new kitty for the first time.  The warm fuzzy feelings that everyone has for days after a transport is complete.  My question to all of those people who ask why – why not??
Want to help?  Can you drive?  Can you provide a safe, overnight stay for a kitty who is headed a long way home?  Can you share on your wall help recruit other drivers (or even other people to share even more)?  The come over to the facebook group and join us.  You’ll get a welcome post that gives you all the information you need – how to become a conductor, how to request a transport, what you can post on our page.  There are currently 2,785 members – you could be 2, 786 (or 2,787 or 2,788 or…..)

Chipmonk + Elton + 1286 miles = ChipE

From the event:  This has all of the elements of a success story!  3 kitties, 2000+ FaceBook ‘shares’, and 4 incredibly determined women.  At 3 months old, Chip Monk found himself in the shelter with his brother and sister. The odds didn’t look good. But love, faith, and persistence won out, and Chipmonk and his siblings have people now!! Chipmonk’s sister, Squirrel, since renamed Min-Yin, has already gone home to South Carolina.

Now Chipmonk and his brother, Mouse, are with their most excellent foster mommy (Beth) in Florida, each awaiting their ride on the train. Chipmonk has a new Forever Home waiting for him in Rhode Island, and a long ride ahead of him.

Wouldn’t YOU like to be a Conductor on Chipmonk’s love train, and help write this success story?
Thankfully, TWELVE people (including foster Momma Beth and new Momma Liz) wanted to do exactly that!  And, over two days in July (14th and 15th) these 12 angels volunteered their precious time (and gas money and spare bedroom at the B&B) to ensure that Chipmonk (who was originally slated to be renamed Elton, but eventually became affectionately known as ChipE) made it safely from Florida to Rhode Island.
Before ChipE hit the road, Beth sent us a few fabulous pictures to whet our appetites for all things kitty.  This first one is ChipE snuggled up with brother Mouse.
Here he is just kicking back and waiting for his train to hit the tracks.  Look at that face, those eyes, those ears, that HUGE paw!
Kitty pile at Beth’s house (what I wouldn’t give to see my kitties loving each other so much!!)
And one more adorable picture for good measure
Beth also made sure we saw the “official” ChipE pace car for leg one.  Want your very own URRKN swag?  Check out the URRKN store on CafePress.com (http://www.cafepress.com/urrkn)  There’s a little bit of something for everyone and every budget.  And, as an added bonus, a portion of the proceeds from every purchase come directly to URRKN so that we can continue to help make sure that all kitties can safely get home!
The night before ChipE hit the road, Beth had this to say, “Car is packed and ready to roll on the “Love Train” tomorrow morning! And the pretty kitty on the door handle, that is Fred ~ I got him from an URRKN auction (hope they have another one soon ~ that was fun!) This is Fred’s first ride on the “Love Train” and he is super excited! Thanks Noelle for sending Fred to me :-)”  Of course, Fred couldn’t ride outside the car for the whole trip, so here he is, ready to go!
Early Saturday morning, July 14th Beth, Fred and ChipE hit the road and headed out to meet up with Michelle in Georgia.  You might remember Michelle from a prior transport.  Michelle is the mommy of one of our first transports (Peanuts).  If you haven’t already, go check out his story here:
Anyway, if you know anything about Michelle, you know that her two daughters LOVE kitties.  So, Michelle brought them along for the ride with ChipE.  Here’s a picture of the two beautiful little girls with a beautiful grown up (foster Momma Beth).  Look at these happy faces!!!
A couple of our members were so impressed with the girls’ participation and had this to say.  First, Meraj said, “I read this the other day, “Everybody talks about leaving a better planet for the children – Why nobody tries to leave better children to the planet.” Some of us are doing our part diligently. It’s so awesome to see parents getting their kids involved in something so meaningful. I can bet that some day when these two look back, this day will be listed in their “Days that changed my life” folder, and may you have many more days like this.”      
Deanna added, “Oh, I love that Michelle got her girls involved (although they probably *had* to go, ’cause it’s what Mom was doing today)… but they’re learning at an early age the value of helping others; and that it’s we humans’ JOB to take care of the critters!”    
And, the next day, Michelle said, “Cute story from yesterday – Bailey (my daughter in red) was a little out of sorts when we met Phyllis and Brian. When we got back in the car, I asked her why she was so grumpy. Her response — “I wanted to keep Chipmonk for myself”. He made quite the impression on the girls!”    
Warm fuzzies all around!!
After getting ChipE settled in, Michelle and the girls headed off to South Carolina with him, where they would meet up with Phyllis.  Here’s a picture of Phyllis with ChipE.   It was said, more than once, that ChipE had a great time loving on all of his conductors over the two days!
