Chipmonk + Elton + 1286 miles = ChipE

From the event:  This has all of the elements of a success story!  3 kitties, 2000+ FaceBook ‘shares’, and 4 incredibly determined women.  At 3 months old, Chip Monk found himself in the shelter with his brother and sister. The odds didn’t look good. But love, faith, and persistence won out, and Chipmonk and his siblings have people now!! Chipmonk’s sister, Squirrel, since renamed Min-Yin, has already gone home to South Carolina.

Now Chipmonk and his brother, Mouse, are with their most excellent foster mommy (Beth) in Florida, each awaiting their ride on the train. Chipmonk has a new Forever Home waiting for him in Rhode Island, and a long ride ahead of him.

Wouldn’t YOU like to be a Conductor on Chipmonk’s love train, and help write this success story?
Thankfully, TWELVE people (including foster Momma Beth and new Momma Liz) wanted to do exactly that!  And, over two days in July (14th and 15th) these 12 angels volunteered their precious time (and gas money and spare bedroom at the B&B) to ensure that Chipmonk (who was originally slated to be renamed Elton, but eventually became affectionately known as ChipE) made it safely from Florida to Rhode Island.
Before ChipE hit the road, Beth sent us a few fabulous pictures to whet our appetites for all things kitty.  This first one is ChipE snuggled up with brother Mouse.
Here he is just kicking back and waiting for his train to hit the tracks.  Look at that face, those eyes, those ears, that HUGE paw!
Kitty pile at Beth’s house (what I wouldn’t give to see my kitties loving each other so much!!)
And one more adorable picture for good measure
Beth also made sure we saw the “official” ChipE pace car for leg one.  Want your very own URRKN swag?  Check out the URRKN store on (  There’s a little bit of something for everyone and every budget.  And, as an added bonus, a portion of the proceeds from every purchase come directly to URRKN so that we can continue to help make sure that all kitties can safely get home!
The night before ChipE hit the road, Beth had this to say, “Car is packed and ready to roll on the “Love Train” tomorrow morning! And the pretty kitty on the door handle, that is Fred ~ I got him from an URRKN auction (hope they have another one soon ~ that was fun!) This is Fred’s first ride on the “Love Train” and he is super excited! Thanks Noelle for sending Fred to me :-)”  Of course, Fred couldn’t ride outside the car for the whole trip, so here he is, ready to go!
Early Saturday morning, July 14th Beth, Fred and ChipE hit the road and headed out to meet up with Michelle in Georgia.  You might remember Michelle from a prior transport.  Michelle is the mommy of one of our first transports (Peanuts).  If you haven’t already, go check out his story here:
Anyway, if you know anything about Michelle, you know that her two daughters LOVE kitties.  So, Michelle brought them along for the ride with ChipE.  Here’s a picture of the two beautiful little girls with a beautiful grown up (foster Momma Beth).  Look at these happy faces!!!
A couple of our members were so impressed with the girls’ participation and had this to say.  First, Meraj said, “I read this the other day, “Everybody talks about leaving a better planet for the children – Why nobody tries to leave better children to the planet.” Some of us are doing our part diligently. It’s so awesome to see parents getting their kids involved in something so meaningful. I can bet that some day when these two look back, this day will be listed in their “Days that changed my life” folder, and may you have many more days like this.”      
Deanna added, “Oh, I love that Michelle got her girls involved (although they probably *had* to go, ’cause it’s what Mom was doing today)… but they’re learning at an early age the value of helping others; and that it’s we humans’ JOB to take care of the critters!”    
And, the next day, Michelle said, “Cute story from yesterday – Bailey (my daughter in red) was a little out of sorts when we met Phyllis and Brian. When we got back in the car, I asked her why she was so grumpy. Her response — “I wanted to keep Chipmonk for myself”. He made quite the impression on the girls!”    
Warm fuzzies all around!!
After getting ChipE settled in, Michelle and the girls headed off to South Carolina with him, where they would meet up with Phyllis.  Here’s a picture of Phyllis with ChipE.   It was said, more than once, that ChipE had a great time loving on all of his conductors over the two days!
