I’ll have a MARTINI with no olive, just a CHINO

Backstory:  What’s better than love at first sight? Love at first sight times two! 

Martini is a sweet little ginger girl who was abandoned when her owners moved away and left her to fend for herself. A neighbor concerned for her safety called Shelly Olree’s Shelter, SOS, in Hillman, MI. Shelly took Martini in, had her spayed and lovingly settled her in as a new resident of the shelter. 

Around that time, a handsome buff-colored boy named Chino and a few kitty friends narrowly escaped a frightening fate at a MI high kill shelter. Typically, only about 10% of the kitties going in to Genesee County Animal Control ever make it out.  So Shelly opened her door to the boys and warmly welcomed them in.Thanks to the amazing interwebs, Susan  was checking out SOS’s facebook page and fell in love.   Twice!   Susan’s only concern was that her new loves are currently in Michigan, while she resides in Rhode Island. That’s where URRKN comes in, because as our own Kelly Pusskitty explained to Susan, “Sometimes your newest furbaby just doesn’t live near you!”
Because of the distance, this would be another two day transport, with a stop at an “exclusive” URRKN B&B.  Martini and Chino would hit the road on Saturday, July 28th.  Shelly, who had been an amazing foster momma to both of these sweet babies said this after she completed the first leg of the transport and handed them off to Sherry’s capable hands, “Home. Chino and Martini are on their way home as well. I did cry.   I feel completely responsible for their health, safety, well being and happiness, and now I feel completely out of control of that…bittersweet, but will be doing the happy dance when I know they have made it safe and sound.   I feel bad for Martini, she is scared.   I knew she would be, poor girl has been through a lot.   She looked at me like I was deserting her.   Boo.   I hope to see bunches of updates of their travel, and pray for the safety of those that are on the roads seeing them to a better life.   Thank you URRKN, I am VERY grateful.   Oh geez I have never wanted a weekend over so badly!! Get home you 2:)
Here’s a great picture of Sherry with the babies, getting ready to head out on the highway.
Here’s a shot that Sherry sent of Chino getting some love.  *scritch, scritch, scritch*
Here’s Martini.  Yes, she looks scared.  She hasn’t figured out just yet that she doesn’t have anything to worry about.  But don’t YOU worry, Martini will be just fine.
So, Sherry chugged on down the tracks to meet up with Sherri (yes, you’re seeing double, and yes, I think I spelled both of their names correctly!) in Flint, MI.  Now, I heard that Sherri was bee bopping on down the road, singing Justin Bieber to her two passengers.  I’m thinking Chino is trying to change the radio station with his eyes here, how ’bout you? 🙂  Maybe he was just trying to listen closely so he could learn all the words??  Who knows?
After Sherri handed the kitties off to Kimberly in Ohio, the journey continued across that great big state (seriously, I know I’ve said it before, but who knew Ohio was so darn big?!?).  Kimberly sent us this picture from her leg of the trip.  Martini’s eye still look a little wide, but at least she’s ventured up to the front of the carrier to check things out.  I think she’s starting to sense that big, exciting things are happening for her!
Next stop – Suzanne (yes, still in Ohio).   While the kitties were with Suzanne, waiting for their next ride (Barbara), Chino took some time to get some lovin’ from Suzanne’s son!  He’s looking pretty laid back there, isn’t he??
Here he took the time to strike a perfect picture taking pose while waiting!
Barbara picked up her sweet passengers and headed home.  Home?  Wait, they’re home already??  Nooooo.  Martini and Chino were bunking at Chez Barbara for the evening so that they could get their beauty sleep (not that they need it, look at them!) and be ready for the second half of the trip on Sunday.   When they first got there, Barbara said, “Chino has been under the bed visiting with Martini assuring her it is okay to come out – — and then he comes out and visits with me. He is making himself at home – and I get the feeling he thinks this house sucks as there is only ONE room in it – — It’s like he is saying “HEY where’s the REST of this place????” lol Martini I hope comes out sometime tonight. SHe is very shy – – — he is comforting her which is very moving …”  She also sent us these shots at the B&B.
Chino is up high, checking everything out!
Chino is posing
Martini’s not looking quite so nervous here, is she??
Both kitties are ready to get some shut eye!
After a fun night at the great B&B, Martini, Chino and Barbara hit the road the next morning, continuing on the eastbound trek across Pennsylvania.  Here are Barbara and William (gosh, I love when our MEN get involved!)  Oh – and look – Barbara’s rocking some URRKN swag!!  Want some of your own?  Check out the URRKN store here: http://www.cafepress.com/urrkn
Wondering about the smiley face??  That’s because the license plate was visible in this picture and, as I’ve said about a bazillion times, the safety of our kitties AND conductors is our number one priority.  We decided to be creative when we blocked it out in this picture.  I think Barbara and William’s smiley faces are much cooler, though, don’t you??
Sorry – distracted by shiny things.  Back to the transport!!  William headed off across Pennsylvania and met up with Cindy and her brother Scott.  Yup – TWO kitty lovin’ men on this transport!!  Here’s Scott with Chino.
