Don Ameche is Trading Places!


Moving day. We all know what that’s like. In and out, doors propped open, madness abounds! Now you’re loaded and ready to go. What’s the last thing you load? Well your kitty of course! Only he can’t be found! Heart stopping then racing then stopping then racing. The house is empty! Where could he be? He’s gotten out? Where could he be? Can you imagine the devastation of having to leave and not knowing where your precious puss is? Well Liz had to do just that. All the way from the north of Tennessee to the top of Florida. Can you imagine what she must have been going through on that long ride to a new home?

Liz has some great friends though and one of them went to the house and found Meche inside! I’m sure he was confused, wondering where his people went, and where his favorite chair was and “Where is my bed?” So Don Ameche hung out with Liz’s friends waiting to hit the rails. And unlike the movie, he wanted to trade places with anyone who would help take him home to his meowmy!

Here is Don Ameche dreaming of the day he would get to ride the rails home.  The time will come very soon baby boy!


But the story doesn’t begin there.  Liz Murphy Thomas found him a year ago along the side of the road. He had either been hit by or thrown from a car and his little tail had to be amputated. Since he was so young, he’s learned to adapt pretty well without it.  Look how tiny he was – thank you Liz for saving this precious one.


Now Liz needed help getting her baby transported to her.


Samantha Myers said, “Don Ameche is getting along fine here in Tennessee but I can tell he misses mommy. Please disregard the spilled food in the background; that was a game of tag gone awry.”
Time to trade places and head out from Harrogate, Tennessee, and make your way to Jacksonville, Florida little man.   On September 8, 2012, Don Ameche bid farewell to Samantha and with the help of URRKN transporter extraordinares, made his way home.
Samantha drove the first leg and met Lori Miller in Knoxville, TN.  From Knoxville to Chattanooga, Don Ameche was a very well behaved gentleman.  Here he is waiting for his close up in Chattanooga while he waits for conductor Julie Poole.
 It was onward and upward from Chattanooga to Marietta, GA.  Julie Poole then handed Don Ameche off to Mary Delplane who drove this baby on to Macon, Georgia.
Rest stop please.  Here is a great pic of Mary and Don Ameche in Macon while waiting for the successful transfer.
And here is a lovely pic of Susan as she is getting ready to continue the long and winding road south.
Choo choo goes our URRKN train as it drove south towards its final destination.  Susan Mills was at the controls driving from Macon to Cordele GA.  Here is a pic of our wonderful VIP traveler right before Susan left the Macon station.
Chug chug chug down the road we go, and Don Ameche keeps thinking, there’s no place like home, there’s no place like home.  Oh wait, that’s the wrong movie!  But check out on the look on this baby’s face… what was that sound?  Is that my meowmy’s voice?  Are we there yet?
Susan has made the hand off to John Bullock. John is headed to Valdosta, GA to meet Liz Thomas.  Don Ameche is now on his last leg before seeing his meowmy again after 5 long weeks.  He told the others how nice his meowmy’s friend was and how she took such good care of him.  But he now wouldn’t trade places for anyone since he was almost home!
So what is the best part about the drive from Valdosta, GA to Jacksonville, Florida?  Don’s meowmy was driving that last leg!!!
What a beautiful little man!
So as his story winds slowly to a close and the train rounds the bend to a place called home, special thanks are in store for all the URRKN transporters, cheerleaders, admins and everyone who plays a part in getting kitties safely home.  We leave you with this final pic of Don Ameche, making sure the cabinets in his meowmy’s home are constructed correctly!
There really is no place like home!

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  1. What a wonderful story! Thank you for sharing it with us all. 🙂 You and URRKN and all the conductors are beautiful people doing such a great service. God’s riches blessings on you all ❤

  2. What a wonderful HAPPY story..from the “ignore the spilled of tag gone awry” to checking out the counters..made me grin. And yes..they DO know your voice!

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