Justice is served!!!

From the event:

This girl was surrendered to the shelter by an owner that was moving and couldn’t take her along. (BAD owner! Bad OWNER!!) She spent 4 months in the shelter in Virginia until a contact of the East Coast Maine Coon Rescue sent her to Chris in a general e-mail. So Justice was then taken to New Jersey to be loved and pampered until a home could be found for her. In steps our hero, Don! He has adopted Justice, so now she will be making the trip back to Virginia to a permanent forever home. Justice is a loving 10 pound Maine Coon, until she decides differently! I’m told she can be moody and can even be aggressive if she feels threatened. Don will provide the perfect home for her. She won’t have to compete with anybody (2 legged or 4 legged) for his undivided attention. A match made in kitty heaven!

This picture doesn’t quite do her beauty “Justice”, does it??  Hahahaha – I didn’t even realize I was doing that until I started to type!  Anyway – I just want to say that we all know that we don’t know the circumstances behind this beautiful girl being left behind, but we do find it very sad that Justice was a disposable member of her former family.  No worries, though, she has a NEW family in Don and we’re certain that she will be a spoiled and happy girl there!  In a crazy twist of fate, she was dumped in a shelter in VA, moved to NJ and is now moving back home to VA.  I guess she’s a Southern girl after all!

Justice’s transport started bright and early on August 11th with Christine taking Justice from NJ to PA where they’d meet up with Trish.  Here she is ready to set out on her big adventure.  Now, as you may remember from way up there ^^^^, Justice does have a penchant for striking out if she’s scared or nervous, so all conductors were cautioned about that and it was noted on her carrier that she should not be taken out except in extreme emergencies.

Don’t know about you, but I think she’s already plotting her escape from the confines of this plastic and metal box!

Once Justice was on board with Trish, she sent us these pictures.  Look at her face in this one – yup, she’s definitely plotting something!

Trish and Justice headed off to meet up with Edmund in Delaware.  Edmund sent us this lovely shot – maybe the plotting is over and she’s thinking longingly of her new home with Don?

After he got home, Edmund said, “Did my first transport, went exactly as I expected. Met 2 other great volunteer Conductors, had nearly perfect weather and driving conditions and a perfectly wonderful fare. I’ll do it again to put a Kitty into a loving home”  After one transport, most of our volunteers are hooked.  You just can’t beat that warm fuzzy feeling (I know, I know, if you’ve read other blog posts, I keep saying that!  But it’s TRUE!)

Edmund and Justice met up with Jennifer in Baltimore.  Here’s a few pictures from Jen!  Look at that beautiful, expressive face!  In the bottom one she even kind of looks like she’s smiling!  I wonder what Jen said to her??

After Jen, Justice met up with TJ and her son Alex in Virginia.  Now, Alex is an old pro at transports – he’s done both the transport (with Mom driving, of course) and the B&B.  Future conductor in the making, I think.  In fact, here are TJ and Alex getting ready to go!  Wonder if Alex is going to share that sandwich with Justice??  (Kidding, we know kitties don’t eat people food!)

TJ, Alex and Justice headed off to meet up with new Daddy Don!  Here is Don meeting Justice for the first time!

After he got home, Don told us, “Justice is now home and running wild, after an 11hr trip she has a lot of pent up energy. Thanks to everyone-those who transported and well wishers.
TJ I hope you enjoyed your meal before heading back. Thanks”

Then we got to see Justice at home.  Looks like she’s settling in quite nicely, doesn’t it??  No sign of the scared, hissy kitty that we were warned about.  Clearly Justice is feeling safe and loved!!  Thanks Don!!!!

Want to help another, possibly misunderstood, kitty get a second chance at a happy life??  Come check us out here https://www.facebook.com/groups/URRKN/

Choo Choo!!


Oui Oui – it is Me – Miss Midnight LeRoux

From the event:

Someone once said “She walks in beauty like the night”…

They must have been talking about Miss Midnight LeRoux! She is a dark beauty living with foster meowmy Tami, in Overland Park, KS. Her adopter is in Glendale AZ, and is foster meowmy’s sister in law, Susan!! She has her microchip installed, and she is ready to go!!
Midnight transferred from Kindred Spirit Animal Rescue Center (Fairdealing, MO) to Kitty Cat Connection (Kansas City, MO) in January of this year by Susan, along with another black kitty, in hopes of saving them from a potential bad situation. In March, a nice lady indicated she was interesting in fostering her first cat or litter of kittens. It was decided that she would start with an adult foster cat, and when kitties more of her choosing became available, KCC would switch the kitties around. She was sent photos of 3 adults Susan thought would work for their home with two older children and a German Shepherd. The family chose Midnight.Midnight fit in to her new foster home fabulously, and bonded with everyone including the dog in a relatively short amount of time. They all loved her and described her as the perfect cat. They thought of keeping her for their very own, but ultimately decided they were just a bit too busy to have a long term responsibility to another animal at this time. Foster Mom Tami did a good job of showcasing photos of Midnight and stories on her Facebook account, and her sister-in-law followed along carefully. So carefully that now Foster Mom’s sister-in-law is the person adopting Midnight!