Phyllis, her husband Brian and ChipE continued the trek north where they met up with Stephanie in North Carolina.  ChipE got to spend a little time with Stephanie at home, waiting for Jason to get home so they could hit the road.
And he took FULL advantage of that time to get some lovin’ from Stephanie!!
This next sequence cracks me up – I still giggle every time I look at these.
1 – Oh Wow!  Is this all for ME??
2 – Nom, nom, nom, nom
3 – Noms done, time to take a bath
4 – noms and bath done, time to take a nap
ahhhhh – a kitty’s life!!  I’m so jealous!!
After all that traveling, Stephanie and Jason got to the meeting place with Dionne and here’s Jason making the transfer.
Dionne would be hosting ChipE overnight at an exclusive URRKN B&B in North Carolina.  Of course, she took lots and lots of pictures of ChipE enjoying his accommodations.  Here’s a picture of the setup.  Looks like Dionne went all out for her special guest!
ChipE thought so too.  “A box?  For me?  I love boxes!”
A bag?  For me?  I LOVE bags!
Playing with one of the toys Dionne got him
Checking out the cat tree…..
…..sleepy ChipE getting some lovin’
After both Dionne and ChipE got some must needed sleepy time, they hit the road bright and early the next morning so that they could meet up with Lori.  Here, ChipE was taking an early morning siesta at a pitstop with Dionne.  And when I say EARLY, I’m not kidding – notice that it’s still DARK out!!   They were on the road by 5am!!!  (zzzzzzzz…..huh? what??)
That is some serious dedication to the cause!!
Eventually, Dionne and ChipE got to their meeting point with Lori.  Here are Lori, Dionne (check out her URRKN swag!!) and ChipE.
After getting a few minutes out of the carrier to stretch, it is clear that ChipE is ready to go.
When Lori doesn’t move quickly enough, ChipE decides to take matters into his own hands, er, paws.
Soon enough, ChipE talked Lori into going and they headed off to meet up with Andrea.  This is the second transport in a row for Andrea – our birthday girl from the Sky and BooBoo transport!  Here are Andrea and her husband Barry with ChipE
Chip is enjoying some chin scritches while waiting for Jennifer to arrive at the meeting location in Baltimore.
Here are Jennifer and Andrea with ChipE.  Judging from his butt instead of his face in the picture, he was letting them know that he was ready to roll.  Oh look, Andrea’s wearing some swag!!
Here’s ChipE checking out Jennifer’s car….
…..looks like he’s doing a full safety inspection before they hit the road….
….obviously satisfied with the A/C temperature…..
and the Awwwww moment….giving and getting some love with Jennifer!!
With the safety inspection and snuggles out of the way, Jennifer and ChipE headed on up the road toward Kelly in Philadelphia.  Here are Kelly and Jennifer with ChipE.  The one below this is Zach and Jennifer with ChipE.
ChipE and Kelly getting to know each other….
…..getting comfy on Zach’s lap…..
“No more pictures, please.  It’s time to go”
The trio hit the road, continuing the journey northbound!  Next conductor on deck: Giovanna in in New Jersey!  Here are Kelly and Giovanna with ChipE.
And here are Zach, Giovanna and Darlene with ChipE.
“Seriously?  Do I have to drive myself?!?”
Giovanna and ChipE headed on up into Connecticut to meet up with Maureen.  Here are Maureen and ChipE together!!  Someone’s looking a little sleepy – and it’s not Maureen!
Maureen headed off on the last leg of this LONG journey (about 1,286 miles total!)  Here’s the first picture of Liz with her new little man!
And here’s a picture of ChipE in his new home – looks like he settled right in!!!
Of course, no transport is complete without a few parting pictures of the VIP in their new home.  Here are two of ChipE, looking handsome and regal, in his new home!!
After all was said and done, foster Momma Beth said, “Liz ~ I am so happy that your baby is finally home with you! Thank you to all the administrators, conductors and cheerleaders who made it possible for a shelter kitty from Florida to find his way home to Rhode Island…Your story is a true testament of what URRKN is all about!!”
If you agree with that, come join us.  You can read all about us – who we are, what we do, why we do it and how we do it – at https://www.facebook.com/groups/URRKN/  As of today, we stand at 2,535 members strong.  But there is no such thing as too many people when it comes to helping kitties get safely home.  We can always use more.  We have some transports in the works and we need more drivers.  Maybe you can help???
Choo Choo!

Ole Blue Eyes (times two)

From the event: Sky is a true Louisiana southern gentlemen, with eyes so blue, and charms so sweet, no woman can resist! Donna and her daughter being two of them. When they saw Sky looking out from her computer monitor, it was love at first sight! Donna saw this as an excellent opportunity to reward her daughter for applying herself, and doing well in school… But the question remained, how to get Sky home? Enter the Underground Railroad Rescued Kitty Network! 

