Ole Blue Eyes (times two)

From the event: Sky is a true Louisiana southern gentlemen, with eyes so blue, and charms so sweet, no woman can resist! Donna and her daughter being two of them. When they saw Sky looking out from her computer monitor, it was love at first sight! Donna saw this as an excellent opportunity to reward her daughter for applying herself, and doing well in school… But the question remained, how to get Sky home? Enter the Underground Railroad Rescued Kitty Network! 

Sky has made a friend during his time at the rescue. His friend is a little ball of fluff named Boo-Boo. Over the last few weeks, they have bonded and become like family. So, they asked their humans, and the humans had a little talk, signed some papers, and now Boo-Boo will be joining Sky for the ride on the love train!!

The Transport Coordinators started working their magic in the TC “catcave” and laid it all out.  Houma, LA to Baptistown, NJ; two days; twelve conductors, one exclusive B&B; 1,341 miles.  Whew.  That looks daunting, doesn’t it?  No worries.  We’re URRKN.  We know how to “get ‘er dun”.

The morning of July 7th dawned with the boys ready to hit the rails and chug along through their first day of travel.  TC Terri started the day out with this, “Wishing safe travels to Sky and BooBoo and to all the wonderful conductors of their Love Train. May you have clear tracks and blue skies all the way home!  “Home” … what a wonderful word!! **Passes around the tissues**”  Tissues.  Those paper thin little scraps of paper.  We go through LOTS of those on a transport day/weekend, yes, we sure do!  (Might want to go grab some before you start to relive their journey!)

Here are Sky and Boo Boo getting ready to hit the road!!



At the end of Leg 1 and getting ready to hit the road with Christy!!

The boys seemed to be taking everything in stride.  Here’s Sky just kicking back in his carrier.  This train is headed from “Nawlins” to Mississippi in the capable hands of Christy.

It wasn’t long before Christy handed the boys off to Candice, who would head across Mississippi to Alabama.  Here are a couple of pictures during the time that Candice had them.  Look at these amazing blue eyed boys.  Love, love, love them!!

Of course, while we’re all being hypnotized and mesmerized by these blue eyed stunners, we also LOVE to see our beautiful (and handsome – when we get the men involved) conductors along the route.  Here are two of them right here – Randee and Jennifer in Birmingham.


Randee had this message for Donna “Donna, your boys are very photogenic, but you are going to die when you see them in person. Absolutely beautiful cats! Sky is a lovebug, too. Boo Boo was in the kennel behind me, so I couldn’t get finger snuggles through the kennel door like I did with Sky. I am sure he is a head (hand) bumper, too! I cannot wait to see your face when you meet them

After getting the boys settled, Jennifer headed off toward Chattanooga, which would be the last stop of the day as the boys would be bunking down at the Pusskitty B&B.  Here’s Jennifer again, this time saying goodbye to her new friends.


Here are Kelly and Jennifer together with their handsome men.  By the way, do you see Kelly’s “crazy cat lady” shirt?  Do you want one just like it?  Maybe you’re into tank tops, or jammies or coffee mugs?  ‘sokay, got those too.  Check out the URRKN store at CafePress (http://www.cafepress.com/urrkn) for all of your official URRKN swag!!


Kelly also roped her friend Jim into helping out.  Here’s Jim with Boo Boo.  Looks like they’re having quite the conversation, doesn’t it?  Actually, it kind of looks like Boo Boo is looking for the pretty ladies that were just there – I’m thinking the blue eyed charm might not work as well on Jim 🙂


Kelly and the boys headed back to the B&B for the night.  Now, Kelly sent us about a bazillion (yes, that’s a real number) pictures.  And, while the pictures probably tell a much better story than I do, I can’t put them ALL here.  I’m just going to  show you a few.  The rest of them can actually be found on the URRKN page on Facebook, so go check ’em out there (https://www.facebook.com/groups/URRKN/)

Here’s Sky, getting ready to unpack their travel bag!


Here’s Boo Boo looking out the window.  I can imagine him thinking “Goodnight Momma, we’re going to get some sleep now, but we’ll be home with you tomorrow!  Sweet Dreams!”

 (didn’t take them long to get comfy, did it?!?)

“Thank you Miss Kelly for letting me and Boo Boo sleep here tonight.  We love you”

“I will stare at you with my laser eyes and you will open my noms bag and feed me”

After a restful night’s sleep, Kelly and the boys were bright eyed and bushy tailed to hit the road the next morning.  Well, sort of.  The morning dawned with this message from Admin Dionne on the main URRKN page “Good morning URRKNs!! Welcome to transport day two of Sky and BooBoo. Kelly and the boys are on the road headed to meet Lori for the next leg of the trip. There was a slight snafu (don’t worry everyone is safe and happy), so they are running a little behind. Kelly apologizes for keeping you all waiting. (I secretly think she really didn’t want to give these boys up and almost kept them ♥) We are in touch with all of the drivers and expect the rest of the day to go smoothly, and if some people just happen to “bend” the speed limit, who are we to judge? Safe travels to the conductors and our guests, and members don’t forget to replenish your tissue boxes. ♥♥ CHOO CHOO (”’)>^.^<(”’)”

Here’s the wonderful Lori getting ready to hit the road with the boys.


