Leavin’ on a Jet Plane!


Backstory: Sophie-Once upon a time there was a beautiful little kitten named Sophie. Sophie lived in Phoenix, AZ, but even though she was beautiful and very loveable, this poor little kitten did not have a home to call her own. The angels at Mayvn Rescue took wonderful care of her, but still she longed for that most special of treasures: a forever home and human of her own.


Then, from all the way across the country, miracles started to happen. Taylor saw Sophie and fell in love; a wonderful person offered to help her on behalf of the rescue; the rescue approved its second out of state adoption; a foster stepped up at just the right time; and then Sophie got a ticket to ride the Love Train!

Now there were only two obstacles left: Sophie was too young to spay and, although she had her ticket to ride the rails, Phoenix to New Jersey was going to mean over 50 hours in the car for this bitty kitty. But Sophie grew and had that all important surgery and then another angel flew over! Sophie now has a non-stop ticket to fly from Phoenix to New York where she will be met at the airport by her new Forever Meowmy. And don’t worry friends; this kitty will be flying all the way home in the cabin with her very own and very special URRKN conductor accompanying her all the way.

When Sophie’s transport went “live”, I was so excited to be the first conductor to sign up, not knowing at the time that I was going to end up being the sole conductor. Sophie’s transport was very special to me for several reasons. One, it was my first transport. Second, it was happening the week of my birthday, and most importantly, there was a whole in my heart that needed to be filled. In addition to volunteering with URRKN, I also manage a feline care center for a rescue group in Phoenix. The previous year, shortly before my birthday, we rescued a group of kitties from the kill list at the Humane Society. One of those cats was a beautiful Lynx Point Siamese that we named Sinatra because of his big blue eyes. Sinatra developed a bad URI, which turned into pneumonia despite all the care he was given. The night before my birthday we admitted him to the hospital, the vet said he needed some breathing treatments, but would be okay. The morning of my birthday, Sinatra had a cardiac arrest as we were walking into the vet’s office to visit him. Sadly, despite all the efforts of the vet and his staff, they were not able to save him. I was devastated, and his crossing left a huge in my heart. I knew helping to get Sophie, another beautiful Siamese kitten to her forever home was meant to be, and was a way to honor Sinatra’s memory.

I picked up Sophie at her foster home the night before our flight. She was as cute as the pictures I had seen and was even sweeter then you could imagine.


Several of my friends that are also URRKN members, of course wanted to meet her, including our very own Tina and Chris LaBlanc! We had a party for Sophie at my house, so she got tons of extra attention before settling in for the night. We even created a drink in her honor.


She was the best little traveler right up until I put her carrier under the seat in front of me. At that point, everyone knew she was on board!!!



Here are Sophie and Debi at the airport.  So cute!

Our flight was to be a non-stop to JFK, where Taylor and husband would meet me. I was to have a 4 hour layover and then get back on a plane and home to Phoenix. Things didn’t go quite as planned. The plane had some bathroom problems(non flushing toilets) and we ended up in St Paul, Minneapolis for what was suppose to be a quick landing to fix things. Two and half hours later we were on another plane and finally heading to JFK, but it was questionable if I would make my return flight. It didn’t matter much to me, as long as I got Sophie to her anxiously awaiting mom and dad. Taylor and Ron were lucky enough to find someone from Delta that gave them a pass to meet me at the gate. I was in NY just long enough to hand them their precious cargo, get a few hugs, kisses and pictures, and walk from Gate11 to Gate 7 and get back on a plane to Phoenix. I jokingly tell everyone, my trip gives the statement, “A New York Minute” a whole new meaning.


Taylor and I stay in touch, and Sophie is doing great in her new home. She has grown quite a bit the past 3 months, her mask is really filling in, and her markings have gotten quite a bit darker too.


I am grateful to have been given the opportunity to get this precious kitty to her forever home, and looking forward to the next adventure with URRKN.


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