Sky has made a friend during his time at the rescue. His friend is a little ball of fluff named Boo-Boo. Over the last few weeks, they have bonded and become like family. So, they asked their humans, and the humans had a little talk, signed some papers, and now Boo-Boo will be joining Sky for the ride on the love train!!

The Transport Coordinators started working their magic in the TC “catcave” and laid it all out.  Houma, LA to Baptistown, NJ; two days; twelve conductors, one exclusive B&B; 1,341 miles.  Whew.  That looks daunting, doesn’t it?  No worries.  We’re URRKN.  We know how to “get ‘er dun”.

The morning of July 7th dawned with the boys ready to hit the rails and chug along through their first day of travel.  TC Terri started the day out with this, “Wishing safe travels to Sky and BooBoo and to all the wonderful conductors of their Love Train. May you have clear tracks and blue skies all the way home!  “Home” … what a wonderful word!! **Passes around the tissues**”  Tissues.  Those paper thin little scraps of paper.  We go through LOTS of those on a transport day/weekend, yes, we sure do!  (Might want to go grab some before you start to relive their journey!)

Here are Sky and Boo Boo getting ready to hit the road!!



At the end of Leg 1 and getting ready to hit the road with Christy!!

The boys seemed to be taking everything in stride.  Here’s Sky just kicking back in his carrier.  This train is headed from “Nawlins” to Mississippi in the capable hands of Christy.

It wasn’t long before Christy handed the boys off to Candice, who would head across Mississippi to Alabama.  Here are a couple of pictures during the time that Candice had them.  Look at these amazing blue eyed boys.  Love, love, love them!!

Of course, while we’re all being hypnotized and mesmerized by these blue eyed stunners, we also LOVE to see our beautiful (and handsome – when we get the men involved) conductors along the route.  Here are two of them right here – Randee and Jennifer in Birmingham.


Randee had this message for Donna “Donna, your boys are very photogenic, but you are going to die when you see them in person. Absolutely beautiful cats! Sky is a lovebug, too. Boo Boo was in the kennel behind me, so I couldn’t get finger snuggles through the kennel door like I did with Sky. I am sure he is a head (hand) bumper, too! I cannot wait to see your face when you meet them

After getting the boys settled, Jennifer headed off toward Chattanooga, which would be the last stop of the day as the boys would be bunking down at the Pusskitty B&B.  Here’s Jennifer again, this time saying goodbye to her new friends.


Here are Kelly and Jennifer together with their handsome men.  By the way, do you see Kelly’s “crazy cat lady” shirt?  Do you want one just like it?  Maybe you’re into tank tops, or jammies or coffee mugs?  ‘sokay, got those too.  Check out the URRKN store at CafePress (http://www.cafepress.com/urrkn) for all of your official URRKN swag!!


Kelly also roped her friend Jim into helping out.  Here’s Jim with Boo Boo.  Looks like they’re having quite the conversation, doesn’t it?  Actually, it kind of looks like Boo Boo is looking for the pretty ladies that were just there – I’m thinking the blue eyed charm might not work as well on Jim 🙂


Kelly and the boys headed back to the B&B for the night.  Now, Kelly sent us about a bazillion (yes, that’s a real number) pictures.  And, while the pictures probably tell a much better story than I do, I can’t put them ALL here.  I’m just going to  show you a few.  The rest of them can actually be found on the URRKN page on Facebook, so go check ’em out there (https://www.facebook.com/groups/URRKN/)

Here’s Sky, getting ready to unpack their travel bag!


Here’s Boo Boo looking out the window.  I can imagine him thinking “Goodnight Momma, we’re going to get some sleep now, but we’ll be home with you tomorrow!  Sweet Dreams!”

 (didn’t take them long to get comfy, did it?!?)

“Thank you Miss Kelly for letting me and Boo Boo sleep here tonight.  We love you”

“I will stare at you with my laser eyes and you will open my noms bag and feed me”

After a restful night’s sleep, Kelly and the boys were bright eyed and bushy tailed to hit the road the next morning.  Well, sort of.  The morning dawned with this message from Admin Dionne on the main URRKN page “Good morning URRKNs!! Welcome to transport day two of Sky and BooBoo. Kelly and the boys are on the road headed to meet Lori for the next leg of the trip. There was a slight snafu (don’t worry everyone is safe and happy), so they are running a little behind. Kelly apologizes for keeping you all waiting. (I secretly think she really didn’t want to give these boys up and almost kept them ♥) We are in touch with all of the drivers and expect the rest of the day to go smoothly, and if some people just happen to “bend” the speed limit, who are we to judge? Safe travels to the conductors and our guests, and members don’t forget to replenish your tissue boxes. ♥♥ CHOO CHOO (”’)>^.^<(”’)”

Here’s the wonderful Lori getting ready to hit the road with the boys.


