May The Force be with you Luke


The URRKN Force is with you Luke!

Luke found himself in the shelter in early July after his mommy had to go to a nursing home. As if that wasn’t bad enough, they gave him less than a month to find a new home! But something really special happened to Luke. The day before the one that was to be his last, his picture was posted on FB. A friend of the poster saw him, and the look of fear on his sweet face moved her to action. She contacted her friend and on the very day that may have been the last one Luke had, he was swooped up and taken to stay with his foster until he could make his long way home.

Signups for Luke’s transport took lightning speed. Signups for transport began on August 25, 2012 and by August 29th, Luke found himself in warp speed in less than a week thanks for our URRKN Jedis. Jedis from as far as way as Australia cheered as the transport was set for September 1st.


Here is Luke saying goodbye to foster mom Jenni.  And let’s not forget his four legged stepbrother.


Luke’s stepbrother tell him, “have a safe trip pal.  Don’t forget what I taught you!”


“In the car and ready for a great adventure without as much as a peep from this good boy. Now I know I want him!”


“Goodbye and good luck Luke!” With Laura Strickland, on Day 1 and the first leg is completed!


First leg completed, transfer made! Laura Strickland is on the right, Angela Roberts on the left. Laura says: “Luke is on his way to Las Vegas!” A special thank you to Angela for driving 4+ hours one way in order to get Luke to the next conductor.

Angela met with Nadine Day to transfer for the Las Vegas NV – Cedar City UT leg. It was then onto Ruth Brandt for the overnight stay at the B and B.  Ruth had participated previously with URRKN when Bill Cosby, now named Schroder arrived in Salt Lake City and became a part of Ruth’s furever family.  Ruth had said she wanted to pay it forward and now she could.

Arrived at the B and B with Ruth Brandt.

From Ruth… “Luke made the trip to our house to have a sleepover in Price, Utah! We picked him up in Cedar City, Utah (after a 4 hour drive to get there!) and immediately turned around and came home! He is such a good kitty and never even meowed! I’m told that he hadn’t eaten or had any water all day long, and he still hasn’t yet, but I’m sure he will. He likes to hide a bunch, especially in tiny places, but he is a lover kitty for sure!”


Luke is waiting at the door . . . “LET ME OUT!!!”  He was ready to explore his nighttime accommodations.  Ruth and her VIP guest would head out in the morning around 8:00 to take him to Provo for the next leg of his journey! ♥


Investigating everything and looking for hiding places. Luke is very shy for such a big kitty!

Day 2,  Young Jedi Luke is ready for his next interplanetary transfer via Judy Kiel.

9am on September 2nd, Judy reported in stating “Luke is on his way to Brigham City. Ear drops successfully employed.”  Our young jedi was once again on his way to his destination.


Can’t wait to get home.  But there was more excitement yet to come.

Just heard from Luke’s new Purrever Meowmy Cassie and she is now on the tracks to Dell, MT where she will meet Luke in just a few hours.  Luke will be changing trains in Pocatello, ID very shortly — his last stop before meeting Cassie.  The very capable conductor  for Brigham City to Pocatello was Mary Ann Hubbell.
♥♥ Luke, you’re almost home!! ♥♥


One more transfer complete – check out those happy faces!!!  Judy Kiel to Mary Ann – two fabulous ladies willing to drive our VIP passenger!


Jona Jacobson holds Luke in her car in Pocatello as she prepares to take the cat for the final leg of his transportation to Dell, Montana, where his new home awaits.

Breaking News!!! This just in!

The Idaho State Journal has requested an exclusive interview with our Young Jedi and his crew.  Check out this interplanetary article

Firth Woman, Logan couple help cat get to new home By Jimmy Hancock

Jona Jacobson said that when she saw a call for help to transport a rescued cat to its new home, volunteering was a no-brainer.

“I thought this was one way I could help cats without actually bringing every rescue into our house,” she said. “I figured I could do this and it would be my way of helping.”

Jacobson, who lives in Firth, recently lost a Bengal cat she rescued from some unqualified individuals in the Seattle area who were breeding it for profit. It’s a loss she and her partner are still feeling, making Jacobson reluctant to bring any rescues home right now.

Her decision to volunteer brought Jacobson to Pocatello on Sunday, where she met up with Mary Ann and Jim Hubbell, who live in Logan, Utah, at the Maverick Country Store, located at 2100 E. Center St.

The Hubbells had picked up Luke earlier in the morning from someone in Brigham City, Utah, and drove the cat to Pocatello.

Mary Ann said she and Jim were pulled into the mix by her cousin in Illinois, who called her asking if she could find someone to help transport the cat from her area to Pocatello.

“I volunteered to do it immediately,” she said. “I decided it would be fun to do it ourselves.”

She said her and Jim had the shortest leg of the trip for the Utah and Idaho transport of Luke, who started his journey in Mesa, Ariz. The person from whom they picked up Luke drove four hours south from Brigham City to pick up the cat, only to turn around and bring him home for the night.

Mary Ann said the experience has been a good one, and one she said her and Jim would be willing to repeat in the future.

