In the beginning…..

…there was a sweet kitty named Jack who got lost in an airport when his mom had to move across the country for a new job.  A facebook page was created (!/pages/Jack-The-Cat-is-Lost-in-AA-Baggage-at-JFK/143108332445793) and thousands of people came together just hoping for news that Jack the Cat had been found.  One day, our dreams came true – Jack was found!!  Sadly, just a week later, he succumbed to the injuries he suffered while he was missing.  We were all heartbroken.

Out of that tragedy, another group was founded….the Underground Railroad Rescued Kitty Network was born.  It’s goal?  To safely transport kitties from wherever they are to wherever they need to go.  This little group has grown to 104 people (as of today) dedicated to helping move kitties in the safest way possible.  Check out our Facebook page!/groups/152819051482832/ and consider joining us on our journeys!  We’d love to have you!!

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5 thoughts on “In the beginning…..

  1. Y’all really Really REALLY need to find a way to make it more “user friendly” for people to help… I have been perusing the site for a while now, and can find NOTHING on how to join, what parts of the country are covered, what parts are not, hell, or even WHAT the URRRKN *IS*… I am assuming it is an organization that tries to connect multiple people to transfer kittehs over long distances to their new homes, but I really don’t see that explicitly stated ANYWHERE… if it is here someplace, I am sorry for missing it, but as we used to say when I worked for Motorola, “if a customer can’t find a feature, it doesn’t exist”

    • Scott – I think all the information you’re looking for is on the Facebook page (!/groups/152819051482832) If that link doesn’t work, look us up directly on facebook (Underground Railroad Rescued Kitty Network). There is also a direct link to the facebook page on the blog. This blog was created to support the facebook page, not the other way around. I appreciate your feedback, though, because it made me realize that some people may find the blog first, therefore not realizing that the pertinent information is on facebook.

      In short, though, the URRKN is a group of volunteers all over the country who are basically just looking to get kitties home. We’re new, and we’re growing, and we’re working out all the bugs. Feedback like yours helps us do that!

      Thanks again, and I hope you’ll check out the facebook page and like it enough to join our team.

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