A little bit of Sass is always good (isn’t it ladies?)



Backstory: Sassy. This little lovely lives up to her name! Sassy is a feral kitty that was “rescued” by Patsy. She was a brand new Mommy with 5 day old kits. You all remember Baby Greyson that was adopted by Beth?   He was one of those kittens and is now living the high life. So now that her babies have been placed into excellent homes, it’s time for Sassy to go home as well.  Home is in Indiana, where she’ll be loved and taken care of, will not have to deal with the comings and goings of us 2 legged critters, and will have a host of friends to spend her days with in the barn and on the farm. There are barn cats, garage cats, indoor cats, and the best part…alpacas! I hear that they get along really well with the kitties!

Wait, did I read that right?  Alpacas?  Huh??  Yes, that’s right – Miss Sassy is a feral kitty, but she deserves a safe and happy life too, right?  Kim is willing to provide that for her – on an alpaca farm!!  Sooooo cool!

Sassy’s transport was a bit different than our others.  You’re not going to see any pictures of our conductors snuggling with Sassy (seriously, have YOU ever tried to snuggle with a feral kitty??  NOT fun!).  There are still some pictures, though.  And, of course, Sassy was still treated like the VIK (very important kitty) that she is!!  As Ginny said, “I think this is one of the neatest best transports we have done. Its so easy to love and help the kittens and pretty cuddly kittys. This girl will never be a cuddler but has done a very good job of being a cat and a kitty mommy. She deserves a good life and the folks who have decided to help her on her way are angels.

Compared to Garfield who also traveled this same weekend, Sassy’s trip is relatively short and sweet.  Just 304 miles from start to finish.  All in one day.  No B&B needed.

Here’s Sassy waiting for her turn to ride the Love Train.  She’s looking a little sad – this was taken the day the last of her kittens went to their furever homes.  Sassy knew she just had to wait patiently for her turn.

Sunday, August 5th, Julie hit the road with Sassy, headed across Michigan to meet up with Janie.  Julie told us that, “She was truly a wonderful cat to travel with. We kept talking to her, but not a peep out of her the whole trip. Just a sweet little girl.”  Clearly Sassy was aware that she was headed to a fabulous new life with some awesome new four legged friends!  It just seemed to take her a little time to figure that out – here she is hiding in her litterbox – probably hoping noone was going to notice her.  (It appears feral kitties and their domesticated cousins are a lot alike in that respect – we’ve seen our fair share of kitties hunkered down in litter boxes, haven’t we?)



Julie and Janie with Sassy – yup – she’s still in that litter box!  At least she won’t have to go far if she has to pee (I’m just sayin’….)


After the handoff, Janie sped (figure of speech, I’m sure she followed the speed limit the whole way!) off to meet up with Kim, Sassy’s new mommy, in Ft. Wayne, Indiana.  Janie gave us this picture of Sassy looking skeptical – but still in her litter box.  That mousie toy is looking a bit big in this picture!!



Here are Kim, Sassy and Janie – going to just take their word for it that Sassy’s still in there.  Somewhere! 🙂


Once Kim had Sassy, she headed home to set Sassy up in her temporary digs, to let her get accustomed to all the new sights, smells and sounds of the alpaca barn.  See, just because Sassy’s feral, Kim knew that she couldn’t just let Sassy out and let her run.  Sassy still need some time to get adjusted and learn about her new home and its other inhabitants.  Here she is in her temporary home.  Eventually Sassy will be able to roam the barn, but for now, she’ll be seeking the safety of that cube!


Sassy is lounging in her crate, checking out that huge mouse that went for her ride with her.




Sassy’s roommate, Buster, peeking over to say Hi!



When Kim went to check on Sassy before going to bed, she found that Sassy already had visitors coming to call.  If you look closely, you can see Sassy chillin’ in her cube while these two little ones check out their new friend.



The next day, Kim updated us, “When I checked on her this morning before I went to work, it looked like she had eaten most of her Fancy Feast but she was back in her kitty cube. When I checked on her after work she was in the kitty cube and had tipped it over and had it kind of scrunched down. After dinner I went back down and put in a new water dish with jug so she would have more water and it wouldn’t matter as much if she spilled some of it. I also gave her another can of Fancy Feast since it didn’t look like she touched much of her dry food today. I did manage to put her kitty cube back upright but she scooted out of it and went back in the corner behind it while I was straightening it up. I was happy that she was back out as it might be kind of warm in the kitty cube the way she had it. She was watching me the entire time I was putting her Fancy Feast in there for her. My husband was down there earlier filling up the other corner of the room with hay so she probably wasn’t too happy with him going in and out several times. He should be finished filling up the room tomorrow after work and then no one will go in there other than to feed Buster once a day in the evening. Of course I will be going down to check on her, feed her, and turn the fan on or off based on the weather so she will see me at least two or three times a day. It will be a slow process for her to get used to everything but we will give her the time she needs.

About a week later, we also got this update on Sassy, “It will be a while before she adjusts. She “re-arranged” her space and knocked down her perch (the velcro that came with perch apparently didn’t hold well but the duct tape is still hanging in there literally). She spends time in her kitty cube and has moved it all over the crate since it’s soft and now has decided she likes it with the opening almost facing the barn wall (I think so she feels safe). I bought her a better fan that I can adjust to blow directly on the kitty cube to give her more air when she is in it. She has been eating and drinking and pooping and LOVES her Fancy Feast Gravy Lover’s Chicken. 🙂 It is completely gone when I check on her in the mornings (I feed it to her in the evening when I have more time). She comes out of the cube when no one is around and sometimes when I add dry food to her bowl since it makes a noise right behind where she has put her kitty cube. I have been looking around and found a kitty condo/perch thing that is short so it will fit in her crate. It has a large tube with multiple opening on top and a perch a little lower plus a scratching post mounted sideways so it rolls on the bottom.  It will give her a place higher up that is semi enclosed as well as a perch lower down too.  I am also looking for cat enclosure plans so that if I can find one and the materials aren’t too expensive, maybe I can get my husband to help me build one so she has more room while she waits to adjust.”

It sounds like Sassy has hit the jackpot in her new home.  Thanks to everyone involved in this – from Patsy to Kim and all the conductors and transport coordinators in between – Sassy now has a place to call her own.  Looking forward to the day we receive an update saying that Patsy has adjusted and is out and about with the other barn kitties – and maybe even Buster, the alpaca!

Would YOU like to know what it feels like to be a part of something so awesome??  There are currently a handful of transports in event status, just waiting to be filled.  Maybe you can fill one of the missing legs?  What are you waiting for?  Come on over to our facebook page and join us https://www.facebook.com/groups/URRKN/  We’d love to have you.  ?

Choo Choo!


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