Chino seems to be looking out the window as if he knows he’s almost home.  “Are we there yet, huh?  Huh?  Are with there yet?”
Pretty Martini just kicking back in her carrier.  Still a bit nervous, but she looks like she’s relaxed at least a little bit here!  Why is it that kitties love to lay right in their litter pans, though?  Silly girl!
Here’s Chino looking for his next conductor.  I think this type of shot – kitty looking out the window – is one of my most favorite.  We seem to get at least one of these on every single transport we do.  It really is as if the kitties know that they are on an epic journey, that they’ve been given another chance at happiness and that there’s an amazing fur-ever home somewhere outside the window.  *sigh*
Soon enough, Chino found who he was looking for – Amber!!  She would be picking up the next leg and headed in to New York.  Getting close, Chino, getting close!!  (I wonder if he was describing what was out the window to Martini, who was still just a little too nervous to get out of her carrier?)  Here’s Amber with the kitties – and another one of those smiley faces 🙂
Amber also dragged hubby Matt along – and here the two of them are together with Martini and Chino.
Matt and Amber handed the kitties off to Kathy in NY and she headed off to Connecticut to meet up with Monica.  Kathy was showing off her swag to anyone behind her on the ride!!
And here’s pretty Martini (top) and handsome Chino (bottom)
Not to mention, pretty Kathy and handsome Steve here 🙂  (and look at those Tshirt!  Way to get hubby in on this Kathy!)
Kathy and Steve handed off to Monica and Karl who have the last leg of this trip…..
…..all the way to Susan’s house, where a celebratory BBQ dinner was planned!!  Now, for the record, we suggest that all of our conductors meet in safe public places for all kitty exchanges.  However, Susan and Monica had been speaking for days before all of this and felt very strongly that they wanted to spend some time together before Monica and Karl headed home. Who are we to stand in the way of blossoming friendships?!?   Looks like everyone is safe and having fun to me!! 🙂
Just wondering if Martini and Chino had their celebratory dinner first?!?  Hmmmm…..here they are when they first arrived home!
Here’s Chino checking out the fireplace at his new digs….he’s a quick little sucker, so he’s a bit blurry.
And here he is looking out the window in his new home.  I think he’s checking to make sure noone else is coming to pick him up.  He’s pretty happy right where he is!
At one point during transport weekend, URRKN member (John) said, “I am reading all of these updates with tears in my eyes. Every day, there is always such bad news in the world, so many sad things. Yet, every Saturday, while at work, I keep this page up to watch the travels. I have been involved with kitty rescue for over 7 years now. I give of my time, my money and my skills. It’s so nice to see that there are so many others who share my love for the kitties and can take part in these rescues. I am signed up, but living in South Florida, haven’t had the chance to participate…yet. Look forward to the day when I can. You all are amazing people!”
After the dust settled from the weekend, and everyone was still enjoying their post transport warm fuzzies, foster momma Shelly said, “Swelling in my eyes from boo hoo’ing all weekend has gone down, the swelling in my heart? Not so much:) Thank you SO much for helping us get Martini and Chino home! From the admin’s, to the conductors, to the awesome cheerleaders that followed their journey! I thank you! God Bless, and keep you safe!
And new momma Susan said, “day was good. martini is def the boss. my house has 3 floors….second being 2 rooms (my house was a carriage house circa 1865) they have had free roam twice today for about 2 hours each. not in any hurry to try the first floor. third floor is open to my room on the second; chino figured out he can jump from the third to my high bureau and then to the lower one, then me!! i am sure they think the carrier is coming so i removed them from the room today. a tad more relaxed although every noise sparks them. however they will do nicely i am sure and eventually be just total mush”  Martini – the boss?!?!?  Love, love love it!!  This is the girl who was so nervous and hiding under the bed at the B&B, and in the back of her carrier in wide eyed anxiety.  And now, she’s the BOSS!  You go Miss Martini!!!
Like what you see here?  Want to be a part of something like this?  There are several more transports currently in “event” status (meaning they’re seeking drivers) and even more in the screening/planning stages (gathering necessary information to get to “event” status).  There’s always something fun and exciting happening at URRKN.  Come check us out!  https://www.facebook.com/groups/URRKN/
Choo Choo!

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  1. As the momma of Chino and Martini i can tell you all they are happy, healthy and so much fun. Martini is a lover, unconditionally and loves to yap at you. Chino is a bundle of personality and loves human contact, but loves to play when you least expect it. he scopes out every closet, piece of furniture, and he especially loves the basement which is just a storage place. he pounces on just about anything and gets in the most ridiculous poses. the toys they came with, i think from Barbara have been a huge hit!! thank you Barbara!! they both sleep with me every night. they get plenty of attention and love. i am not sure who got the best end of this deal……………..again thanks to all who helped me get them home……..

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