Sweet little Edison

Edison’s backstory:  It’s been said that it’s impossible to keep a straight face when you are in the presence of a kitten and that certainly applies to little Edison! Just looking at those baby blues set in that beautiful orange fur will make the corners of your mouth turn up and your heart start to swell!

And, that’s exactly what happened when Dayna saw this little one! Edison was biding his time at Tempest Animal Rescue in Casper, WY when Dayna fell in love with him and knew he was meant to be hers. The only problem? A little distance. You see, Dayna lives in Seattle, WA. For those of you keeping track, that’s a whopping 1094 miles separating Edison from his new Meowmy and his furrever home.

Not to worry, though. Edison is hitching a ride on the Love Train, and YOU can be a part of his story. Seats on this train are limited, so choose your leg, grab your ticket and get ready to be part of something extraordinary! In return, we promise you will receive a full heart and a big smile and the unending gratitude of one little kitty who got to his furrever home because of you

In typical URRKN fashion, everything came together and Edison was set to hit the road the weekend of July 21st.  Before he left on his big adventure, Foster Momma Lindsey sent us this picture   (his “thoughts” were added as part of our recruiting campaign to get him home!)



She also shared this one  from the very, very beginning!!  Squeeeeeeeeee!!  No wonder Dayna fell in love with him.  LOOOOOK at that little face, and those little paws and that little tail!!  ❤

July 21st dawned with Lindsey and Edison hitting the road.  Lindsey decided to combine this with a visit to her dad, so she took the first three legs, driving Edison all the way to Montana.  She told us, “I decided to leave a tad early this AM because I was afraid my pregnant bladder would need to stop every hour. We were coming to Sheridan and Edi was snoozing so I just kept going. Stopped in Billings to potty, eat and stretch our legs. Sorry I haven’t posted sooner, I keep my phone in the back to deter my temptation to check my phone while driving :).”    (great idea on the phone Lindsey!  As much as we all sit here with baited breath waiting for pictures, the safety of these precious babies and our conductors is the of the utmost importance!)

When she could Lindsey sent us these pictures from her part of the transport.  Of course, Edison was only out of his carrier in a closed, non-moving car.  (I can’t stress it enough, safety first!)


In Montana, Lindsey met up with Jamie, who would take Edison a little further down the road and keep him overnight at her exclusive B&B!   Looks like he’s reaching out to say “hi” to Jamie!  Either that or he’s trying to break outta this thing and hasn’t figured out that the lock is on the OTHER side of the door….


When they got to the B&B, this is what Jamie told us “Edison is at my home resting from is big day. My mom went with me to pick him up and boy is he cute and a lovebug. We made several stops on the way home because he was crying and I held him and loved on him till he would calm down for a while and then we would go again. Why we got back a little late, I was worried about him and wanted to give him some loves and hugs to help the trip better for him. There was a change in his bed and breakfast for the better. I live in a studio and had my bathroom all set up with tons of towels but my mom took one look at him and said he could stay in her spare room. So she took him home and set him up and I went home fed my cat and got some things and will stay with him tonight in the spare room.  He will get lots of love and attention, but he is sleeping soundly now and don’t want to bug him. Letting him decompress for a while and get some zzzzzzz. He is safe with me tonight.”

Here he is making himself at home at the B&B.  He looks pretty darn comfy to me!




While he was at the B&B, Edison decided to take advantage of some of the free classes offered – here he’s working on a knitting project.



Clearly all that knitting wore him out and he’s taking a little nap!



These two are just Edison chillin’ in the car on a break!


On Sunday, July 22nd, Jamie and Edison got up and hit the road again to meet Andrea in Missoula.   Here’s Edison looking all sweet and handsome with Andrea.



Checking out the surroundings, and maybe looking for Bryan and Sylvia, who will be his next conductors.


Of course, must take a break for noms, also!  He’s a growing boy, after all!