Phyllis, her husband Brian and ChipE continued the trek north where they met up with Stephanie in North Carolina.  ChipE got to spend a little time with Stephanie at home, waiting for Jason to get home so they could hit the road.
And he took FULL advantage of that time to get some lovin’ from Stephanie!!
This next sequence cracks me up – I still giggle every time I look at these.
1 – Oh Wow!  Is this all for ME??
2 – Nom, nom, nom, nom
3 – Noms done, time to take a bath
4 – noms and bath done, time to take a nap
ahhhhh – a kitty’s life!!  I’m so jealous!!
After all that traveling, Stephanie and Jason got to the meeting place with Dionne and here’s Jason making the transfer.
Dionne would be hosting ChipE overnight at an exclusive URRKN B&B in North Carolina.  Of course, she took lots and lots of pictures of ChipE enjoying his accommodations.  Here’s a picture of the setup.  Looks like Dionne went all out for her special guest!
ChipE thought so too.  “A box?  For me?  I love boxes!”
A bag?  For me?  I LOVE bags!
Playing with one of the toys Dionne got him
Checking out the cat tree…..
…..sleepy ChipE getting some lovin’
After both Dionne and ChipE got some must needed sleepy time, they hit the road bright and early the next morning so that they could meet up with Lori.  Here, ChipE was taking an early morning siesta at a pitstop with Dionne.  And when I say EARLY, I’m not kidding – notice that it’s still DARK out!!   They were on the road by 5am!!!  (zzzzzzzz…..huh? what??)
That is some serious dedication to the cause!!
Eventually, Dionne and ChipE got to their meeting point with Lori.  Here are Lori, Dionne (check out her URRKN swag!!) and ChipE.
After getting a few minutes out of the carrier to stretch, it is clear that ChipE is ready to go.
When Lori doesn’t move quickly enough, ChipE decides to take matters into his own hands, er, paws.
Soon enough, ChipE talked Lori into going and they headed off to meet up with Andrea.  This is the second transport in a row for Andrea – our birthday girl from the Sky and BooBoo transport!  Here are Andrea and her husband Barry with ChipE
Chip is enjoying some chin scritches while waiting for Jennifer to arrive at the meeting location in Baltimore.
Here are Jennifer and Andrea with ChipE.  Judging from his butt instead of his face in the picture, he was letting them know that he was ready to roll.  Oh look, Andrea’s wearing some swag!!
Here’s ChipE checking out Jennifer’s car….
…..looks like he’s doing a full safety inspection before they hit the road….
….obviously satisfied with the A/C temperature…..
and the Awwwww moment….giving and getting some love with Jennifer!!
With the safety inspection and snuggles out of the way, Jennifer and ChipE headed on up the road toward Kelly in Philadelphia.  Here are Kelly and Jennifer with ChipE.  The one below this is Zach and Jennifer with ChipE.
ChipE and Kelly getting to know each other….
…..getting comfy on Zach’s lap…..
“No more pictures, please.  It’s time to go”
The trio hit the road, continuing the journey northbound!  Next conductor on deck: Giovanna in in New Jersey!  Here are Kelly and Giovanna with ChipE.
And here are Zach, Giovanna and Darlene with ChipE.
“Seriously?  Do I have to drive myself?!?”
Giovanna and ChipE headed on up into Connecticut to meet up with Maureen.  Here are Maureen and ChipE together!!  Someone’s looking a little sleepy – and it’s not Maureen!
Maureen headed off on the last leg of this LONG journey (about 1,286 miles total!)  Here’s the first picture of Liz with her new little man!
And here’s a picture of ChipE in his new home – looks like he settled right in!!!
Of course, no transport is complete without a few parting pictures of the VIP in their new home.  Here are two of ChipE, looking handsome and regal, in his new home!!
After all was said and done, foster Momma Beth said, “Liz ~ I am so happy that your baby is finally home with you! Thank you to all the administrators, conductors and cheerleaders who made it possible for a shelter kitty from Florida to find his way home to Rhode Island…Your story is a true testament of what URRKN is all about!!”
If you agree with that, come join us.  You can read all about us – who we are, what we do, why we do it and how we do it – at  As of today, we stand at 2,535 members strong.  But there is no such thing as too many people when it comes to helping kitties get safely home.  We can always use more.  We have some transports in the works and we need more drivers.  Maybe you can help???
Choo Choo!

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