Momma I’m coming home!

From the event:

Gail Mowry rescued a 6 year old kitty in Washington state 3 months ago, and had been traveling with him to their new home in South Carolina, when her car broke down near Laramie, Wyoming. The car was a goner, as was all her money, but the nice people in Laramie  helped her out with a motel and a bus ticket home. (Bet you can guess what wasn’t allowed on the bus…) Frantically, Gail spent all night on the phone and online trying to find help for D.G. Cat. She found an angel in Suzanne of the Laramie Animal Shelter Foundation, who was able to pick up D.G. and immediately get him into a foster home! Suzanne says D.G. is a 23 lb Maine Coon, beautiful and very friendly.

Leaving behind almost everything she’d brought with her, it took Gail another 4 eventful days to make it home. The stories this woman could tell! A 70 year old knitter who makes blankets for shelters, she’s now settled in her daughter’s home, missing her beloved kitty.

D.G. loves to travel, having already road-tripped with Gail from the Pacific Northwest through California and Nevada to Wyoming. URRKN now has the opportunity to help reunite this gorgeous rescued kitty with his furever meowmy!

Here is handsome DG possing at his foster momma’s house, just waiting until he could get home to Gail.

Never one to turn down a good head scritch (yes, scritch, that’s different than a scratch), DG looks like he’s posing for the camera.

And here’s one of DG with his amazing foster Momma.  DG was obviously loved, which I’m sure gave Gail a bit of peace of mind as she tapped her knitting needles waiting to be reunited with this sweet boy!

Now, you do the math.  Wyoming to South Carolina.  That’s a long, long long way.  So long that it would take THREE days to get there.  And lots and lots of really great people.  Fifteen drivers – two B&B’s – and lots and lots of smiles …and tissues.  Lots of tissues.

This transport took alot to put together.  Hours upon hours of planning and tweaking and begging and networking.  But it happened.  Miraculously, all of these people pulled together to get this big (and I mean BIG) ball of fur home to his Momma!

First, Jeremy and Matthew hit the road on Saturday August 18th.  Now, the two of them had some bantering and bickering going on – and eventually decided to drive the first two legs together.   Look at them with DG!  This kitty doesn’t know what he’s in for, does he???

Look ^^^^  – They even brought toys for DG for rest stops!!  Haha – kidding!!  But just goes to show you what fun loving, crazy cat guys they are!!  The boys (all three of them!) headed east to meet up with Linda in Colorado.  At the end of their legs (they covered two of the original planned legs), this is what they each had to say:

Matthew – “‎[√] DG Leg A, [√] DG Leg B, [√] Couldn’t have gone much smoother, [√] Awesome, [√] More proof that Jeremy and I were separated at birth, [√] Multitudes of meows — in Aurora, CO.”

Jeremy – “Yes, I do feel like a billion dollars(said in Dr. Evil’s voice.) Biscuit, today you taught me that the greatest good is often measured by doing the smallest thing. Daddy misses you, but your wings were needed to help guide these kitties home today.”   (Jeremy is referring to his own sweet foster kitty who had just crossed the Rainbow Bridge shortly before this transport took place.  RIP Biscuit!!)

Here are Jeremy and Linda at their handoff spot.  Both of them sporting their URRKN swag.  Want to get some of your own?  Check out this site

Here is DG doing a little exploring with Linda at a rest stop.

And, here he is resting up for his next conductors (father and son duo – Andrew and Bill) in Kansas.

After handing DG off to Andrew and Bill’s capable hands, Linda said, “Well, just had a bite to eat in Colby and headed back to Denver. Going to be lonesome without D.G. Will check in later. Should be home in about four hours.”  Then she updated us when she got home, “Just checking in, we just arrived home, safe and sound from Colby, KS. What a great feeling to have helped get D.G. home to his Mom. Thank you for the opportunity to help.”

Before she headed off for that bite to eat, Linda snapped this picture of Andrew and Bill!  Isn’t it awesome to see so many men involved??  Yes, the crazy cat lady stereotype is alive and well in this group, some of us wear it more proudly than others (haha), but I personally love to see the men who break that stereotype.  Noone here is crazy – we’re all just a bunch of folks who love kitties and want to help!  (ok, I *might* be a little crazy, but shhhhhhh)

This is an awesome picture of DG getting some love from Andrew before they hit the road toward the meeting point with Stacy.

Stacy and Bill in Abilene…..

…..and Stacy and Andrew……

Stacy would be the last conductor of the day for DG, as she was also scheduled to be the five star B&B for this handsome man.

Once DG arrived at his B &B, Stacy posted that she let him out of his carrier as soon as she could so he could begin to unwind.   She said he was very quiet on the drive home.  In fact she turned on the interior light a few times just to make sure he was okay.  But he was a perfect gentleman.  Upon arrival she prepped his toilet and got his food set up then let him out.  He sniffed around for about 20 minutes but then made himself right at home.   Stacey said, “The other 4 pets were less than happy that they were kicked out of their room…lol.  But, DG seemed quite comfy on my bed.”
DG says good morning on August 20th after a refreshing night at his B & B with Stacy.  Now it’s time to hit the road so I can see my furever meowmy in just a few short days.  And the train travels on!
By the way, DG came with his very own poster that traveled all the way to his furever home.  Check this out!
On the road for a very long day, DG arrives at his second evening’s B & B and his gracious hostess Susan Brown in Franklin, TN.  Here he is having noms and Susan says his motor is already going.  Got to keep that fluffy figure going!
One more of this beautiful baby kicking back at Susan’s home.
On the road the following morning for DG’s final transport day, Susan Brown handed this gentleman off to Michele Golley who drove DG from Cookeville TN to Knoxville TN where Lori Miller took over.
Here is a nice shot of conductor Lori Miller who has DG and is headed from Knoxville TN to Waynesville NC.  He was a perfect gentleman riding the rails but by now he is wondering… are we there yet?
DGLoriMillerTYs to Waynesville NC
One thing is for certain, that DG is quite the looker!  He is almost home and his meowmy Gail is sitting by the front window waiting for her special boy.
Here is our VIP with Mandy Kelley leaving Columbia SC on his last leg to mom!  Go DG!  Mandy says “he’s ready too… hissed and bopped me when he had to go back in his carrier!  This is it – the final leg.  DG traveled a very long way and into the arms of a grateful Gail Mowry.

Another successful URRKN transport complete.  All the way from Laramie Wyoming to Mt. Pleasant South Carolina, volunteer drivers, transport coordinators, cheerleaders, family and friends made sure that this VIP had an incredible trip and a happy ever after ending.  Thank you to all of you who made this possible.  You are all kitty angels!