The hand-off from Andrea to Bryan and Sylvia in Washington went smoothly and they headed off, just a few more legs until this sweetie is home for good!  Here are Andrea and Sylvia at their meeting spot!
And look at Sylvia getting her snuggle on with Mr. Edison
I think Bryan was a bit jealous, so he got in on the snuggle action too!!
‘Scuse me, do I watch YOU in YOUR litterbox??  (hmmm…if he’s anything like my orange and white boy, that answer is probably YES)
More noms!  (would you expect anything less??)
Next stop?  Meeting up with Darla in Ellensburg.  Darla is the last conductor between Edison and home!  Darla shared all of these awesome pictures.  Edison is so darn photogenic, I don’t think she could help herself!!  Here are Sylvia, Bryan, RoseAnn and Edison…..
….and here are RoseAnn, Darla, Bryan and Edison…
Now, we know Edison can’t drive (if he could, he wouldn’t have needed all of us!), but it looks like he’s checking everything out to make sure Darla and RoseAnn are going the right way to get him HOME!
So stinkin’ adorable!  I think I almost died from the cute!  Looks like he’s going to surf his way home!
I can ride here, right?  (No, sorry little man, you have to ride in your carrier so you’ll be safe!)
So handsome that I just have no words!!
I wonder how much weight he gained on this trip – he sure does eat ALOT!  🙂
There are many more pictures from Darla, but you’ll just have to go to the URRKN facebook page to see them all (https://www.facebook.com/groups/URRKN/)  While you’re there, remember to sign up as a conductor or B&B, if you can!
Finally, the moment we’ve all been waiting for: Meeting Momma Dayna!!!  Ready?  Huh?  Are ya?  Too bad if you’re not – here they are together!!!  AWWWWWWWWW!!!
Here are a few more of Edison’s homecoming – and of him settling in at home
Edison, meet Tesla.  Tesla, meet Edison – doesn’t really loook like they’re too interested, does it?
Duuuuuude – wanna play???  (someone has a bit of a fat tail, hmmm….)
Settling in and checking out his toys
Ready for another big AWWWWWWW moment???  Loooook!!  It’s like they’ve known each other their whole lives!!
When all was said and done, Lindsey said “I cannot thank everyone enough for all the efforts, time, gas, and cheerleading along the way. When Dayna first commented on Edison’s newborn picture saying how he was absolutely adorable and how she wished more than anything that she lived closer to me, I told her I would find a way to get him to her. After a few failed attempts to coax friends traveling that direction to allow Edi to come along, I was more determined than ever to figure something out. Between looking for airline pilots that would help to considering buying myself a ticket to deliver him personally, it was by miracle that I found URRKN. I honestly don’t even remember how I came across this wonderful organization, all I remember is jumping up and down practically in tears screaming to my husband that I found transportation!!! I immediately called Dayna and I think she thought I was joking LOL. Thank you to the amazing ladies who volunteer countless hours coordinating transports, checking necessary documentation, communicating with all the conductors and just making sure everything goes as smoothly as possible. I’m still awe struck that this truly happened and that Edison is now in the arms of his Momma Dayna. Thank you will never be enough, I wish I could take everyone out for celebratory cocktails :)”
People ask, why?  Why do you do this?  Why don’t people just adopt closer to home?  Why would you spend all this time for “just a cat”.  These pictures are why.  The smiling faces of our conductors.  The joy on the face of the new parents when they meet their new kitty for the first time.  The warm fuzzy feelings that everyone has for days after a transport is complete.  My question to all of those people who ask why – why not??
Want to help?  Can you drive?  Can you provide a safe, overnight stay for a kitty who is headed a long way home?  Can you share on your wall help recruit other drivers (or even other people to share even more)?  The come over to the facebook group and join us.  You’ll get a welcome post that gives you all the information you need – how to become a conductor, how to request a transport, what you can post on our page.  There are currently 2,785 members – you could be 2, 786 (or 2,787 or 2,788 or…..)