“I wouldn’t mind doing it again,” she said.

The move of Luke from Mesa to Dell, Montana, a small community in Beaverhead County, located in the southwestern part of the state, bordering Idaho, was organized by Tina LaBlanc, founder of Underground Railroad Rescued Kitty Network.

LaBlanc, who resides in Avondale, Ariz., organized the network last fall, its official start date being Oct. 31, 2011. She was prompted to do so after reading about Jack the Cat, a pet lost by an airline last fall while it was in transport. It was 61 days before Jack was finally found and by then he was so badly injured, his outlook was not good.

He died 12 days later, in early November.

But Jack the Cat served as a reminder to LaBlanc, a reminder of a time when an airline lost her cat. It was 1997 when LaBlanc’s husband was transferred from Germany back to the U.S. and in transport, one of her cats was lost.

“She was only missing for a few days and was located in another state,” LaBlanc said. “We were able to get her in intensive care and she survived, thankfully.”

But hearing about Jack stirred up all those memories and also shocked LaBlanc a bit, the idea that airlines were still having difficulty keeping tabs on an animal so many years after her ordeal.

“I thought, somebody has to do something about this,” she said. “Then I had that quiet voice in my head that said, ‘You are somebody, ’”That was all she needed.

One goal of the Underground Railroad Rescued Kitty Network is to link potential owners with cats — regardless of where in the country each is at — in need of adoption, thereby rescuing them from being euthanized. The other goal is to then get that cat to that new owner.

While she’s awaiting approval of her nonprofit status, she’s not waiting to get cats moved around the country.

“Luke is our 50th transport,” she said. “We are growing like a runaway train. It’s wonderful. It’s a lot of fun.”

And while Luke just happens to be from LaBlanc’s home state, that is far from the norm. In fact, she’s not only helping cats connect with people all around the U.S., she got people wanting to mimic what she is doing in several other countries.

“Most of our cats are actually from out East,” she said. “Once my nonprofit is approved, I have people set to go in Canada, Mexico, Australia, Ireland and England. So we are set to go international as soon as we get that nonprofit status.”

Once a real estate sales agent, LaBlanc now dedicates her full attention to the Underground Railroad Rescued Kitty Network.

Like the Hubbells, Jacobson says she too is looking forward to transporting other cats in the future.

“Oh yeah, absolutely. It would be great,” she said. “To get little kitties to their new homes, I can’t think of much better when it comes to cats.”

POCATELLO Posted: Sunday, September 2, 2012 11:44 pm Updated: 12:30 am, Mon Sep 3, 2012.


Mommy I’m home!  Jedi Luke with his furever Meowmy! Special thanks to all who participated!


From Cassie Betz, “I just wanted to show you the goodies that Laura Strickland sent with Luke. That’s Stella, our chocolate lab, checking everything out. Laura makes these homemade items and they are loved by all who has them 🙂

When I took Luke’s crate out of the car at our house, Ricky-Bobby came running over and started rubbing all over it. I’m not sure if he even realized Luke was in there, but he seemed to be saying, “Welcome home, Luke! I’m your new brother!”

This just in from Cassie: “Getting Luke settled into his new digs and then will post pics. Thank you to EVERYONE who made this journey possible! I guess it takes a village to save a cat! :-)” ♥♥♥


Here he is!! Luke is getting some lovin’ from my husband, Brent, in this photo. They love each other already!

Luke home2

Here is our boy Luke eating! Yay! For the next day or two he will be staying in one of our unfinished basement rooms until gets settled in and used to us. Then we will introduce him to the rest of the house. Jenni, please don’t be alarmed by the chewed up corner of that crate……that one is ours. Yours is completely intact and will be shipped back to you this week. Thank you!

When Jona & I met up in Dell, there was a group of guys outside the Dell Merc that saw us handing off a crate with “something” in it. They were wondering what was in there, so my sister-in-law started telling them Luke’s story. They were amazed, and they all wanted to see Luke, so we opened up the car door for them to see him. I wish I had gotten a picture of these 4 Montana dudes all sticking their heads in our car at the same time. Hysterical! Luke’s first groupies!

One more update on Luke before bed. He has been exploring his room & finding lots of fun hiding places. We went to check on him once and couldn’t find him anywhere and went into a full-blown panic, until we looked up to see him sitting on a shelf above our heads with a smirk on his face! 🙂 He has been eating, drinking, peeing, & pooping, so all systems are working fine! 🙂 My husband thinks he should be named “Frank” as in Sinatra, because of those killer blue eyes…..


Luke had a great night, and just got a chance to meet Ricky-Bobby briefly. No flying fur, just a couple of quick nose touches and that was it. Luke is still cautiously exploring his new environment and making a mental note of new places to hide. 🙂 The dogs are DYING to meet him, but we are holding off on that for a little while until Luke gets more comfortable. When I told him he wasn’t going to have to get back in the crate today, he did backflips! Well, not really, but I’m sure he was doing them in his mind!

Master Luke is adapting well.  Don’t you just love a happy ending?  In a galaxy not so far away, all is right with the world as another kitty has a furever home!


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