This Little Mittens is a Very Special Kitten

Three little kittens lost their mittens … and one little kitten named “Mittens” has found her furrever home.

Can’t you just imagine waking up to little Mittens patting your face with those adorable white paws? Katherine Doctor could too, and that’s part of the reason she fell in love with this little one and opened her heart to give Mittens a home. Only one obstacle remained between Mittens and furrever: Mittens was in Shelby, NC and her new family was in El Paso, TX.

Don’t worry though, URRKN to the rescue and Mittens was given a ticket to ride the Love Train to her new home. With the engine rumbling quietly and the vehicles outiftted with catnip and toys…all that remained was for her conductors to drive her home!

Here we go Mittens, here we go.  August 18, 2012 was bright and sunny and a perfect day for a kitty transport.  The first leg on her three day tour was Shelby NC to Anderson SC and our fabulous conductor was Marlene Berry. Check out Marlene and Anita with Miss Mittens.

Hand off from Marlene to Nessa for the next leg; Anderson SC to Atlanta GA. Such a pretty lady – wait… all three are pretty!!!

Because real men love cats too, here is a pic of Nessa’s finance Mark along for the ride. We love our men participants because we can’t all be crazy cat ladies!

Made it to Atlanta with no problem other than the usual traffic. Here is Mittens hanging out with Nessa waiting for her transfer.

Such a snuggly baby – getting loves and rubs from Nessa.

Transferring from Nessa to Gretchen for the Atlanta GA to Oxford AL leg. The love train is moving right along.

Next pic is of Gretchen getting ready to leave – check out her conductor’s hat. That is really cool! Our conductors are always very stylish in their URRKN bling 🙂

The love train continued to roll south and before Mittens knew it, she was at the next transfer point in Oxford Alabama. Mittens was well on her way to becoming a true southern belle and was very polite as she changed hands from Gretchen to Randee Cole.

Mittens was very alert and you could almost hear her thinking out loud… are we there yet?

Before two shakes of a cat’s tail, Randee and Mittens arrived in Tuscaloosa AL for the transfer to Candice Keene. Mittens was now more than half way finished with her first day’s ride. We are getting there little one. Onward and upward, here is Mittens chilling in Candice’s vehicle.

Upon arrival at Meridian MS, Mittens met up with her next conductor, a URRKN good guy; Patrick Milligan who would drive Mittens two legs. first to Jackon, MS and then on to Monroe LA where he would transfer Mittens to her first evening’s B & B hostess, Sadie Mae Joslin. There is light at the end of the tunnel Mittens.

We are grateful for all our conductors but it is extraspecial when someone volunteers to drive more than one leg! Finally Mittens was transferred to Sadie Mae for the last leg of the first day and her B & B. Almost there 🙂

Made it! At the B & B with Sadie Mae, hooray!

Noms noms noms… yummy!

Sadie reports that Mittens has been eating and playing and they are now bedding down for the night. Goodnight Sadie and Mittens. Katherine Doctor, Mittens first day is done! She’ll be home soon!

Good morning world. It is the start of day two of Mitten’s journey to her furever meowmy. Have to eat breakfast before we go!

So Mittens hit the road for the second day of her journey to her furever meowmy. Sadie Mae drove to the drop off point where she would continue her journey with Bee Dee Leggett. Here is a nice pic of Mittens at drop off. Sadie says, “We really enjoyed having Mittens last night she is precious!! She is very talkative this morning! Meow Meow Meow she says! :)”


Bee Dee drove from Monroe, LA to Shrevesport where she met up with Arika Roy who drove our VIP passenger on to Tyler, TX. Everything went smoothly as the handoff was made to Bobbi Blanch. Mittens was now on her way from Tyler to Fort Worth. All the way she was super well behaved and very curious of her surroundings. One more transfer to Jacqueline Morin and our VIP was on her way to Midland. If you listen carefully, you might her say -boy Texas is a bigggggg state! Here is a great picture of Mittens. Jacqueline said, “Mittens was such a good traveler. She was purring and kneading her bed. That’s the way we like them!


Abilene to Midland was next and after transfer from Jacqueline to Heidi Dobey they were on their way. Here is Mittens with Heidi, once again super alert and watching the mile markers roll by.


So life sometime’s throws us a curve and they don’t always work out the way we plan.  As Heidi was traveling down the road, the unexpected happened and the transport changed.  At least 15 years prior while in the army, Chris worked with Candy Veroneau’s husband and Chris and FCM Tina and the Veroneaus were friends.  They hadnt spoken in over ten years but when Tina needed to make a transport change she called Candy who jumped right in to help.  Rather than to do the B & B, Heidi handed Mittens over to Candy who would drive the final leg which was over 305 miles.  Here is a pic of Heidi handing over Mittens for her final leg of transport.


Candy drove all night back home grabbed a couple hours sleep as a B&B Hostess even though she was leaving on vacation.  Talk about a special lady!  Here is Candy the following day handing Mittens to her furever meowmy.  Why did she do it (Candy that is)?  Besides being a lover of animals and a good friend to the LaBlancs, she delivered Mittens so that pregnant mama Katherine Doctor could be with her husband when he returned  home from deployment!  As Candy was driving Katherine was posting.  She said, “In just a few hours Mittens and I will be meeting for the first time! Words cannot express how excited I am to see her! The whole URRKN process has been incredible! I have sproken with some wonderful people, who organize all of this, over the last few months, and I must say, you ladies are so awesome for all that you do! Also, a HUGE thank you to ALL of the wonderful volunteers that made this transport (and every transport) possible. It is so amazing to see people taking time out of their day to give kitties their forever homes. Mittens has had a tough little life, and she is finally getting everything she deserves…a good home with a loving family. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to say thank you enough. This experience has been so great, and I look forward to the day when I can help a sweet kitty get home. We have been anticipating this day for months, and now it’s finally here! Choo chooooo, welcome HOME Mittens!!!

Candy and Katherine at the transfer point.  Can you hear Mittens saying, Mommy I’m home!


Everyone loves a happy ever after story and this one is as good as it gets.  After arriving home, Mittens spent a few hours sniffing out the house and then decided to hid behind the couch for a few hours.  Katherine reported that she is getting a little more brave, and is now hiding under Katherine’s bed.  She promised to take pics once Mittens reappears.  Poor baby has had quite a journey and needs some serious R&R!

And we’re out of hiding! She’s been hanging out and lovin’ on mama!


As this journey has come to a happy ending, Mittens says thank you to URRKN and all our drivers, conductors, cheerleaders, transport teams and friends for making this black and white beauty’s dreams come true.  She is finally where she belongs – a final tribute – she is at peace with her new sister, Kitty Jr.  There’s no place like home!



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  1. So happy to know mittens has a forever home….I myself have nine cats all rescues and un wanted….and in afew months ill be able to help…so until then Prayers for safe traveling….and Big Hug
    To all the people doing the best for all the cats…..Love. nine Cats Portland,Oregon…..

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