And here is Lori’s handsome son Tyler helping to move the boys from one car to the other.  I wonder if Tyler has any idea how much of a “stir” his picture created on the URRKN page?!?


Lori and her precious passengers headed off toward Angela in Kingsport.  Here’s Angela getting the boys settled and ready to go!!  At the end of her time with the boys, Lori said “What wonderful boys Sky & BooBoo are! BooBoo is a tease. He would love on my finger when I stuck it in the crate & give love nibbles while I was driving. Sky was stretched out in his crate liked he owned the place. :)”

Next stop is Riner, VA and Selina – and here are both Angela, Selina and the handsome boys.  Did you ever notice when you want them to come to the front of the carriers they decide to hang out in the back so you can’t see them??  Typical boys!!  HAHAHA!  Angela had this to say about her part of the trip “… when I let them out to get a bite to eat and stretch, Sky wasn’t the least bit interested in eating. He just wanted to be petted and loved on. Boo ate a few bites, explored the car a little, and then wanted scritchings.”


With Selina at the wheel (at least we’re assuming that she didn’t let either one of the boys drive), they all headed off toward Sally in Harrisonburg, VA.  Here’s Sally with the boys.


In Hagerstown, MD, Sally handed the boys off to Andrea.  When she got home, Sally told us all this, “I’m home safe and sound, and even better: Sky and BooBoo are close to being in the arms of their new mom!!! I could not have asked for two more handsome, sweet, easygoing kitties!Many thanks to my fellow drivers today who did such a great job getting the boys to me. And even though I was sad to say Good Bye to them in Hagerstown, I could not have been any more comfortable and confident placing Sky and BooBoo in the loving care of Andrea “Birthday Girl”  and her wonderful husband.We were, at that point, anxious for the guys to be at the end of the journey, so we didn’t spend any time getting more pictures, but I did snap this one of a very relaxed Sky during his “dinner break”!! “

She continued saying, “He and BooBoo are lovely in every way. Congratulations Donna  and Ashley  ♥ ♥ ♥ and many thanks to URRKN for letting me be a part of this very loving and special experience. sniff, sniff – gotta go get some tissues ♥ :”)  Choo-choo!!!”

Now, did you catch that little part up there?  No idea what I’m talking about?  Meh – story of my life, people often look at me like I’m off my rocker!  But, anyway, what I want you to notice is the part about “Andrea, “Birthday Girl”.   Yup.  That’s right.  Conductor Andrea stepped up and volunteered her time ON HER BIRTHDAY!  Now, we think ALL of our conductors are pretty darn amazing and special.  But to do this on your birthday?  When you could be home basking in the ice cream and cake?  Yeah – that’s super amazing!!  At least Andrea’s husband did this with her, so she got to spend some family time with him on her birthday!!  I’m betting it’s a birthday she won’t forget any time soon!  Here’s a pic of our special birthday conductor with Donna and Lisa (look, look – more shirts!!) in Hamburg, PA.   Andrea updated us with this message, “We’re on our way home. What a wonderful night after how hot it was today. The boys are on their way home too. They are both super sweet! Barry and I were so happy to be a part of this.”


After saying hello and getting acquainted with her boys, Donna headed home to New Jersey!  Early the next morning, she  jumped on URRKN to tell us this, “To all our friends here on the URRKN page I want to say thank you to each and every one of you from the Admins to the Cheerleaders to the Conductors and all those in between!! The boys and I made it home around 12:30 am and we couldn’t have done it without all of you. This morning is a bit rough with only 3 hours of sleep but when I get home this afternoon I will take pictures of the boys and post them up here. I hope you all have a wonderful and blessed day!!”

Donne let the boys get settled in a little and then sent us some pictures of them at home.

Looks like they’re settling in just fine.  In fact, just a few days later, Donna said, ” SKY & BOO BOO UPDATE: The boys now have free run of the house and the family has started working on the pecking order of the house. So far we have not had hardly any harsh words spoken and no scuffles have occurred!! More pictures to come soon!!”  (Psssst, Donna, where are those pictures you promised?!?)

Anyway, does this all look like fun to you??  Would you like to celebrate your birthday making the difference in the life of a kitty??    We have several transports in the pipeline right now.  Who knows?  You might just be that one driver that will make a transport come together.  Don’t drive?  No big deal.  Some of our transports are multiple day trips like this one.  Maybe you have a spare room that you could turn into a B&B for the night?  Resident furballs won’t like that?  That’s ok too.  Maybe you have friends in areas where we need drivers?  Maybe you know people who know people who know people??  Only one way to find out – Then come and join us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/groups/URRKN/

Choo choo!!