Pretty Cally-co Kitty

From the event:  Do you believe in fate? 

This is the tale of two fabulous ladies, and one very lucky Calico kitty! Cally is about 9 years old, with bold splashes of brilliant colors on a lush white base coat. She found herself in a shelter, when her owner passed away. Lucky for Cally, the shelter happened to be near Trudy’s house.Trudy is one of URRKN’s long time, much-loved members, who has been patiently waiting for her chance to Conduct on the Love Train. One day, she saw Cally when visiting her local shelter, and was moved to share Cally’s picture on Facebook.

As luck would have it, Jan saw that picture. It seems, Jan had used to live in the area where Cally was found, and had lost a kitten who looked exactly like Cally 9 years ago! She thinks it could be the same kitty, and why not?

Even if this beautiful girl isn’t the same kitty that Jan lost years ago, it’s easy to see why she fell in love with her!  Look at that pretty face, those adorable paws and that beautiful snorgle-able (yes, that’s a word.  I swear, it is!) belly!!  Good thing I wasn’t along this route, Cally might just have found herself catnapped before she got to Jan (I’m kidding!  Sort of. I think!)
Trudy and her husband got their URRKN-mobile gassed up and ready to hit the rails early on Saturday morning (August 11th) and then, “We are on the way. We were a little late leaving. Maybe 15 minutes. A certain little kitty decided she didn’t want to get in her carrier. She’s in there now. I wasn’t sure who was going to win for a while.
With Cally safely in her carrier, they hit the road and headed toward their meeting spot with Becca.  Here’s the URRKN-mobile ready to go!
And here’s the slightly carrier-resistant Cally ready to head on home to her new (maybe old) Momma!
Next stop is Becca, who does ALL of her URRKN transports with her daughter.  A conductor-in-training, perhaps?
Here’s a shot of Becca with Trudy and Cally at their meeting spot.  I always love to see the beautiful, smiling faces of our conductors on these trips!
I would be remiss if I didn’t also give a shout out to Trudy (and her hubby) and Becca who adjusted their portions of the route due to cover another conductor’s leg when a family emergency occurred that caused her to not be able to drive that day.  It’s always so great to see people step up and do what needs to be done to get these precious kitties home.
After she got home, Trudy said, “I’m ready for another transport. But being a foster mommy–it was really hard to drive off & leave Cally with someone else. Thank good ness my husband was driving. Or else I would still be there saying good-bye.”  I can imagine how that feels Trudy.  I haven’t fostered any of these sweet babies, but I had a difficult time saying goodbye to each and every one that I had the pleasure of helping get to their new lives!
Becca gave us this beautiful picture of Cally while she had her.  Somehow Becca always manages to get these great shots that really show the sweetness of the kitties she is transporting!
Becca and Cally continued on down the road where they met up with Alison.   Becca had this to say about her part of the trip, “Cally is such a beauty. Wish I could have spent a little more time getting to know her, but she had a very important date to get to: HOME. Kisses to Cally. And it was lovely meeting Trudy and Alison. Life is good today!
Here’s Alison with Cally – yup, another smiling face (and a kitty who looks a little bit like she’s trying to find a way out of the carrier…hmmm).
Once Cally was safely settled into her new ride, she and Alison headed out to meet up with new Momma Jan!   We always love to see that picture where kitty and Momma (or Daddy – can’t leave the Daddies out) finally get to meet!
When Jan and Cally got home, Jan told us, “Cally is home!!!! Thank to all the Angels on the Kitty Railroad who toook such good care of this special gal to bring her to me. She is up in my room “transitioning with litter box handy, food and water and the door shut so it is nice and quiet and cool in there” she has not been overly friendly with me yet, but I will give her plenty of time, poor little girl has been through a whole lot, so the little boys know NOT to come in Grammy Jans room for any reason whatsoever unless invited in. Thank you again all of you, and I will make sure to take lots of pics to share.”
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Choo Choo!