Here are a few pics of Midnight in her foster home
The send off on transport day (Saturday August 11th) – notice that even the goggie is there to say goodbye!
After Midnight hit the road with Julie, Tami said, “It was very difficult saying good bye to my foster kitty, Midnight LeRoux, but I know she is in capable hands with Julie driving and her sweet son in the backseat with Midnight. Also, her son has been nice enough to give me updates. So far everything is going great and Midnight Leroux is doing well.
Julie and her son headed off to meet up with Susan and her hubby.  Here’s a picture of Susan and Julie with Midnight as they make the transfer.  Look at Midnight’s wide eyes.  Looks like she knows something exciting is happening!
Susan and her hubby with some of their URRKN swag.  Want some for yourself?  Check it out here.  http://www.cafepress.com/urrkn
At a rest stop, Midnight looks longingly at the box of litter and the bowl.  No, not really, but I just couldn’t think of what else to say here!  Haha.  Look how beautiful she is, though!  I just want to reach through this screen and pet this pretty girl!
Midnight looks a little confused.  Wondering where the little human is that should be in this car seat.  Don’t worry Midnight, the two legged baby is just fine, I’m sure!
Susan and Mr. Susan met up with Julia (yes, first Julie, now JuliA) in Oklahoma (where the wind comes sweepin’ down the plain….ooops, sorry, got distracted!).   Here are the three lovely ladies (Julia, Midnight and Susan!)
Julia and Midnight would head off to meet up with Wanda, who would be staying in a hotel with Midnight (now THAT’S a B&B, right??)  But wait, first check out this photo sent by Julia on her part of the trip.  Bad luck?  I think not!  I know all of our kitties are beautiful, but man, look at this face!!  She is stunning!!!
And Julia agrees because when she got home, she said, “Yes she is! She was very polite and quiet. I couldn’t get her to drink any water. Hope she chows down and wets her whistle tonight in the motel. Can’t wait to see pictures of her there. Great meeting you Wanda!”
Here are Wanda and John (and I think it’s also Mr. Julia – sorry, I never got his name!) getting ready to head out on the last leg before a night of rest.
Pretty girl enjoying some play time at the B&B.
Just trying to freshen up a little after a long day on the road.  Maybe a little privacy is in order here??
After a restful evening, Midnight is up and ready to hit the road on Sunday!
Here are Wanda and Pam as they get ready to make the most of Day 2.  Midnight’s looking at them intently – she must be very interested in what they have to say!
In New Mexico with Pam, waiting for Bonnie to arrive.  I think the pictures of the kitties looking out the windows in anticipation of getting to their new homes are my absolute favorite pictures that we get from our conductors.  Of course, no kitties out of carriers while the car is moving or when doors/windows are open.  And ALWAYS follow any special instructions that might come with kitty – some kitties should not be taken out of their carriers except in extreme emergency situations!  (End Public Service Announcement!)
Here are Bonnie and, well, maybe it’s Mr. Bonnie??  I’m not sure, but they look like they’re having fun!!
Another beautiful shot of this pretty girl’s face!
Hey – you there – can you drive this thing???
FINE!  I guess I’ll have to drive myself!
Hmmm….I think this thing down here makes the car go faster, but then I can’t see where I’m going.  What’s a kitty to do?!?!?
Eventually Midnight convinced Bonnie it was time to go and they headed off to meet up with Lava, who would take Midnight into Arizona.
Lava and Midnight headed off to meet up with Megan who sent us these two pictures.  This one is a shot of Midnight – Megan said that Suzy was there, and Midnight was craning her neck to see around Megan and catch a glimpse of her new Momma!!!
And here’s Megan saying goodbye to Midnight.  Kind of looks like she’s about done with this trip, huh?  (Midnight, not Megan.  Megan is clearly still feeling the warm fuzzies that come with transporting one of these amazing kitties!)
As we love to see, Suzy has sent us some updates of Midnight in her new home.  First thing was an update after they got home.  “She is home with us and has already met her sister’s Bella and Suki – only a couple of hisses and swipes and they are doing fine. Like I said the girls are more afraid of her.”  And then, most importantly – PICTURES!!!!
  Looks like she’s enjoying the view outside without having to actually go back outside!!
Lucky kitty – she has a new bed and it’s ON a bed.  How much more comfortable can you get??
Ok, no more pictures.  I’m trying to sleep here!!  zzzzzzzzzz
Nine conductors (including new Momma), two days, one B&B and almost 1400 miles.  Not bad, my friends, not bad.  Do you want to know what it’s like to participate in such an amazing event??  Then come join us at https://www.facebook.com/groups/URRKN/ to see what we’re all about.
Choo choo!!