And here is Lori’s handsome son Tyler helping to move the boys from one car to the other.  I wonder if Tyler has any idea how much of a “stir” his picture created on the URRKN page?!?


Lori and her precious passengers headed off toward Angela in Kingsport.  Here’s Angela getting the boys settled and ready to go!!  At the end of her time with the boys, Lori said “What wonderful boys Sky & BooBoo are! BooBoo is a tease. He would love on my finger when I stuck it in the crate & give love nibbles while I was driving. Sky was stretched out in his crate liked he owned the place. :)”

Next stop is Riner, VA and Selina – and here are both Angela, Selina and the handsome boys.  Did you ever notice when you want them to come to the front of the carriers they decide to hang out in the back so you can’t see them??  Typical boys!!  HAHAHA!  Angela had this to say about her part of the trip “… when I let them out to get a bite to eat and stretch, Sky wasn’t the least bit interested in eating. He just wanted to be petted and loved on. Boo ate a few bites, explored the car a little, and then wanted scritchings.”


With Selina at the wheel (at least we’re assuming that she didn’t let either one of the boys drive), they all headed off toward Sally in Harrisonburg, VA.  Here’s Sally with the boys.


In Hagerstown, MD, Sally handed the boys off to Andrea.  When she got home, Sally told us all this, “I’m home safe and sound, and even better: Sky and BooBoo are close to being in the arms of their new mom!!! I could not have asked for two more handsome, sweet, easygoing kitties!Many thanks to my fellow drivers today who did such a great job getting the boys to me. And even though I was sad to say Good Bye to them in Hagerstown, I could not have been any more comfortable and confident placing Sky and BooBoo in the loving care of Andrea “Birthday Girl”  and her wonderful husband.We were, at that point, anxious for the guys to be at the end of the journey, so we didn’t spend any time getting more pictures, but I did snap this one of a very relaxed Sky during his “dinner break”!! “

She continued saying, “He and BooBoo are lovely in every way. Congratulations Donna  and Ashley  ♥ ♥ ♥ and many thanks to URRKN for letting me be a part of this very loving and special experience. sniff, sniff – gotta go get some tissues ♥ :”)  Choo-choo!!!”

Now, did you catch that little part up there?  No idea what I’m talking about?  Meh – story of my life, people often look at me like I’m off my rocker!  But, anyway, what I want you to notice is the part about “Andrea, “Birthday Girl”.   Yup.  That’s right.  Conductor Andrea stepped up and volunteered her time ON HER BIRTHDAY!  Now, we think ALL of our conductors are pretty darn amazing and special.  But to do this on your birthday?  When you could be home basking in the ice cream and cake?  Yeah – that’s super amazing!!  At least Andrea’s husband did this with her, so she got to spend some family time with him on her birthday!!  I’m betting it’s a birthday she won’t forget any time soon!  Here’s a pic of our special birthday conductor with Donna and Lisa (look, look – more shirts!!) in Hamburg, PA.   Andrea updated us with this message, “We’re on our way home. What a wonderful night after how hot it was today. The boys are on their way home too. They are both super sweet! Barry and I were so happy to be a part of this.”


After saying hello and getting acquainted with her boys, Donna headed home to New Jersey!  Early the next morning, she  jumped on URRKN to tell us this, “To all our friends here on the URRKN page I want to say thank you to each and every one of you from the Admins to the Cheerleaders to the Conductors and all those in between!! The boys and I made it home around 12:30 am and we couldn’t have done it without all of you. This morning is a bit rough with only 3 hours of sleep but when I get home this afternoon I will take pictures of the boys and post them up here. I hope you all have a wonderful and blessed day!!”

Donne let the boys get settled in a little and then sent us some pictures of them at home.

Looks like they’re settling in just fine.  In fact, just a few days later, Donna said, ” SKY & BOO BOO UPDATE: The boys now have free run of the house and the family has started working on the pecking order of the house. So far we have not had hardly any harsh words spoken and no scuffles have occurred!! More pictures to come soon!!”  (Psssst, Donna, where are those pictures you promised?!?)

Anyway, does this all look like fun to you??  Would you like to celebrate your birthday making the difference in the life of a kitty??    We have several transports in the pipeline right now.  Who knows?  You might just be that one driver that will make a transport come together.  Don’t drive?  No big deal.  Some of our transports are multiple day trips like this one.  Maybe you have a spare room that you could turn into a B&B for the night?  Resident furballs won’t like that?  That’s ok too.  Maybe you have friends in areas where we need drivers?  Maybe you know people who know people who know people??  Only one way to find out – Then come and join us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/groups/URRKN/

Choo choo!!